13 Tips for Healthy Hair - No Magician Required!

When it comes to healthy hair, you just won’t need a bag of magic tricks to have it and keep it. Its quite simple if you know what's kosher and what's not! The easiest way to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous is prevention. I know, I know. Blah blah blah. But truly, spending a few minutes every day on daily maintenance is so much easier than heading off a disaster that brews over the course of years and years. YOU are the only one who can make that happen!

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Whether you've got long luscious locks or a short, sassy hairstyle, keeping your hair touchably luxurious is super beneficial. Your better half just won't be able to resist if you keep your hair smooth, sexy, and shiny!

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Most people are born with healthy hair, or at least once it moves from baby-hood into toddler-hood. However, once you start treating your hair with chemicals, (found in many hair products and services), it's overall 'wellness' is going to suffer at least some.

Use this guide to ensure that you keep your locks for many years to come. These tips will help you keep your healthy hair, so you don't have as many bad hair days!

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13 Tips for Healthy Hair

  • The condition of your hair says a lot about you! Do you take the necessary time with it to keep it healthy? Do you invest in products that over-deliver?

  • If you want your hair to stand out in a crowd, check the ingredients list on the products you choose. It is vital if you want healthy looking hair!

  • Use products the right way. For the best results, prepare your hair before you apply shampoo to your hair. Your hair must be completely saturated before you attempt washing. Also, prepare your shampoo by rubbing it around in your palms before shampooing. This is called emulsifying your shampoo. Take your time and really massage your shampoo throughout your hair and into your scalp. Be sure to rinse well too! Shampoo's need to be completely removed before you apply conditioners.

    Conditioners do not need to be emulsified before you apply them but you'll need to condition the right way. Since your ends are always the driest, slather them with moisture-rich conditioners, then work your way UP.

  • If you have longer hair, avoid washing your hair too much unless you are using sulfate-free shampoo's.

    Without proper hydration, your hair can dry out and look unhealthy! If your hair is already dry, you will need to amend it before it starts snapping off.

  • Harsh environmental factors can mean trouble for healthy hair. Sun, wind, and water all affect your hair. Even the water you use at home can be bad for your hair if it’s full of chlorine (found in city water), tannins that are found in well water, (considered to be 'hard water'), and salts that are found in many countries overseas, where there is no fresh running water.

    For the best results, use the water you've got at home but then do a final rinse of distilled water. This will at least keep your hair clear of by-products, til the next time you shampoo.

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  • Blow drying everyday is very drying to your hair. Hair dryers were designed to be moved around a lot, not targeted at one section of your hair.

    You need a wider blast to ensure that the heat gets evenly distributed, not concentrated in one place. DO NOT hold the heat/end of your dryer right next to your hair either. That's risky business! If you see steam coming off your hair, it's overheated and you'll need to stop blow drying immediately!

  • Always use products that are specifically made for your hair type.

  • Many chemical processes can damage healthy hair. Which chemical processes are the worst and most harsh? From least damaging to most: temporary color; semi/demi permanent color; permanent color; high-lift color or bleach; permanent wave; hair relaxers, thermal reconditioning or straightening.

  • Use softer bristled brushes that help distribute your scalp's oils, keeping your luscious locks well lubricated.

  • Use professional conditioners if you use hot irons or dryers regularly. You should also consider deep conditioning once a week. If you have damaged hair, try using a concentrated mask in place of your daily conditioner.

  • Don't overuse styling products.

  • An overall mixed diet of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fatty fish like salmon, and full fat dairy products will help maintain healthy hair.

  • Be warned! Losing or gaining weight too quickly can adversely affect hair cycles.

    Follow these tips and remember to keep up the good work. People might like you, but they will love your beautiful healthy hair!

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