Herd Immunity – Naturally Acquired Versus Vaccine Induced

There are two types of herd immunity – naturally acquired and vaccine induced. One of them is not long lasting, while the other one can last a lifetime. Can you guess which is which?

People today are being brainwashed into believing MORE IS BETTER. We have seen this push previously with BIG FOOD – and the implosion of obesity - and we are seeing the same today with pharmaceutical companies and the government -  and their latest push for to make vaccines mandatory for all.

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Fear mongering (for viruses such as zika and ebola) seems to be the norm, especially in the United States. Vaccinations give people a false sense of security... even though their effectiveness is short-term.

Not only do they not work very well, vaccines are full of horrid ingredients that you wouldn’t give to your worst enemy - that is, if you knew the hard cold facts. (In fact, recently glyphosate has been found in vaccines as well as food! Read more here.) But your doctor won’t voluntarily give you that information, on purpose. Remember that physicians are paid EACH AND EVERY TIME you get injected.

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Natural Immunity

Immunity that is obtained from experiencing and recovering from a natural disease is NOT the same as achieving immunity through vaccinations. Today we've traded long lasting natural immunity for temporary, artificial immunity via vaccines against a wide array of infectious diseases - of which most have never led to mass casualties to begin with.

In the past, when someone came in contact with a virus and overcame it, their immune system then provided lifelong immunity. If exposed to the virus again, the immune system would prevent that person from getting sick again. When enough people went through this process, a natural herd immunity had been achieved.

For example, most Americans born before 1957 experienced measles and have naturally acquired permanent immunity to measles. This also allowed women to pass measles antibodies to their infants – which subsequently protected them from the measles during their first year of life. Herd immunity happened when the many protected the few...

My how things have changed.

Because measles vaccine antibodies are fundamentally different from naturally acquired antibodies, young moms today that have been vaccinated can no longer pass antibodies on to their newborns.

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Vaccine Acquired Herd Immunity

The hypothesis today is that immunity happens when a large percentage of the community is vaccinated, in order to protect the herd from disease - AKA vaccine induced herd immunity. If this works based on those facts, the herd protects those who are vulnerable – who have not received said vaccinations.

Furthermore, it implies that those who do not choose to vaccinate are selfish people – because they threaten the health of those who cannot be vaccinated – based on religious beliefs or health issues. It has even been suggested that immunized children will not be sufficiently protected if too many viruses are circulating.

That seems rather odd doesn’t it? If vaccines protect, then why fear the unvaccinated?

Vaccine acquired immunity just doesn’t add up and isn’t supported by the facts. Herd immunity was originally observed in populations that had acquired natural immunity.

The evidence clearly shows that vaccinated children more often catch infectious diseases from vaccinated children. "The result is that vaccination, not failure to vaccinate, is spreading the disease". Furthermore, children who are able to fall ill and recover naturally, have a very strong immunity – while vaccinated children do not.

Dr. Russell M Blaylock noted:

"When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population—that is, the baby boomers—have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades."

In the past, Dr. Blaylock’s remarks about health have been villainized by the drug industry, but when he uttered these words, naysayers paid attention. (Must be the only time he got something right!)

BIG PHARMA couldn’t wait to jump on the chance to push for re-vaccination of the older populous. After all, it was great news for their bottom line! Then the government caught wind and we are seeing mandates for vaccines already. However, if everyone gets re-vaccinated, we will surely have an epidemic (or many) on our hands! In fact, we have already seen this in the past.

In 1989, the CDC reported a measles outbreaks occurring in schools where 98 percent of the children had been vaccinated. The same may be true for whooping cough (seen the commercials yet?). Even though the vaccine has been ‘improved’, it may still not work.

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Vaccine Induced Herd Immunity is Not Sensible

Vaccine induced herd immunity is illogical.

As the theory states, people who cannot receive vaccines for various reasons – are protected by the herd - people who have been vaccinated. At the same time, parents who don’t vaccinate their children put the health of the rest of the herd at risk.


How can a handful (compared to the vaccinated populous) of people be protected from disease yet be so disease ridden that they may make others sick?

Yet, this is the exact argument that’s being pushed by health advocates, mainstream media commentators, parent and teacher associations, and schools that comply with the governments guidelines. They never waste an opportunity to condemn parents who do not wish to vaccinate their children – while pushing forth a vaccine agenda.

