How to Get a Six Pack for Women

How to get a six pack is a challenging process for the modern woman. Gone are the days when men were the only beings on earth that should have a muscular body. Women nowadays are considered sexier when they can show off a six pack abs. It allows a woman to prove to the opposite sex that she is strong, healthy, and can do things that men can do. Also, a lean core gives women the confidence to wear two-piece bikinis and other body-hugging clothes.

Getting a six pack abs could indeed benefit a woman in many different ways. However, getting one is hard, thus the reason why there are only few women who have successfully attained a six pack. It would require time, effort, and determination to develop your abs, but everything will start with a proper diet. The following diet tips can help you understand how to get a six pack fast for women.

Tip #1 Avoid Oily Foods

Oil is closely related to fat, and every gram of fat is equal to nine calories. That means, if you are a big fan of French fries, pan-fried burgers, and other fried foods, you may want to gradually stop eating these types of food if you aim to attain a six pack abs. Healthier alternative is baking or grilling foods instead of frying them or using a non-stick spray for foods that can only be cooked by frying.

Tip #2 Reduce Your Carbohydrates

Although carbohydrates could add more pounds to your weight, it is an important food nutrient because it provides the body with real time energy. For this reason, it is unadvisable to completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Instead, you may eat carbs in moderate amounts and choose the whole grain ones. White breads are merely empty carbs that do nothing but to give you more weight compared to whole grains that do not only contain fewer calories but have increased amounts of dietary fiber as well.

Tip #3 Eat a High Protein Diet

Examples of animals that eat lean meat are tigers, crocodiles, and lions. What these animals have in common is their diet and their strong muscles that could rip off their prey at one blow.

The same concept applies to human beings. If you consume foods that are high in protein such as lean meat, you could build muscles faster. This is because, protein’s main function is to help build and repair the muscles. Not only that, it also helps speed up the metabolism with its involvement in the Citric acid cycle causing a person to shed off body fat faster.

Tip #4 Eat Lots of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals that help the body to function efficiently. In addition to that, they are also considered as negative calorie foods which means, the body would need to burn more calories to process these foods than the amount of calories they actually contain. It’s synonymous to losing more weight as you eat more often.

Tip #5 Do not Miss a Meal

Some women believe that they can lose weight and achieve a six pack faster if they start skipping meals. Sorry to disappoint you but you could actually gain more weight if you do so. The fact is people who have just starved themselves tend to eat uncontrollably when they go back to their normal diet.

Following these five simple diet tips, in addition to cardio and resistance training, could definitely give you the six pack abs that you always wanted.

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