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Use this health site map to help you navigate through the plethora of health pages on this site. In today's modern society, people have become swamped by the amount of chemicals they're exposed to. Avoid them at all costs! Especially if you take dangerous prescriptive drugs your doctor thinks you need! See the problem is, that most drugs today only treat the symptoms, and do not address the root of the cause. Throw in a toxic environment, and you've got the perfect recipe for the perfect health storm. Using natural remedies at least gives you a fighting chance.

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General Health Tips

Vitamin Supplements

(These are the main pages. There are many other topics listed below!)

Save Money on Health

Money Saving Tips for Health Conditions

Preventing Disease to Maintain Health and Avoid Debt

How to Relieve Chronic Constipation

Natural Remedies for Chronic Diarrhea

Easy Screening for Colon Cancer

HSV – The Herpes Virus

What is Livedo Reticularis?

Livedo Reticularis Questionnaire To Help Gather Information

Help for Chronic Back Pain

Easy Hemorrhoids Relief

Best Tips for Heartburn Relief

Vaginal Yeast Infections - The Good, the Bad, and the Itchy!

Do You Have an Intestinal Parasite?

The Cause of Depression - Knowing and Growing!

The Cause of Stress and Anxiety

Who Likes to Sleep Naked?

Sleep Problem? - Get Sleep Answers!

How Simple Eye Exercises Can Restore Clarity and Improve Vision

Cracked Heels – Tips to Correct and Heal Alligator Skin

Detox Foot Patches - Remove Toxins to Improve Health!

Late Afternoon Fatigue - A Common Problem

Seasonal Allergies on the Rise - It Isn't Just You, Achoo!


How to Relieve Chronic Constipation

The Cause of Constipation

Constipation Relief from the Kitchen

Natural Constipation Remedies and Tips

Accupressure for IBS with Constipation

Easy Colon Cleansing Program

Understanding Probiotics – Different Strains for Different Needs

Digestive Enzyme Supplements – to Enhance Elimination

Create Intestinal Bacteria with Rejuvelac!

Which High Fiber Foods are Best For Elimination?

Why a High Fiber Diet May Not Cure Irregularity

Herpes Virus

HSV – The Herpes Virus

Home Remedies for Herpes – Relieve Herpes Naturally!

HSV – The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2

Preventative Shingles Treatment

Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain - Strengthen the Core for Prevention

Structural Integration to Restructure Body Alignment

Back Stretch Exercises - Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion

7 Tips for Back Ache Relief

Relief for Chronic Shoulder Pain

Prevention of Lower Back Pain

Back Injury - 18 Home Treatments Caused by Muscular Stress or Strain


Easy Hemorrhoids Relief

Bleeding Hemorrhoid Remedies that Work Great!


Get Heartburn Relief - 11 Natural Remedies and Tips

Yeast Infections

Vaginal Yeast Infections - The Good, the Bad, and the Itchy!

Yeast Infection Remedies - For Women Only!


Do You Have an Intestinal Parasite?

Human Parasite – How Do You Get Them?

An Excellent Low Cost Parasite Cleanse


The Cause of Depression - Knowing and Growing!

The Symptoms of Depression – What You Need to Know!

Techniques to Relieve Depression Naturally

Help for Depression - Common Herbs and Tonics

Depression Help - Where There is Good News!

Psychological Depression During the Holidays

How to Keep Finding Joy in Your Life


The Negative Effects of Stress and Anxiety

How to Relieve Stress Naturally

Tips to Improve Your Mood Quickly


Who Likes to Sleep Naked?

Sleep Problems? Get Sleep Answers!

Natural Sleep Aids that Help Cure Insomnia


Late Afternoon Fatigue - How to Fight Past It and Win!

Are Adrenal Problems Making You Tired and Zapping Your Energy?


Seasonal Allergies on the Rise – It isn't Just You, Achoo!

Seasonal Allergy Treatments – Know When to Take Medications

Foot Problems

Cracked Heels – Tips to Correct and Heal Alligator Skin

Detox Foot Patches - Remove Toxins to Improve Health!

Save Money on Health Care Costs

Ways to Save Money on Health Care Costs

Codex Alimentarius – Part of the TPP and Massive Hazard to Human Health

Is WebMD a Trustworthy Source for Obtaining Sound Medical Advice?

Oil Pulling – Cleanse Toxins and Whiten Teeth

Effective Liver Flush for Gall Stones

Doing a Liver Cleanse to Reduce Toxicity

Fatty Liver – A Natural Approach to Reverse the Condition Safely

Signs of a Thyroid Problem - Tell Tale Symptoms that Indicate Issues

Benefits of Lugols Iodine – Using the Protocol to Prolong Good Health

Perchlorate Contamination – Health Concerns from Contrails and Chemtrails

Mercury Toxicity – A Major Contributor to Disease and Autoimmunity

Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy - Free Ebook!

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – An Essential Multipurpose Product

Epsom Salts – Wellness and Goodness in a Milk Carton

A Low Salt Diet – The Greatest Health Risk Today

The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Grape Seeds Benefits and Super Antioxidant Powers

Antibacterial Soaps – Helpful or Harmful to Your Health?

