Reduce Large Pores Using These 12 Simple Methods

Large pores can be inherited but always seem to get worse as you age. The older you become, the larger they get. This is because as you get older, your skin actually expands because of a reduction in elasticity.

Not only are they more visible, they can attract more bacteria and increase oil (sebum) production below the skins surface. Problem skin can happen at any age. Its not just for adolescents and teens!

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Using a concealer to cover them up can actually make pores appear larger.

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The more recent rise in problem skin can be attributed to many causes. Pollutants are a major cause of facial skin problems. Other factors include an unhealthy diet, aging, and sun damage.

Using a concealer to cover them up can actually make things worse, especially if they are an oil based product. These types of cosmetics only clog large pores more and increase oil production below the skin. The more oil that clogs them, the larger they get.

Making changes in your beauty habits and diet can decrease oil levels in your skin, thus helping to close large pores.

*Note: Males have larger pores than women as a general rule. The caveat is that hormonal changes and menstrual cycles in women can cause pores to expand.

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Natural Ways to Reduce Large Pores!

  • Eliminate processed foods - Eliminate as many processed foods or those foods that contain trans-fatty acids as you can. An important part of good fat is cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Its full of omega 3 fatty acids that your body cannot make on its own. Include it in your diet daily to help reduce large pores!

  • Wash your face twice daily - Make sure you keep your face clean and free of dirt, debris, oils, and bacteria. Your skin will produce more oils though if you over clean it, so twice a day should be sufficient. If you have dry facial skin however, once a day is enough.

  • Eat lots of fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits - These foods are rich in antioxidants and omega 3 oils that are essential to skin repair. Try to include more colorful superfoods in your daily diet too!

  • For makeup coverage - Dot on a light, oil-free foundation only where you need it or use mineral makeup! Minerals won't block or clog large pores and keep bacteria OUT! Most women love minerals and the convenience of using them. They save a ton of time and always look natural!

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    12 Treatments that Reduce Large Pores

  • Try Minimizers - Pore Minimizers really help close pores and reduce the amount of oils on your face. They help smooth and tighten your skin, which reduces their size. Makeup goes on a lot easier just by using them in your daily routine.

    Be sure to close pores them with a good astringent and toner.

  • Use Microdermabrasion Treatments - Microdermabrasion and facial peels are also good options. These help refine and reduce large pores over time. There is a wide variety on the market so buying one that fits your budget and lifestyle is easy.

  • Hot Water/Cold Water - Use hot water to open your pores. Either use steam to open them or rinse/soak with as hot a water as your skin allows. Immediately rinse your face with as cold a water as you can stand to close your pores.

    Years ago, I read an article about soaking your face in cold water to reduce pore size. This is shockingly cold water, but it works. I should know! I've done this a few times!

    What you'll need:

    *Large pot or bowl
    *18 - 25 Large Ice cubes
    *Snorkle (You can find a cheap one in the swimming department at a local superstore.)

    Twice a week, immerse your face in the cold ice water for 10 minutes. Be sure to set the timer so you'll know when you're finished. (*When your face is in the water, you want to be sure the room is safe from sudden sounds that could interrupt you or startle you. coming in and out.)

    THIS WATER IS COLD! Trust me though, when you finish soaking, your skin will feel and look so smooth!

  • Try Retin A - If the pores on your face are really large, your physician may recommend Retin A to you. You can also try OTC retinol creams, lotions, or serums. Because of the stiff competition and the advances in technology, OTC products today provide a viable alternative to to buying expensive prescriptions!

  • Water and Tea - Drinking a lot of green tea and water will help flush toxins from your body, which can help reduce large pores.

  • Black or Green Tea Bags - Soak a few tea bags in hot water for a few minutes. Bring the tea bags out of the water and refrigerate them in a zip lock bag for at least an hour or so. (until cold) Lie down and apply them to problem areas. Leave them on for 15 minutes then wash your face.

  • Olive Oil - Mix a few drops of olive oil/baby oil with half a teaspoon of sugar into a paste. Massage gently onto the face, using light circular movements. Don't scrub too hard! Rinse initially with hot water then rinse with extra cold water.

  • Baking Soda - Add just a tiny pinch of baking soda to your facial soap or cleaner. It works great!

  • Lemons or Limes - Some people use astringents. Others use lemon or lime juice. Apply a small amount of either one to a cotton ball. Apply to problem areas overnight. Rinse in the morning with cold water.

  • Try pore refining lotions - Over time, these work great at reducing their size.

  • Rose hips oil - A friend recently told me that she uses rose hips oil for her large pores and it works! You can buy it online or in Beauty Supply Stores.

  • Facial Masks - For all skin types, facial masks really help! Masks help tighten your skin and remove impurities from deep within your skin. (Things like bacteria, oils, and dirt.)

    To use, slightly moisten your face, then apply a light layer of your favorite mask. Be sure to cover the areas around your mouth and nose, but don't get too close to your eyes. Your delicate eye area is the one place you'll want to leave oils in place. Allow the mask to dry thoroughly. When it's dry, use a very warm, wet washcloth and gently remove the mask. Rinse with cold water and apply a toner afterward.

    You may break out in zits after you use a mask. It is only temporary and should clear itself up in a few days. For that reason, masks are generally better done only once every two weeks.

    You can also use facial skin scrubs, which work well to minimize your pores size. Use once every week for a clean, fresh complexion.

    Robert Redford image Cold water and toners are a great place to start! Robert Redford is as well known for his large pores as he is for his acting. He's one beautiful man too! Maybe we are always our own worst critics. Just because you have over-sized pores doesn't mean you can't look fantastic too!

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