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BIG PHARMA Companies are Drug Pushers

Drug companies today are no more than drug pushers. In America, someone with a pot smoking habit may get life in prison. But BIG PHARMA is immune from being punished for pushing drugs that have been proven to be far more dangerous. Just listen to the side effects on any drug commercial. They tell the real story. Drug companies today get tons of political funding from Washington DC – and are able to provide lifelong advertising revenue to those that provide support.

Because of Citizens United – which BY THE WAY, should be overturned - the potential for corruption is blatant and obvious. Arguments for vaccines should be science based – and studies should not be performed by the same drug companies who make them!

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Vaccine Schedule Today

Today children are given 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6 and 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. (It's actually 74 doses by the age of 17 now.) We also know that different vaccines contain different ingredients, such as lab altered live or inactive viruses or bacteria, metals, antibiotics, human, animal, or insect RNA and DNA. Do you really want these questionable ingredients injected into your children at such a horrific rate? Furthermore, doesn’t it seem a little excessive? Why are so many vaccines required if they work like they’re advertised to? Vaccines such as Gardasil (for genital warts) for example, has a very bad record of adverse events following injection.

View the NVIC poster here.

The ever expanding vaccine schedule for children violates common sense and has never received adequate studies. Vaccines are supposed to protect people - not harm them so that HUGE drug companies can make BIG profits. Vaccine based herd immunity fails us - and only FUELS more disease! It is imperative that we question law makers and physicians that push the vaccine agenda so that we’re not consequently harming the next generation and their children.

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Vaccinations Spread Disease

The NVIC, (the National Vaccine Information Center), is a non-profit charity – a vaccine information resource devoted to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through education, defends legal rights for everyone to make their own vaccine choices.

Barbara Loe Fisher is a co-founder and President of the charity. She recently explained how people can shed live viruses via body fluids – regardless if you’ve recently been given a live attenuated viral vaccine or have an actual infectious virus.

She explains:

"Live attenuated viral vaccines (LAV) that use live viruses try to, in essence, fool your immune system into believing that you've come into contact with a real virus, thereby stimulating the antibody response that, theoretically, will protect you". "When you get these live viral vaccines, you shed live virus in your body fluids. Just like when you get a viral infection, you shed live virus. That's how viral infections are transmitted".

"Because viruses, unlike bacteria, need a living host... in order to multiply. What these viruses do is they try to disable the immune system and evade immune responses".

Mrs. Fisher’s report on The Emerging Risks of Live Virus and Viral Vectored Vaccines (which contains over 200 resources) digs into the shedding of viruses and how it impacts the population. I suggest that everyone read it. She raises valid questions about whether or not health officials, vaccine manufacturers, and scientists truly understand all the risks involved – of giving people live attenuated viruses via vaccines.

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Do Non-Vaccinated Children Put Vaccinated Children at Risk?

The shedding and transmission of live viruses also influences the evolution of viruses that affect humans and animals. When viruses are released into the environment, mutations can happen quickly.

Small pox for example, can be transmitted via body fluid contact. If infected, that person can develop a vaccinia virus (VACV) infection and spread it to others. The same is true of the measles virus RNA, which can be detected in the urine of young adults.

As Sally Fallon Morell, who is president of the Weston A. Price Foundation said:

"The public health community is blaming unvaccinated children for the outbreak of measles at Disneyland, but the illnesses could just as easily have occurred due to contact with a recently vaccinated individual… Evidence indicates that recently vaccinated individuals should be quarantined in order to protect the public."

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The Reality of Herd Immunity

Naturally acquired herd immunity is REAL – however vaccinations simply cannot replicate the same response from the immune system.

Time and time again, science shows that there’s a huge difference between natural immunity and vaccine induced immunity.

Vaccines cannot provide lifelong protection in the same way that your own natural immune system can. There is no better protection for you than experiencing and recovering from a natural disease.

Please listen to John Bergman's video in full when you have time. It shows how the gut relates to so many health problems today and includes how vaccines are changing immunity for the worse. He talks about this issue at 22:25. Listen:

Society today should have a right to make decisions about their own bodies and what they want or don’t want them exposed to. You cannot RUSH natural immunity but you can push vaccinations. Today, more than ever, the truth needs to be told. Humans are fully capable of making up their own minds if they're properly informed, which is something our government doesn’t quite grasp. Herd immunity only applies when it's provided by one's own body. Unvaccinated people are not the threat. The REAL threat are the people who receive repeated vaccinations.

Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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