Holiday Make Up for Party Girls!!

Wearing holiday make up is a no brainer for festive occasions! Parties are around every calendar corner so you need to be ready when opportunities come knocking at your door!

Deciding what to wear (clothes and makeup) is always a tough call but that's the beauty of planning ahead. If you like to make an entrance, do trial runs so you won’t be caught scrambling at the last minute.

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Many parties are planned after work, so you'll need to take that into consideration. When you go to work, take some accessories and your make up bag with you. If you're going to be partying the night away, think shimmery and luminous. If you use the right amount of glam in all the right places, you'll look radiant! The key to holiday make up is to blend what you apply and don’t go overboard... like Goldie Hawn!

An important rule of thumb for shimmer (in any makeup application) that many women get wrong, is to not mix gold and silver, unless you're absolutely sure it's going to look great. You wouldn't wear a gold belt with silver shoes, right? Most women with blue or green eyes, stark hair (either extremely blonde, red, or dark brown), and fair skin, look best in silvery shimmers. Silver is very close to white so it compliments both hair and skin.

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Women with big brown eyes, blends of golden blonde or golden brown hair, and warm skin tones, look better in golds. Golden shimmer’s compliment your skin’s darker tones and golden hair. White shimmer looks good on everyone, so don’t be afraid to try it!

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Holiday Make Up for Party Girls

  • Sultry, shimmery eyes paired with light lipstick colors is one look you might want to consider. If you have smaller lips, lighter shimmery colors can really accentuate and make lips look more full.

  • Apply a touch of shimmer to brow bones and inside your eyes. Add false eyelashes for added pop!

  • Not too much, but just enough shimmer, will help you look fabulous in your holiday make up!

  • Moist red lips balanced with a lighter eye shadow shade is always a safe bet.

  • If you already have full lips, matte lipsticks are suggested. Otherwise, use moisturizing plumpers to draw attention to your mouth.

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  • Don’t draw attention to both your lips and your eyes or it’ll look like holiday make up overkill!

  • Makeup primers are used below makeup to help pull all your makeup together.

  • A light coating of powder applied after work can help mop up any excess oils you’ve accumulated during the day.

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    Holiday Make Up After Work

    Getting in the mood for a party after work is hard to do. You’ll need to transition from the busy working girl, to the laid back, relaxed party girl! Remember to eat small meals during the day too, so you won’t look like an addict going through withdrawals at the food table!

  • Don’t wear a lot of makeup to work in the morning. Just the basics will do!

  • Pack a makeup bag the night before with everything you'll need. You'll probably have to use the company bathroom to apply your holiday make up before the party. Also pack any hair accessories you're planning to wear. (bobby pins, festive clips and clasps, etc.).

  • Makeup to pack: mascara (slather it on for dark settings), mineral foundations, (for areas that need better coverage), blush (apply to cheekbone apples especially), eye shadow (in a soft or loud, twinkling color) highlighter (for a touch of added sparkle on the highest part of your cheekbone or browbone), shimmer (add a touch to the neckline), and lipstick in a festive shade. (red, nude, pink)

  • Don’t forget your makeup brushes. They are a must have for a natural, radiant look!

  • Pack some oil blotting papers or tissues in your purse. They help lift out excessive oils off your skin, so the radiant you always shines through!

    If you're going to a 'formal event', play up your makeup a bit more! Your holiday make up can reflect whatever you want it to. Choose the look you like and just go for it!

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