Home Chemical Peel Pads - Why Not Make Your Own?

Using home chemical peel pads is an ideal way to reinvigorate your skin without having to do a total peel. If you have been skeptical about using peels in the past, you can use the pads without having those same concerns.

Aging skin is a major worry for most women! Because of hectic schedules, most of us don’t have a good skin care regimen that we follow religiously. It’s a sure-fire sign of the times we live in!

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Chemical acid peels have been used by Dermatologists for years. They improve the texture of your skin by removing outer skin layers, which forces new elastin and collagen formation.

Acid peels go deep down into those hard to reach areas that bacteria and other impurities form and collect. They destroy all the bacteria responsible for acne, thoroughly clean out clogged pores, and allow for the new skin to develop on the surface after peeling away the old dead skin layers.

Chemical peels work wonders for sun damaged skin, aging skin, freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, tattoos, and much more.

Home chemical peel pads are a great way to refresh and renew your skin cheaply. Dermatologists have been using facial peels for years but also charging loads of money do apply them to your skin. Many of them will also sell you chemical peel pads just to make an extra buck off you! You can also buy them online too, but you'll pay anywhere from $20 - $60 (or more) for them, depending on the brand you choose!

But why buy them when you can make your own? Simply buy the chemical solution and the cotton pads separately, then dilute the chemical to suit your own needs! You can make your own solution the percentage you want it to be. You can use any type of acidifying solution but trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acids are the solutions with the most kick!

How to Make Chemical Peel Pads at Home

  • Mix a small amount of a 20% - 50% acid solution with distilled water in a small bottle. (Do not use metal bottles! The acid will react with the acid solution!)

  • Apply a reasonable amount of the solution to the cotton pad to saturate. Do not over-saturate the cotton pad! You don't want an acid solution dripping into your eyes!

  • Apply the solution to your face but not too close to your eyes! Be sure to cover areas you want to target. (i.e. liver spots, dark under eye circles, etc.) Leave it on until 1) your skin turns a whitish color or 2) till your skin starts burning.

  • Neutralize your skin immediately with cold water!

  • You can cool your face further with aloe vera gel or just apply a facial moisturizer of your choice.

  • You’re done!

    If you find the solution was too strong, simply dilute it with more water. If its not strong enough, add more acid solution to the water!

    You'll have tons of leftover solution to make more when you need it! Or you can make more and give them to your gal pals! Its also an inexpensive gift that will be appreciated and used! No more paying out of pocket for what you can do safely and easily at home!

    * So, I just made my own home chemical peel pads and did my own facial skin peel. At first my skin got really tight. That lasted about four days.

    In the next few days, my skin started peeling around my nose, mouth, and chin. The rest of my face started peeling soon thereafter. Its been two weeks and my skin is still peeling very lightly. However, my skin looks refreshed and renewed and so great! I will definitely be doing this again soon!

    Benefits of Home Chemical Peel Pads

  • Reduces large pores

  • Reduces acne and zits

  • Removes dead skin cells

  • Regenerates skin

  • Removes deep impurities (bacteria, dirt, and debris)

  • Refreshes complexion

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkling skin

  • Reduces eye puffiness

  • Tightens and smooths

  • Reinvigorates the skin

  • Decreases circles under eyes, facial discolorations, and liver spots

  • Invigorates skin

    After you use chemical peels pads, you'll also need to know what to expect! Your skin will react differently with different solution strengths, so use these guidelines loosely, according to your own needs.

    After Home Chemical Peel Pad Usage

    (Depending on the strength of the solution you create at home!)

  • Your face will be immediately tighter.

  • You will need to use a facial moisturizer daily, if not several times a day!

  • Your face might peel so be aware of it.

  • You'll need to wear sunblock and stay out of the sun until your face completely peels and heals! If you can't commit to this, then don't use home chemical peel pads!

  • You might also want to wear other protection, like a broad-rimmed hat or visor if you're in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

  • Chemical peels are only for aging skin. If you're under twenty years of age, you don't need them yet!

    If you're interested in home chemical peel pads, you might also be interested in using full strength facial chemical peels. Always remember that these are very strong chemicals and should be used responsibly. Always follow manufacturer directions for use!

    Make Your Own Home Chemical Peel Pads

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