Keeping Weight Off - 14 Tips that Help You Avoid Gaining Pounds Back

Sometimes keeping weight off can be just as challenging as taking it off in the first place. You’ve reached your ideal weight and may find that it’s difficult to keep the pounds from creeping back!

You've worked so hard and stuck to your diet so you may feel entitled to splurge. Cupcakes, milk shakes, and fried chicken may summon you MORE now because you've already made such great strides! It's a REAL mind bender!

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The problem is that little slip-ups can lead to bigger and more frequent slip-ups. Now is NOT the time to back off from the commitments you've made. You may have gotten your body where you want it to be but your brain is in this too. It may take mind over matter to keeping the weight off long term.

Remember, food should not be a substitute for your emotions. Your body only needs enough energy to survive, which is not that much! Living your life lighter frees up your body and mind to create more activity.

However, there’s no need to struggle. Sometimes you just need a little push to keep the right attitude about keeping weight off.

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9 Sensible Tips for Keeping Weight Off

  • Don’t look back, look forward! – Chances are that when you were overweight, you had some issues, shall we say. You don’t want to resurface now though, so don’t let them! Now is not the time to be wishy-washy! Looking back can help you gain a better perspective of how far you’ve come but looking forward means you've forgiven yourself for mistakes of the past.

    *Tip - Every time you give into temptations, you are rehashing what didn’t work in the past and moving backwards.

  • Take note of inner frustrations and feelings – When you lose a lot of extra weight, you may feel like you’ve lost an old friend. Losing weight changes your body and your life so it’s entirely understandable that you may end up feeling melancholy. Many emotions and feelings may come to surface in the process.

    To keep sane, it’s a good idea to jot down those thoughts, which may help you make better sense of some of the things going on in your life now. When you lose weight, it should make your life happier! If it hasn’t, you need to find out what’s stopping you from feeling joy.

  • Avoid getting into situations that prevent you from moving forward – When you were overweight, you may have walked a certain way to work just to go by your favorite deli that has the scrumptious sandwiches. Or you may have hung out with other [overweight] friends at a local diner [for example] after work. Its fine to do the same things if you’re strong willed and can resist the mental strain but most of us simply aren’t strong enough!

    Keeping weight off might mean that you need to find better alternatives that don’t get you into situations that may lead to negative behavior.

  • If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to include plenty of probiotics in your diet. - When you eliminate what you eat regularly, you have more energy, you feel better, and you weigh less.

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  • Indulge sparingly - Sometimes keeping weight off means fighting demons from your past, which will not as big a deal if you prepare for them [as best you can] ahead of time. However, always remember that low calorie meals don't have to be humdrum! Get tons of recipe's online to change up what you eat and you'll feel better about what you had to give up!

  • Losing weight is not only about weight loss - Its a total food makeover if you will. The negative feelings you associated with being overweight only hinders your progress. Make a pledge to let them go.

  • High calorie foods are what got you into [weight] trouble in the first place. - Don't allow them to creep back into your life. Remember they often contain hidden additives like MSG.

    If you’ve shed weight, you already know what it takes to slim down, but what you’ve learned should also apply to keeping weight off! If you’re bored with the way you prepare your meals, try something different. Variety helps make life interesting! Who knows, you may even find something tastier and less fattening!

  • Keeping weight off is all about owning the moment. Sure, now that you’ve lost weight you can pretty much eat what you want to and get away with it, but every crumble has its cookie! Don’t fall into that trap! Weight loss is cumulative – It’s not about the food you eat today or tomorrow. It’s more about the choices you make along the way.

  • Plan what you'll eat next. – Meeting your goals doesn’t give you a free pass to scrimp on meals. When you don’t plan your meals, you may find yourself calling Domino’s or munching on a full bag of chips. Keeping your stride right is the key.

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    5 Quick Tips for Keeping Weight Off

  • Restricting fluids during a meal gives you a better sense of fullness.

  • Check your serving apparatus! Researchers at Georgia Tech University recently determined a solid link between plate color and serving size. People who eat on plates that contrast sharply in color from the dish being served, tended to put less food on their plates and, and as a result, ate less.

  • Shop for groceries when you know stores will be super busy. Large crowds are a deterrent for lounge-shopping, where you have lots of time to look around. The less time you are in the store, the better time you'll have sticking to your list!

  • Stretch your meals when you eat out by pushing part of your meal to the side. Eat what's left on the plate and use a doggie bag for leftover portions.

  • Never let your mouth get in the way of your health.

    Logically speaking, keeping weight off is a much better alternative than gaining it back and risking chronic long term health problems. After all, food does not make you truly happy. Life does!
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