Take a Home Spa Day to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Taking a home spa day (either alone or with a gal pal) can be a great way to relax and restore a youthful glow.

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients that you most likely already have on hand.

However, you can amend any recipe and add more ingredients to personalize it. You are only limited by your imagination!

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Women are notorious caregivers. We take care of everyone else's needs before we take time for ourselves. Taking a home spa day before or during the holidays can rejuvenate your skin and allow you to shine at holiday parties and other special occasions. For most of us, the holidays are extremely hectic and stressful, which can have an adverse effect on your skin. Stress in all shapes and forms, ages your skin faster than just about anything else. So why not treat yourself and your skin to a little tender loving care?

How to Create the Perfect Home Spa Day

To create the perfect spa atmosphere, gather and organize all your ingredients before your home spa day. Mix all ingredients for your scrubs in advance. You can put them in the frig to preserve them. If you can't make them beforehand and are using fresh produce for example, be sure you get these items from the store. Make sure the room is warm and conducive to rest and relaxation. Dim overhead lights and add scented candles to increase ambiance and tranquility. Indulge in a glass or white or red wine or have a nice cup of hot lemon tea with stevia! So good!

Home Spa Day Considerations

  • If you have children, make sure they’re at school or being watched by someone else so you can spend the day spoiling yourself!

  • Turn off cell phones, don’t check your email, and turn off the TV. Play some mellow tunes that help you hang loose and begin unwinding by taking some deep belly breaths.

  • Lounge around in your favorite flannel PJ’s, fuzzy bathrobe, and soft furry socks or slippers.

  • If you have a bathtub, take advantage of it and take a chocolate bubble bath at some point during the day. If not, just stay warm and lounge around.

  • No home spa day would be complete without nutrition! Make sure you have some fresh fruit slices, cheese bites, nuts, and/or dark chocolate to munch on throughout the day. Yummy!

    Basic Home Spa Day Ingredients

    I like to make a list, like this:

    home spa day list

    Cleansing Facial Scrub

    Your home spa day should start with a cleansing facial scrub, which are designed to remove all the cares of the day from your skin. They also help slough off the dead, dry flakes and increase blood flow. They also help eliminate zits (by removing impurities) and moisturize your skin. All benefits combined, they create a radiant glow, illuminate and improve the way your skin looks and feels.

    You can combine as much of or as many ingredients as you wish to design your very own facial scrubs but a few simple ingredients is all you really need. Gently scrub the mixture over your face and neck, paying special attention to problem areas. Rinse with lots of warm water, blot your face dry, and get ready for your mask. Store leftovers in the frig.

    You can also add other ingredients like honey, cider vinegar, or Greek yogurt. The purpose is to make a thick mixture so don’t use too much of these ingredients. Just a little drizzle will work perfectly. If the mix gets too runny, just add more scrubbing ingredients.

    egg white mask image

    Firming Egg White Facial Mask

    Now that your skin is perfectly clean, it’s time to firm your face. Egg whites are rich in block building nutrients, which makes them a perfect choice! If you’ve ever used egg whites on your skin before, you know well their ability to pull and draw out impurities, and tighten and firm.

    While you’re waiting for the facial mask to dry thoroughly, recline on the sofa or on the bed with a flannel blanket to wrap around you. Place slices of cucumber over your eyes to soothe eye muscles and reduce under-eye puffiness. Forget your problems, turn your mind off, and concentrate only on your breath. Take deep belly breaths to unwind and loosen up.

    Recipe and Instructions: With your mixer, beat one egg white until its soft peaks form. Apply to your skin along face and neck with warmed fingertips or a facial brush. Allow it to dry completely. **Leave them on extra long to get more firming power. Remove egg whites with a warm damp wash cloth or simply rinse several times with warm water. Apply a facial serum to boost skin moisture and soothe your skin. Rest for a while then prepare to rejuvenate the rest of your skin too!

    ** For the ultimate firming action, keep layering egg white, allowing it to dry between applications, then gently remove.

    salt body scrub image

    Moisturizing Body Scrub

    Homemade body scrubs are invigorating to your skin. They are easy to make and typically contain only a few simple ingredients. You’ll need a scrub and a moisturizer but you can always add other ingredients to tailor the recipe.

    Other basic scrubs include sugar, coffee, and oatmeal. You can also use essential oils to add olfactory benefits and other advantageous qualities to the scrub.

    Once you’ve combined the ingredients, mix them together well. Massage the mixture onto moist skin, then rinse off. I like to take a hot shower prior to application, then get out, pat dry, and then go for the scrub. That way your skin is moist and warm, which helps loosen up the mixture a little. Afterward shower again but when you get out, don’t rub over your skin with a towel or you’ll remove the beneficial oils. Try and drip dry as much as possible and then blot a towel carefully against your skin. After skin is mostly dry, apply a super luxurious body lotion (like cocoa butter) all over. Allow to dry thoroughly. Impressed?

    Store leftover scrubs and other recipes in a clean jar or Ziploc baggie and refrigerate until you’re ready to use them again. If refrigerated, allow them to warm to room temperature and stir again before using.

    Holiday Home Spa Day Ideas

    Pumpkin pulp is dirt cheap to buy and you can use it right out of the can. Or, if you have leftover pumpkins and have the time, you can use the fresh pulp. Most people don’t know it but pumpkin has a high amount of beta carotene as vitamin A, C and E as well as Zinc. It’s a fantastic choice for healthy, glowing skin. During your home spa day, snack on a cup of pumpkin seeds to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

    With lots of pumpkins being gutted this holiday, its a great idea to grab a little bit of the pulp and do something useful with it. You can always buy canned pumpkin for dirt cheap too!

    And since no holiday is complete without chocolate, there's also an idea on how to indulge in chocolate without it ever touching your lips.

    Try this perfect Pumpkin facial and Chocolate bubble bath!

    pumpkins image

    Pumpkin Facial Mask

    2 T pumpkin pulp
    2 T milk
    2 T honey

    Mix all ingredients together and apply to a clean dry face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes with cucumber slices over your eyes while you rest and relax. Rinse your skin with clear warm water to remove residue. Pat dry your face.

    Pumpkin contains a lot of moisture, which plumps the skin. Lactic acid helps slough the skin and honey leaves your skin smooth and soft. Oola!

    dark chocolate image

    Chocolate Bubble Bath

    1/2 C Boiled milk
    1/4 C Dark chocolate cocoa powder
    1 C Bubble bath

    Mix together and pour into your bath water. Stir and indulge! The aroma of chocolate will drive you crazy! Add a nice glass of red wine, a couple of candles, and enjoy!

    If you don't have any pumpkins lying around, you can always find pumpkin facial products or chocolate bubble bath at a great price!

    If you're a real chocoholic, a chocolate facial is a real treat too! Simply substitute the egg white mask for the chocolate mask in your home spa day!

    If you're all about taking care of your nails too, it's a great time to change out old polish! Red is a great color to use during the holidays but green or gold make cheery nails anytime! Happy Relaxing and Happy Home Spa Day!

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