Hepatitis B Vaccine Causes Severe Respiratory Distress

by Sterling Hill Erdei
(Shreveport, Louisiana)

Vaccines Children Recieve in 2016

Vaccines Children Recieve in 2016

In November of 1991 I had a healthy baby boy. About 6 hours after I had him, the hospital gave him the Hep B vaccine.

My son was in so much distress that he was up on all fours within minutes, screaming and rearing his head back. The hospital told me that he was in respiratory distress and sent in my pediatrician to keep an eye on him.

A few days later my son was released. In a 3 month period, I rushed him to the hospital because he just stopped breathing for no reason at all. One time I was investigated for child abuse where nothing came from it and I was sent home with my newborn and other son.

When my son was around 3 months old, I was playing cards at his Godmother's house and had him in the bassinette. In between card games, I would go and check on him. I got up and went to check on him after a game was over and his lips and around his eyes were purple and blue. We rushed him to the nearest ER. It was a Saturday. When I was in the waiting area of the ER I started screaming my baby is not breathing and by the time nurses got to me, he was catching his breath again so they made me wait. They finally took him from me and his father and sent him to x-ray. We were waiting in a room and the doctor told us that all my son had was a respiratory infection and to send him home. We told him that he was sick and we were very concerned and worried. The doctor closed the door and told us that if we had better insurance (not Medicaid) that they would keep him. I ran into the lobby which security was then being called on my son's father and went to a payphone to call 911 where an ambulance refused to pick me up from a hospital. We finally got in touch with my son's pediatrician (who was my pediatrician when I was a child).

We made it to my son's pediatric office where my doctor opened up the office just to see my son. He wasn't even in the room and just at the doorway and looked at my son and told me and his father that we had a few options. Police escort or wait for an ambulance to get to Children's Hospital because my son most likely had RSV (hidden in many vaccines) and he had double pneumonia. We chose the police escort. When we made it to the hospital, health care workers grabbed him out of my arms and intubated him. I passed out and woke up next to my beautiful baby boy who was fighting for his life. After about 5 days, my son was out of the woods and the pediatric ID NICU doctor told me that he had never seen such a rash of RSV in infants until this year and
six out of nine of newborn cases did not make it.

As time went on, I saw chronic asthma, allergies, food intolerances, brain damage from the lack of oxygen as a newborn which caused learning disabilities, aggressiveness, agitation, hard headedness, stubbornness. My son would have to study harder than the next child. When he brought home his homework, it would take him ten times longer to complete. He did not want to be labeled a special education student so worked hard to stay out of special education and kept a C average. He with the help of asthma medications became an athlete. He even ended up in an MTV series and played football for the number one high school football team in the United States of America.

He ended up dropping out of school because emotionally and mentally he could not handle the pressure of trying to keep up with everyone. I had gotten sick myself from a skull fracture and 3 fractured vertebrae that were misdiagnosed as whiplash and a concussion.

Today my son is 24 going on 25 with a son of his own. He is still taking classes trying to get his high school equivalency diploma. He has serious chronic health issues and struggles daily and I will be supporting him for the rest of my life since he cannot get a good job. I hope one day that he can get his high school equivalency diploma and learn a trade to have a better life for his son.

I did not realize that my son was vaccine injured and thank God that our pediatrician had a suspicion that the hep b vaccine probably played a role in his injury and was very cautious what he gave my children and other children in his practice after seeing what happened with my son.

We are so brainwashed in society today that even after all of what we had went through when a new vaccine would come out I would ask our pediatrician if he would give the vaccine to my son and he would tell me that children need to get these diseases to build a healthy immune system. If it would have been any other pediatrician, my son could have full blown autism or even be dead today.

I now am the founder of MTHFR Support and Sterling's App and I even have an app I call the Excipient app that shows what excipients and adjuvants impact what DNA that someone may have compromised. I advocate with people like Stephanie Seneff and Stephen Frantz who took me with them to Washington DC this past summer.
We have come a long way in our family but permanent damage has been done and we struggle daily.

I pray that one day people listen to us and they let us keep that choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. And I feel this way, if you have vaccinated your child, you should not be afraid of my unvaccinated child. If the vaccine works, what are you afraid of?

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Sep 08, 2016
Re: Hepatitis B Vaccination
by: carolyn

Wow, that's horrible... and there are thousands of unreported cases of children or adults that suffer this way every year.

BIG PHARMA doesn't give a rats ass who you are. They are drug pushers, plain and simple. Because of mainstream media coverage, they are able to sell the public a whole lot more.


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