Healthy Low Fat Diet to Ditch the Pudginess!

A healthy low fat diet is a good way to eliminate excess weight that puts constraints on your lifestyle. Keep in mind that on all diets, you always have options!

For example, instead of reaching for a snack that you're used to grabbing, why not change things up? Anything you make at home is bound to be more nutritious than something you buy. It's a simple maneuver you can use to kick the doldrums out the door and get serious about your health!

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It's clear that most people perceive living without fat as difficult to do! However, it's only as hard as you make it! Giving up the fat may not be a walk in the park, but is weight loss supposed to be? It takes a long time to accumulate fat on your body, so getting rid of it will take time too. Give yourself plenty of rope on a healthy low fat diet by moderating the amounts of calories you take in. Having an occasional slice of pizza is normal but make it the exception, not the rule.

Healthy Low Fat Diet

Food is supposed to supply your body the energy it needs to sustain life, but many people eat for other reasons. When you’re having a bad day, your brain will try and trick you into eating something fattening. Sometimes, your emotions drive hunger.

To eat a healthy low fat diet, you will have to learn how to turn off the triggers that stimulate you to eat high fat foods. It’s a fixed association that’s not going to be easy to control at first. A healthy low fat diet plan is balanced. That's how the Food Pyramid was designed.

Fats and oils should be eaten sparingly, which means your diet should be low in fat, especially saturated fat. No more than about 30 percent of your diet should contain it.

Know What You're Eating

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats so they must be should be part of your healthy low fat diet plan. However, 'low fat' foods are often riddled with high fructose corn syrup, sodium, or other non essential additives. You have to heavily scrutinize the foods you consume. And just because a food is considered low fat, doesn't mean it's actually less fattening or good for you. Confused yet?

Low Fat Diet Benefits

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Good for your heart
  • Helps prevent certain cancers
  • Reduces weight
  • Are better for overall health

    What most American's are used to eating is NOT low in fat. On the contrary it is extremely high in fat. It is estimated that 55 percent of American adults and around 20 percent of American children are overweight, which is a significant proportion of people who are considered to be overweight. It's obvious that eating too much fat is one of the culprits.

  • The average American consumes the equivalent of a whole stick of butter, each day. (Butter is 80 percent fat).
  • Mayonnaise has become a universal addition to food. (Mayo is also 80 percent fat).
  • American children aged 6 to 14, eat fast foods 157 million times a month.
  • Nearly 50 cents of every US dollar is spent on fast foods.

    Healthy Low Fat Diet Tips

    Its sad to say that nutritious foods have been stigmatized as bad, but for no good sound reason! Once you change over to a healthy low fat diet however, your taste buds will change too. The associations you’ve had for so long will also differ. Another common myth is that when you lose fat, you also lose flavor, which doesn't make a lick of sense. You can minimize the amounts of fat you have in your diet, simply and easily. It may be challenging initially but it is well worthwhile to try.

    A *weight loss study done in 2002 measured the weight behaviors of more than 3,000 American adults who lost an average of 60 pounds. They also were able to keep the weight off for an average of six years. Less then 1 percent of those successful with their weight loss, ate a low carb diet. The most successful dieters ate low fat, high carbohydrate diets to sustain their weight loss.

    *There are some health experts who disagree with these conclusions. Everyone's different and therefore everyone loses weight differently. That's why it's so important to choose the plan that serves you best.

  • Eat salads at least 3 or 4 times a week if not more. Your salad should contain green leaf lettuce and other raw veggies. Do not pile on bacon or salad dressings. Instead, use minimum amounts of low fat vinegar based dressings that contain olive oil.

  • Another tip for salads is to set the salad dressing to the side so you can lightly dip your salad into it, bite by bite, instead of drenching it. Salad dressings are often loaded with fat. Just 2 tablespoons of your favorite ranch dressing has approximately 160 calories and 16 grams of fat.

  • Prepared chicken salad, potato salad, or other heavy mayonnaise based salads are not healthy for you. They are high in calorie and high in fat and should not be included on a healthy low fat diet.

  • Low fat eating doesn't mean that foods won't taste good to you. Fat, sugar, and salt taste great but there are healthier ways to make food more palatable. Trying new spices or herbs is a great way to enhance flavors. Herbs, spices, flavored vinegar, and salsa can add taste, minus the fat.

  • The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the more they'll grow on you. The more you eat them, the more you'll appreciate their natural goodness.

  • It's no mystery that chicken and seafood are naturally lower in fat than red meat. When you do eat beef, choose loin or round cuts and *be sure to trim at least some of the visible fat.

    *Cooking meats with the fat attached is perfectly acceptable because fat helps keep meat juicy and flavorful. Just be sure to discard most of the fat after preparation.

  • Choose 1% or 2% milk, or skim milk instead of whole milk. One cup of whole milk has approximately 8.5 grams of fat and 150 calories, which means 50 percent of the calories come from fat. Compare that to one cup of skim milk with 0.4 grams of fat and only 81 calories.

