How to Keep Slim - Even During the Holiday Season

There are many health reasons to keep slim throughout the entire year. Certainly, one of the best motivations for sticking it out is that most people who gain a few extra pounds every year, never take it back off. The majority of those people, tend to pack on pounds during Christmas and New Years.  The REAL key is not to allow yourself to get so caught up in the season, that you forget how hard you worked to get to your present weight.

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There are so many fattening foods lurking this time of year. Its very hard not to want to indulge more than you should when you're celebrating. However, there are many good ways to avoid all the temptations and enjoy more of your time, without engorging.

Anyone whose ever lost weight will tell you the same thing. It's hard! Don't lose sight of previous efforts you've made. It's senseless to undo a job well done for one or two days of splurging. That said, it's perfectly normal be a little lenient on yourself too.

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How to Keep Slim During the Holiday Season

  • When you pick out clothes to wear, try and choose something blue. Why? Colors not only affect your mood, they affect your actions! Blue is a cool color and calms you down, which also helps suppress your appetite. (You'll never see a blue restaurant for that very reason!) Red, orange, and yellow are appetite stimulating colors so wear them with caution!

  • Wear clothes that are slightly snug on your body. If you’ve got extra room around your waist especially, you will feel free to eat more than you should.

  • For the ladies - If you're trying to keep slim, think about how you feel when you wear your sexy LBD (little black dress). Keep that feeling close to you as the party wears on.

  • Get in mind what foods you can have before you go out. Fresh vegetables are always an option.

  • Don't be a double dipper. Spoon a small amount on your plate and savor it. Don't go back for seconds!

  • If you've got an office party, you can use it to your advantage! Just as you're a social butterfly online, you should stay true to the concept at parties. Talk to people you don’t ordinarily connect with. It's a great way to network and brand your name! Use the party as a way to push your career forward, instead of feeding your face.

  • Alcohol has a lot of hidden calories. Mixed drinks, too many glasses of wine, and even beer calories can quickly add up. Moderating your consumption also keeps you safe behind the wheel.

  • Its absolutely fine to indulge in a few of your favorite foods. The key is to pick and choose your favorites and not to have too many of them.

  • Eat high calorie foods slowly. If you’ve been dying for a slice of cheesecake, have a piece but relish each savory sliver you put in your mouth. You’ll enjoy it much more and you’ll save yourself from eating more.

  • Those cute little appetizers are tempting - pig in the blankets, puff pastries, deviled eggs, chocolate-covered pretzels, mini quiches, nut-rolled cheese balls, and spiced nuts. They might not seem like a big deal but the calories will add up quickly.

  • Don’t heap food onto your plate. It’s tempting to want to try everything that’s being served but remember to pick and choose which foods you really want and those that you can live without.

  • Opt for spinach or artichoke dips that at least have some healthy ingredients in them. However, don't take too much. Just a little dab should do!

  • According to Alan R Hirsch, MD, the neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, sniffing or whiffing foods works because it tricks the brain into thinking you’re actually eating the food. In a study he conducted, 3,000 volunteers were asked to sniff instead of taste. He found that the more regularly people sniffed or whiffed, the less hungry they were and the more they suppressed their appetite.

  • Don’t over-stay your welcome. Try to leave at a reasonable time so you’ll be less tempted to overeat and gain weight back you don’t want.

  • If you're stressed out being around that much food, calm down with a warm cup of tea or hot coffee. The less stressed you are, the more likely you are to want to keep slim!

    10 Reasons to Keep Slim

  • You'll lower your risks of having major medical problems later on.
  • You feel light and airy when you don't carry around excess weight.
  • You can wear sexier clothes when you keep slim.
  • You aren't afraid to go out into public.
  • You age more slowly when you're not overweight.
  • Your body cooperates with you when you bend over to get things.
  • You don't have fat pouches sticking out of your clothes.
  • You'll get more positive attention when you aren't overweight.
  • You can get in and out of theater chairs, airplane seats, and vehicle's much more easily.
  • You can choose the kind of haircut or style you want, instead of choosing one that's made for round faces only.
  • Your self esteem and body image will be higher when you keep slim.
  • You can wear designer jeans or skinny jeans.
  • You can buy, wear, and look good in sexy lingerie.

    There just aren't any good reasons why you shouldn't try and keep slim throughout your life. Stop making petty excuses as to why you can't manage to be successful. Everyone is capable of losing weight, even during the holidays!

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