What is a Healthy Weight Anyway?

Being healthy means being at a healthy weight. But how do you determine what weight is right for you? We all know that as we age, extra weight becomes harder and harder to take off.

However, that also means that extra weight is easier to pack on! Your metabolism slows down which impairs your body’s ability to burn calories as efficiently.

It is usually acceptable to gain around 5 pounds every 10 years. (Why that's so is a real mystery!) However, research shows that gaining 5 pounds or more every year should be a RED FLAG for you! Some experts think that ANY weight gain should be avoided throughout the years. Death rates are much lower for those who keep their weight 20 percent below the average weight for other people the same age and height!

fat tax image Not too long ago in the US, some states were actually considering a 'fat tax', because of the associated health risks for being at an unhealthy weight. They seemed to have scrapped the idea for now, but you never know when they'll bring it back! That's just another reason to lose the fat and get to a healthy weight!

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Below is a table to calculate if you are at a healthy weight for your age and height. This table was formulated by the US government and will only give you a general idea of your normal weight. Women would expect to fall into the lower end of each weight range!

Healthy Weight Guide

Height Weight (lbs): Age 19-34 Weight (lbs): Age 35+
5'0" 97 - 128 108 - 138
5'1" 101 - 132 111 - 143
5'2" 104 - 137 115 - 148
5'3" 107 - 141 119 - 152
5'4" 111 - 146 122 - 157
5'5" 114 - 150 126 - 162
5'6" 118 - 155 130 - 167
5'7" 121 - 160 134 - 172
5'8" 125 - 164 138 - 178
5'9" 129 - 169 142 - 183
5'10" 132 - 174 146 - 188
5'11" 136 - 179 151 - 194
6'0" 140 - 184 155 - 199
6'1" 144 - 189 159 - 205
6'2" 148 - 195 164 - 210
6'3" 152 - 200 168 - 216
6'4" 156 - 205 173 - 222
6'5" 160 - 211 177 - 228
6'6" 164 - 216 182 - 234

Don’t be a slave to your scales though. Get a general idea of how much weight you want to lose and aim for those general numbers. Since we are all unique, we all have different frames and body structures. Don't become a number caveat.

Tips to Keep a Healthy Weight

1) Have Strong Convictions - You won’t lose any weight, if you don't have a strong weight loss desire. Keep healthy eating habits as the norm instead!

2) Kick Bad Moods in the Rear End! - If you associate food with your moods, you may have a problem eating or binging when you’ve had a bad day. Food is more than abundant in our society, so stamp out the need for food when you get emotional. You can do this by breaking the chain of events that usually surrounds your splurges.

Figure out what sort of discomforts trigger your need to eat. Once you understand the reasons, you'll need to change the habit. When you get the urge to splurge, try something else instead, like giving the dog a bath or doing a facial.

3) Get Up! - You can't begin to change your weight if you're not willing to get up and move. Gaming can be fun, but so can a stroll in the neighborhood park. If you don't have kids of your own, offer to take a neighbors kids for a walk. You'll be pleasantly surprised at all the fun you've been missing out on!

4) Go Back to School - Ever think about studying nutrition or physiology? Why not if you have some extra time? It sure beats the heck out of watching the news everyday. You're not going to find any inspiration to lose weight there. In fact, you'll more likely to get very depressed. There is little good news anymore.

When you learn about all the processes in your body and what nutrients you need to be healthy, you'll be far more educated about the bad stuff you've been eating all along and be less tempted to want to buy it anymore.

5) Be a Psychic! - We can't all be 'Sylvia Brown' but we can develop our own psyche by looking to the future! Remember your goals when you're trying to get to a healthy weight. Think about 10 years from now and be a predictor!

Are you able to forgo the pastries and eat a piece of fruit instead? Are you willing to try something different?

Remember that you only have one shot at life. That's it, unless you're sure you will be reincarnated. Still, why not make this life last longer by keeping your weight in check.

Create a healthy weight by keeping a healthy attitude about your weight loss. Sooner or later the numbers will reflect those attitudes!

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