Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Spring

Spring is an excellent time to incorporate some healthy lifestyle tips! As warmer weather draws nearer, its hard not to get a little distracted from work and think more about getting outside! Spring fever is taunting you to take action with plenty of fresh air and plenty of sunshine!

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With the coming of milder temperatures, comes renewed energy and attitude. Now is the perfect time to clean up some of those bad old habits you may have accumulated over the winter months. Cold weather may keep you locked inside your house for a season, but spring reminds us to get moving and breathe more oxygen! To live a healthy lifestyle each day, you must go outside and play! Yahoo!

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Spring

  • Did you know that everyone needs at least 10 – 20 minutes of sun a day to help your skin cells create vitamin D?

    If you're fair skinned, experts suggest getting outside for 10 minutes in midday sun, wearing shorts and a tank top with no sunscreen. This gives you enough radiation exposure to produce about 10,000 international units of the vitamin, which is fantastic!

    Those with dark skin and the elderly produce less vitamin D, and need slightly more (around 20 minutes) sun exposure to produce the same amounts of vitamin D.

    One of the biggest problems about sun exposure are the kinds of messages the public's been receiving for years and years about using sunscreens. We've all been preached to 'protect your skin at all costs'! This knee jerk reaction happened in response to rapidly increasing rates of skin cancers, and were thought to be essential to public-health.

    Its now recognized that some sun exposure is important for a healthy lifestyle, and at the very least, to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D. (Sunscreens block out nearly all UV radiation.)

    The newest recommendations are to get out in the sun for shorter periods of time on days with a UV index less than 3. This is when a moderate amount of UV rays can hit your skin so sunscreen and other sun protectors (like hats and protective clothing) are not required. Beyond this, everyone needs a little unprotected time in the sun during midday when the sun is at its highest and UVB rays can penetrate the atmosphere.

    One of the best ways to be able to soak up the sun and not worry about as much about sun protection and skin cancer is to take astaxanthin supplements regularly. It helps guard your skin against UV rays without risking chemical exposure.

    Find out more about the benefits of astaxanthin!

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle. If you need to shed a few pounds, one of the simplest ways is to take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming into local fruit stands, farmers markets, and grocery stores. The best way to lose weight (overall but also quickly) and maintain a healthy lifestyle is to fill up on low-density foods that contain fewer calories per serving, rather than by limiting higher density foods to smaller portions that don’t satisfy satiety.

    High-density foods are typically those that are high in calories, with the understanding that calories equal energy. That means that a diet higher in energy density (ED) is linked to higher body weight, while a diet lower in energy density (ED) helps weight loss, both in adults and kids.

    If this doesn't quite compute, just think it this way. If you eat an apple (about the size of your fist) before you sit down to a spaghetti dinner, you'll already feel a little bit full before the meal, and you hopefully won’t eat as much spaghetti. That’s because an apple is more than 85 percent water and only has about 75 calories. It’s also packed with fiber. However, if you ate a slice of apple pie before dinner, you would be eating the same volume of food as the apple, but a typical slice of apple pie contains around 300 calories, including sugar and carbohydrates. The apple pie is higher in energy density and is higher in calories.

    A healthy lifestyle should include taking off a few pounds every year in the spring if you need it! If you’d like to drop a dress size and manage your weight, try including more low-density foods in your diet.

    - Smother sandwiches with fresh garden veggies. Try sprouts, apple slices, lots of fresh leaf lettuce, cucumbers slices, onions, or tomatoes. Use lean protein such as turkey breast and opt for whole-grain bread.

    - Add fruit to your salads. Fresh orange slices or berries add zing to lettuce and spinach.

    - While you’re getting creative in the kitchen, make more omelets to help stretch your dollars and lower calorie consumption. Mix veggies into your scrambled eggs or omelets. (My son and I have omelet night every Thursday night and we love it!) Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and asparagus are all healthy additions and give omelets pizazz without extra calories. Use cheese and processed meats sparingly though.

    - Don’t feel like you need to ‘save’ your low-density foods for dessert, including fruit. Eat them at the beginning of the meal so they’ll help you feel full before you start on the junky stuff.

    Another moot point is that if you’re not hungry, why eat at all? Even low-density foods won’t satisfy you if you weren’t hungry to begin with. Use them to satisfy you only when you’re really hungry so you don’t binge on fatty foods instead. Bad eating habits may cause you to munch when you’re bored.

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  • Your skin needs attention in the spring so don’t neglect it. Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, taking care of it should always be included in a healthy lifestyle. Try using some of those fresh fruits and veggies you see at the farmers market in homemade facials and masks.

  • Most recipes call for combining fresh, ripened and mashed produce with a small amount (drizzle) of olive oil, lemon, honey, or yogurt. You can make up your own facials or use some of these facial mask recipes.

  • Spring is also a good time to clean the toxins from your lymphatic system and remove dead skin cells from the rest of your body. To do this, use dry skin brushing with a dry skin brush! Its such a great way to invigorate your skin and cleanse your lymphatic system. You can also make your own body scrubs!

  • Get moving if you want to be ready to sport your favorite bathing suit! Warmer weather is a great time to get outside and get back into a more healthy lifestyle! Movement helps prevent atrophy and keeps them toned! If you’re trapped in an office, take a lunch break and walk (preferably outside) for at least 15 minutes. This will get your heart pumping and increase your energy. If you can’t get outside, stand up and stretch at least once an hour.

  • Breathe some fresh air! Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that indoor air may be even more toxic and polluted than the air outside. Your home may be your castle but it may also contain air that's full of harmful chemicals. This is largely attributed to the high amount of toxic chemical cleaning products you may use at home.

  • Plants are known air purifiers and common indoor plants provide relief for 'sick building syndrome'. Some household plants absorb toxic chemicals through their leaves, and the roots and soil bacteria remove even the smallest traces of toxic vapors! (They take in CO2 but emit O2.) They’ll clean up the air in your home if you have allergies and can’t open your windows.

    However if you can, the best way to air-purify your home is to open your windows! I have allergies but can’t stand to turn on the A/C any earlier than June. Sure coughing and sneezing is inconvenient but there are allergy medications that help alleviate allergy symptoms. I just don’t want to miss out on mother nature anymore than I have to.

    The sun is a great purifier of the indoor environment because the heat kills off dust mites. Alternately, opening your windows during a rainstorm helps remove the dust-movement of toxins and infuses your living space with fresh oxygen.

  • Spring cleaning is called such because after a long winter, you do need to thoroughly clean your home. That's an inconvenient part of living a healthy lifestyle but it's also essential. Dry dusting your home only moves surface chemicals and toxins around. Use a wet cloth or mop to clean and then thoroughly dry the area afterward if possible. When you clean the kitchen counters or mop the floor, use a clean old hand towel to help dry them off. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner will help reduce the amount of chemicals stored in rugs and carpets.

    Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. You just have to decide on the best use of your time and to work on a good plan of action. Start making small changes today so by summer, you'll be set for more outdoor fun!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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