The Dangers of Iodine Deficiency – Symptoms Every Woman Should Know!

An iodine deficiency can cause a myriad of problems in your body without your knowledge. Your overall well being is extremely dependent on the amounts you get in your daily diet, especially if you're a woman who plans on having children.

Iodine is stored in fat tissues, liver, heart, salivary glands, stomach cells, parts of the eye (that deal with aqueous fluid and intra-ocular pressure), and in specific brain cells that are related to Parkinson’s disease. Sounds elementally essential, doesn't it?

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The second largest concentration of iodine in the female body is the breasts. To give you a perspective of how much iodine your body needs, your breasts must have 100 times as much iodine as the thyroid. The same is true for the other endocrine glands, the prostate, stomach, and white blood cells.

Many physicians have used iodine for decades to completely solve symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease and menstrual-associated breast pain.

Iodine Utilization

Iodine is a critical and essential micro-nutrient that was once naturally present in the food supply across the globe. Today, because most of the farmlands have been over-used and farmed without rotation, many regions that were once rich in nutrients like iodine, aren’t anymore. Low levels of iodine in the soil cannot be utilized or absorbed by the vegetables grown in that region. Iodine added to salt is SYNTHESIZED iodine and IS NOT the type of iodine your body uses or requires. It only provides a fraction of the iodine that's needed by your body to 'get by'. In other words, it not nearly enough to counteract iodine deficiency.

Many doctors and health professionals believe that most people can get enough iodine from the foods they consume. This is NOT true! For example, aluminum had long been used as the leavening agent in commercial breads, but iodine was there as well. Its presence ensured that aluminum was not taken up by the iodine receptors. In the early 1970's, iodine's vilification led to the replacement of iodine by bromine in commercial breads. Bromine replaces iodine in some receptors (such as the thyroid and in breast tissues), while aluminum, mercury, and other metals replace it in other receptors. When challenged, doctors only had to show how "toxic" iodine was by giving iodine to people who had severe iodine deficiency.

When iodine is given to the average American, every microgram is taken up by the body tissues and replaces bromine in the iodine receptors, causing a nasty bromine flush. Why? Because the thyroid is very efficient at extracting iodine, and a sudden availability of iodine to a heavily brominated thyroid causes swelling and pain - which was blamed on iodine!

Breast tissues and the skin are a low priority for iodine uptake; it can only absorb it after the thyroid is full. The increase in breast cancers, skin cancers, and even "brominated acne" from the 70's onward is largely due to bromine toxicity from lack of iodine.

Iodine rich foods include seafood, seaweed and kelp. Iodized salt (although weak) is good for preventing goiter. If you don't eat seafood regularly or restrict your salt intake (salt, NOT sodium, which are TWO different things), you may have an iodine deficiency and need iodine supplements like Lugol's 5% solution or Iodoral. For most people, 12 milligrams daily is said to be sufficient but is it really if we aren't getting enough to begin with?

If you are pregnant, it is especially important that your diet provides enough iodine. The effects of iodine deficiency during pregnancy are associated with cognitive defects, which are permanent and irreversible. Iodine is the only compound of significance during early pregnancy. It can pass rapidly through all tissues of the fetus without the aid of any blood vessel or lymphatic transport. Furthermore, not only does iodine control natural apoptosis in the fetus but it may also influence the development of stem cells.

It is also important for you to supplement with iodine if you are a vegetarian or vegan, unless seaweed is a large portion of your diet.

Iodine is vital to maintaining a normal body metabolism. It is essential in the healthy maturation of children's brains, and the development and normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Iodine helps regulate your body's use of food and energy, as well as keeping skin and it's appendages, (hair, and nails) healthy. Its also especially important to your bones because it helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Iodine plays a major role of metabolic processes in your body and influences hormonal thyroid and adrenal function. It helps regulate metabolism, influences the way your body utilizes calories, and helps maintains normal energy levels. It is nothing short of a TRAVESTY that iodine lost it's importance once penicillin was discovered!

Body Preferences for Iodine


  • Thyroid needs 3% prefers iodide (50mg iodide)
  • Lungs prefer iodide
  • Salivary Glands prefer iodide
  • Skin needs 20% and prefers iodide (400mg iodide)


  • Muscles (650mg) and fat needs (700mg iodine) 70%
  • Breast tissue needs 3-5 mg/day minimum and prefers iodine
  • Prostate prefers iodine
  • Stomach prefers iodine

    Entire body needs 1500 mg - 2 gm total (total saturation)

    Daily Needs

  • Thyroid needs 6 mg iodide/day
  • Breast needs 5 mg iodine/day Other tissues needs 2 mg/day
    (adrenals, thymus, ovaries, hypothalamus, pituitary and others)

    Can You Be Allergic to Iodine?

    In a word NO. If someone was truly allergic to iodine, they would have died at birth because it is an essential nutrient.