  • One single tablespoon of mayo adds 10 grams of fat to your sandwich and a pat of butter adds 4 grams. Try mustard instead of mayonnaise. Be aware of the fat content in all condiments. Many times, they are laden with bad stuff!

  • Whole milk cheeses like cheddar, feta, American, Swiss, and many others contain 6 to 10 grams of fat per ounce. Look for low fat cheese that has 3 grams of fat or less per ounce. If you simply can't stand low fat cheese like me, just eat smaller amounts of regular cheese.

  • Instead of oil, lard, or butter, try using wine, clear broths, and flavored vinegars as flavor enhancers instead. Since it's hard to fry something without oil, try baking, steaming, or poaching.

  • Some oils, like *canola and cold pressed olive oil, are healthy for you to consume in smaller amounts. They contain Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to good health. The Mediterranean diet for example, includes olive oil regularly.

    *Canola oil used to be wonderful! However in the US, it's all genetically modified now so opt for organic canola when you can. Optionally, you can also use peanut oil or coconut oil.

  • When you eat out in restaurants, ask your waiter to hold the high fat extras like potato chips, French fries, and onion rings, except for on special occasions.

  • When you're baking cakes, try exchanging one part oil, fat, or butter, for one part applesauce.

  • Thoroughly chew your food and enjoy the way different foods taste. Most people are so used to inhaling their food super fast but that’s not what nature intended. Chewing your food jump starts digestion in your mouth by design. You should also chew each bite until its semi liquid, to keep from getting digestive problems. Eating slowly also means you'll eat less and be satisfied sooner.

    When you are eating a healthy low fat diet, keep in mind that your brain isn’t always going to cooperate with you. This is especially true in the initial stages of dieting. Remember that:

    Real Hunger
  • Grows slowly
  • You'll eat a variety of foods
  • Can be postponed
  • You stop munching when you're full
  • You feel invigorated after eating
  • You boost energy

    Emotional Hunger
  • Has a sudden impact
  • You crave a something fattening
  • Needs to be satisfied quickly
  • You feel incapable of stopping
  • You feel guilty afterward
  • You pack on pounds

    With so many people overweight, its also good to have a healthy low fat diet plan. However, your motivating factor should lead back to you. No one else holds the key to your weight loss goals. In fact, you should want to slim down for health reasons if nothing else. Consider these ideas when you are on a healthy low fat diet.

    Healthy Low Fat Diet Plans

  • Don’t label your diet as a diet. Sure it's going to be both challenging and frustrating but what in life isn't? Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy! Sustainable weight loss means losing no more than two pounds a week. On the other hand, crash dieting means that your metabolism will slow down and it will be harder to shed pounds over time.

  • If you're serious about losing some pounds, get rid of the foods that make you fat! That means, cleaning out your pantry! On a healthy low fat diet, fat laden snacks and treats should be against the rules. Since you can only eat or prepare the foods you have at hand, you won't be able to polish off a pint of ice cream for example, that isn't there.

  • Restock your pantry with wholesome foods like whole grains; and stock up with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in the frig.

  • Fast food portion sizes have grown exponentially over time, which has given an erroneous misconception that more is better. Read labels and nutritional facts so you're clear about how much you should be eating. It's usually less than you think. Be aware that most prepacked food contains more than one serving.

  • Always eat something for breakfast. You don’t necessarily have to roll out of bed and shove food in your mouth but you do need to start each day eating something that's good for you. Try a low fat yogurt, cereal bar, piece of fruit, or a nutritional smoothie. Nutritious foods help stabilize blood-sugar levels first thing in the day and provide you with the nourishment you need to run your engine.

  • Consume H2O on a regular basis. In fact, you can drink as much as you like! If you don't like plain water, try water mixed with citrus fruit for a twist. Water is crucial for digestion and also helps you feel fuller faster and longer. Sometimes thirst is misinterpreted as hunger, so keep a bottle of water by you at all times and don’t forget to suck it down. Water has zero calories and is essential to every cell in your body.

  • Try eating vegetarian meals a few times a week which will also save you a ton of money! A hearty three bean chili or pasta with roasted vegetables is much healthier and is low cost.

    *You can also substitute protein bars and shakes for meats, several times a week.

  • Eat fish at least once and preferably twice a week. Fish like salmon and tuna is naturally low in fat and contains heart healthy omega 3 oils.

  • You do need to exercise some. Sorry but it's true! Walk with a friend of find an exercise DVD that you can do at home. If you have a Nintendo Wii, buy the fitness package. Try and exercise for at least 20 - 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. If you haven’t been exercising, its important to take small steps so you don't quit. You'll be able to work up to more rigorous workouts over time.

    Do remember that some fat in your diet is actually essential but try and keep them to a minimum. Always make sure your weight loss goals are realistic and you'll be able to succeed in your healthy low fat diet!

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