Healthy Diet Tips that Help Form Better Food Habits

A healthy diet is a must-have if you want to lose weight the right way! Before there was grab-and-go food, people were a lot smaller than they are today! In fact, obesity didn’t become a problem until recent years. With more unhealthy foods on the market today than any other time, its no wonder that so many folks are battling exploding waistlines!

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In native cultures where fast foods don’t exist, the tribe members are thin and free of diseases of the modern world. Many cancers for example, simply don’t exist because those people depend on mother nature to provide for them.

The real caveat is the bigger you are, the lazier you’re bound to get. Most people know that exercise is a real chore for anyone who’s overweight.

What most people fail to understand is that weight loss isn’t only about taking off pounds. Its about a state of mind! It’s also about choosing to eat a healthy diet instead of buying into the fast-food phenomenon. If you eat a well balanced diet, you shouldn't become overweight. Getting a grip on your weight before it gets too far out of control is always a good move! The best advice is to follow a healthy diet and to make better food decisions!

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Healthy Diet Tips that Help Form Better Food Habits

  • If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it! I am often amazed at the vast abundance of purely bad foods found on the grocery store shelves. They are vast! However, they don't make it into my cart very often, although my 25 year old son would love for me to buy them all!

    This 'oversell' is typical for most all grocery stores though, especially here in the US! Remember though, you are the master of your own domain. If you don't buy into it, maybe the manufacturers will stop producing them!

  • Be unique! Many other cultures include LOTS more veggies into their meals. Thai foods, Vietnamese foods, and even Indian foods are typically lower calorie because other countries don't have the availability of high calorie foods that are found in the US. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out. Who knows? You might just like them!

  • If you've tried losing weight and you just couldn't stick with it, then you need to try something else! Sometimes to break the mold, you may have to do a bit of research or take some extra time finding a new way to lose weight, but it's worth it in the long run right?

    In fact, why not try getting your protein from vegetarian sources for a while? The internet is lush in videos that can help you fix any new foods you encounter or want to try. Here's a food pyramid that can help you get started.

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  • Did you know that you could hide healthy foods in the foods you already love? Ever tried applesauce instead of oil when baking a cake? How bout substituting yogurt for sour cream on a baked potato? Or even mozzarella cheese for cheddar cheese on grilled cheese sandwiches? Or how bout making black bean brownies?

    There are a thousand ways you can cut back on the amount of calories you put into your dishes that are part of a healthy diet! Use them!

    You can get a full list of food substitutions here.

  • To make sure that your waistline doesn't accumulate what you eat, prepare foods that are most easily digested by your gut. Don't know what they are? Here's a good start!

  • If food products contain ingredients that you can't pronounce, keep them out of your shopping cart! They aren't good for you or your weight!

  • Get out of your comfort zone! Ever tried pomegranate, Dragon fruit, or square watermelon? Sometimes you just need to break old food patterns! It'll surely give you something to talk about at the office!

  • Take a cooking class if you're new to cooking at home. If you don't have time for that, watch videos. Cooking is a great way to bring families together too! What have you got to lose except extra weight?

  • Ever tried zucchini casserole or eggplant lasagna? There are so many great ways to cook foods that fit into a healthy diet if you just use your imagination.

  • Foods like pizza can be included on a healthy diet! You just gotta modify how many slices you have and what you put on top of it. Use toppings like Parmesan cheese, onions, pineapple, or bell peppers instead of mozzarella, bacon, ham, and pepperoni.

  • Years ago, I made a grievous error and stated that FAT wasn't good for you. I listened to the mainstream media and thought fat was tabu. Go figure! Now I have come to realize that fat is absolutely essential in a healthy diet. Its the amount of calories - NOT the fat, that's not that great for you. In fact, saturated fat has been known to help people lose weight! But don't go too overboard on it. That's the key!

  • One thing I never understood (being thin all my life) was how people could afford to get overweight. I know that there are lots of fattening foods that don't cost that much but really, how can you afford the vast amounts you'd need to actually put on weight?

    Look at it like this.

    Instead of sinking all that money into foods that poison your body, why not save your money for retirement or use the extra cash you'd save going on a great vacation? Or buy something new for the house like a hot tub that can help you unwind? Or give your children new sports equipment so they'll be active?

    Money is a real commodity and when you use all your hard earned cash on food, you can't really enjoy your life. You are only living to eat. Does that make sense?

  • Foods that you buy ready-prepared are devoid of rich flavors, while nutrient rich foods are full of sometimes unexpected delightful flavors. A healthy diet should include them everyday!

  • When you are shopping, if your favorite vegetables are not in season, look for them in the frozen section. Frozen vegetables are higher in nutrition than their canned counterparts.

  • White foods, which are refined foods, are best replaced on a healthy diet.

    • Replace white potatoes with sweet or purple potatoes
    • Replace white rice with brown or whole grain rice
    • Replace white bread with wheat or whole grain bread

  • Ever tried food stacking? Its a way to incorporate more healthy veggies in your diet. Add tomato slices, lettuce, cucumbers, and lots of other delicious veggies to your sandwiches instead of layers and layers of meats and cheeses only.

  • Have a few pickles with your meals! Pickles are made from cucumbers, vinegar, and salt. One large study showed that consuming 2 tbsp. of vinegar before meals reduced blood sugar and helped regulate insulin. By eating two or three pickles, you can easily ingest 2 tbsp. of vinegar. Unmodified apple cider vinegar has enzymes that slow down the digestion of carbohydrates in your stomach. In the study, people who had vinegar and/or pickles before meals experienced a two pound weight loss per week over four weeks, while the control group had no weight loss.

    If you're under a doctors care, be sure to check with them before you consume a lot of sodium. Of course, if you don’t like pickles, you can drink apple cider vinegar water or take the supplements instead.

    Whatever path you choose to lose weight, simply substituting foods in your diet is simple enough. Follow these healthy diet tips for faster, less complicated weight loss. Use common sense to help you gain control of your weight and your life!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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