    Iodine Heals Wounds

    This is just too cool a story not to share. It's one of the most famous documentations of iodine skin therapy that occurred during the American Civil War.

    "On September 29, 1862, Colonel John B. Gordon held the center of General Lee's army at the battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg. The first volley from the northern lines sent a ball through the calf of Gordon's right leg; soon after, another went through the muscles of his thigh; a third pierced his left arm, tearing asunder the tendons and mangling the flesh; a forth ripped through his shoulder leaving a wad of clothing embedded in its track. Still, no bones were broken; but, while Gordon lingered in the firing line, "with", as he says himself, "but little of my usual strength", a fifth ball struck him squarely in the face.

    Dr. Weatherly of the 6th Alabama Regiment, in charge of medical arrangements, had the Colonel removed to a base hospital, and prescribed tincture of iodine to be painted on the wounds three or four times a day. The case was unpromising. Gordon's eyelids were greatly swollen; one eye was completely closed, the other almost so; his jaw was immovably clenched, and, to make matters worse, erysipelas (staphylococcus infection of skin) had set in on the left arm.

    Mrs. Gordon, his wife, who nursed him - her name was Fanny, and she was then a beautiful girl of 25 - put a liberal interpretation on her instructions and painted the wounds, not three or four times a day, but, as Gordon himself says: "I think three to four hundred time a day." Fanny's diligence and devotion were rewarded. Her husband survived, outlived the war, became the Governor of Georgia, a General, and Commander-in-Chief of the United Confederate Veterans. He died in 1904."

    Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

  • According to the WHO (World Health Organization), iodine deficiencies are the leading cause of mental retardation throughout the world.

    Other symptoms include:

  • Slow metabolism
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Hair loss in women
  • Thin eyebrows
  • Sparce lashes
  • Gray/white hair
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Infertility
  • High Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Goiters
  • Growth abnormalities
  • Indigestion
  • Decreased immunity
  • It is possible that an iodine deficiency could cause breast or prostate cancer.
  • Iodine deficiency can cause chronic illness, immune defects, and lack of stomach acid.

  • An low functioning thyroid typically causes fatigue. Iodine supplements can quickly activate the thyroid and relieve excessive tiredness.

  • Iodine deficiency may also harm pituitary-adrenal function. Your adrenal glands are responsible for energy and stamina.

  • When there’s not enough iodine to bind with cell membranes, it allows enzymes (called peroxidases, which can damage those membranes) to wreak havoc and cause autoimmune diseases, such as thyroiditis. (Hashimoto’s or Grave’s)

  • While iodine will help the thyroid increase the production of hormones when necessary, it also inhibits over-release from the gland by giving thyroid enzymes what they need to function properly. The iodine-seeking enzymes that attack thyroid membranes can be normalized when they get sufficient amounts of iodine.

  • Many organs need iodine, but can’t absorb it until the blood measurements reach very high levels. The stomach and salivary glands are two such organs, but they can’t uptake iodine until the blood level reaches 100 times what the thyroid needs. Most people do not produce enough stomach acid as they grow older. Low gastric acidity can be caused by iodine deficiency, as iodine promotes stomach acidity!

  • In addition to fixing almost all cases of breast cysts, iodine also has a remarkable healing effect on ovarian cysts, and even on skin cysts. If you have a visible cyst, rub iodine right over it for the best results.

  • Iodine can spontaneously CURE psoriasis when applied externally over the scaly skin. If you don't maintain it though, the psoriasis will return.

    * In 1990, my bundle of joy was born into this world. In years leading up to my pregnancy, I was told to restrict my salt intake because of liver problems I suffered from at the time. I got used to not using salt in my diet and most probably did not get sufficient amounts throughout my pregnancy. My son was born in September of that year with moderate to severe mental disabilities, although my gynecologist never informed me that iodine was essential for the mental health of my child! In fact, even after my son was born, not one physician suggested that an iodine deficiency could have been the cause! They all did however, try to blame it on family genetics.

    Iodized salt is not considered to be a good source in treating iodine deficiency. Its just one solution that served its purpose back in 1920’s. You can find various iodine supplements on the market like Iodoral and/or you can include kelp in your diet. You can also administer iodine solution/tincture to wounds to help them heal. It sure worked for us when we were kids back in the 1960's. Your body absorbs iodine very well through the pores of the skin. However, only a fraction of what's applied to the skin is ever absorbed. Most of it evaporates. So your best bet is to get iodine from Lugol's or Iodoral. Your body as a whole will appreciate getting it! Either way, iodine should never have been pushed aside as a viable alternative for good health and well being!

    *If you think you have an iodine deficiency and have amalgams in your mouth or get regular vaccinations or had childhood immunizations, your deficiency could be related to mercury toxicity. In order to get well, you will need to help pull out mercury with iodine, using The Iodine Protocol, to fully eliminate the side effects of mercury exposure.

    Iodine Deficiency and Cancer - Jorge D. Flechas, MD

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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