Antibacterial Products – Fun Facts and Statistics

Healthy Aging Benefits of Pets

Avoiding MRSA Infection – Prevention and Natural Treatments

Treating Bee Stings at Home

Why You Attract Mosquitoes More Than Other People

Natural Bug Bite Remedies and OTC Medications

Eating Bugs as Food – Could Insects be Your Next Major Source of Protein?

5 Edible Weeds You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Remedies for Colds, Cough, and Congestion – Simple Solutions for Less Confusion

Fight the Flu Naturally – Smart Ways to Feel Better Faster!

The Master Tonic – Remedy Ailments without Antibiotics!

Tumeric Extract Vs Curcumin – Which One is Better?

Getting Flu Shots – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

High Dose Fluzone Vaccine Targets Unsuspecting and Vulnerable Senior Citizens

6 Reasons Mandatory Vaccines are Not a Good Idea

Herd Immunity – Naturally Acquired Versus Vaccine Induced

Have You Been Injured by a Vaccine?

Clear a Stuffy Nose and Head Utilizing These 13 Natural Approaches

Sore Throat Pain Relief – 15 Home Remedies and Concoctions

The H1N1 Influenza Virus – Symptoms and Treatments!

Is The Zika Virus Threat Real or Has It Been Blown Way Out Of Proportion?

City Water – 6 Carcinogenic Additives and Contaminants that Compromise Health

Drink Ozonated Water to Balance Health and Increase Energy

Bottled Drinking Water - What's Wrong with Thinking its Safe?

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke - Signs and Symptoms

Hangover Remedies - To Feel Better Faster

Before You Stop Smoking - Read This

Detrimental Effects of Anorexia and Bulimia

How to Relieve Headaches and Stop Pain in the Throbbing Noggin!

Barometric Headaches – Their Cause and How to Treat Them

Relieve Trigger Points for Fewer Muscle Pains

Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Heart!

Myth - High Cholesterol Does NOT cause Heart Disease

Why is the US Shipping Chicken to China for Processing and Back for Consumption?

Fluoride Consumption Can Be Deadly and Has Adverse Effects That Put You At Risk!

Saturated Fats are Good or Bad for Health? You Decide!

Neem Oil, Leaves, and Seeds – 18 Remedial Applications from the Tree of Life

Health Benefits of Omega 3 Oils

Is Your Olive Oil the Real Thing?

The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Beauty and Health

Using Coconut Oil – Benefits and Remedies

Neem Oil, Leaves, and Seeds – 18 Remedial Applications from the Tree of Life

Why Refined Vegetable Oil Should Never Be Used for Cooking

The Benefits of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

Transdermal Magnesium – Unlock the Magic and Reap the Rewards

The Risks of Taking Daily Aspirin

Benefits of Natural Salicylic Acid in Foods

Soy Foods – Friend or Foe to Your Health?

Is GM Soy Nutritionally Equivalent to Organic Soy?

Chemotherapy Fails 97% of the Time and Does Not Address the Underlying Cause

Preventing Cancer – How to Reduce the Risks!

Reduce the Risk of Cancer through Nutrition

Fighting Cancer Without Chemotherapy

How to Decrease Inflammation to Improve Your Health

Digestive Problems – Foods to Avoid & Foods to Include

21 Tips for Healing the Gut While Supporting the Brain

Carrageenan – Have a Little Colitis with Your Coffee?

Aspartame – The GMO Poop Neurotoxin

The Secret Sources of MSG

High Fructose Corn Syrup – What Nature Never Intended!

Comfort Foods You Crave When the Temps Dip

10 Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diet Regularly

The All Natural Label – 9 Gross Ingredients that Will Turn You Off!

Food Facts - Tips to Get the Most Nutritional Value

Boosting Immunity – Healthy Foods that Keep You Well

9 Fake Foods That Are Passed Off As Real

The pH of Foods You Consume and Its Importance

Acid and Alkaline Forming Foods and Your Health

The Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Healthy Vegetables - Buying Guide and Serving Suggestions

The Nutritional Value of Produce – Plunging Fast to Record Declines

Fruits that Mold the Fastest and What to Do if You Find It

Healthy Snacks to Whip Up in a Zip!

Non GMO Foods Versus GMO Foods – Facts, Pros and Cons

Negative effects of GM Foods – And What You Can Do About It!

Non GMO Verified Foods I Love Effects of Glyphosate Consumption - 10 Ways GE Crops Poison Your Body!

The Benefits of Phytonutrients for Health and Aging

6 Detox Foods That Help Rectify Overindulgence

How to Stay Healthy - 9 Easy Ways to Live Longer

Practice Belly Breathing - Improve Respiration and Increase Life Energy!

The Secrets of Longevity

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Spring

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Summer

The Negative Effects of Caffeine on Your Health

Boost Energy Levels Naturally Without Caffeine

What Makes Chocolate Healthy Anyway?

12 Organic Health Foods That Resemble Parts of Your Body

Organic Maca Root Supplement for Your Sexual Health

Having Sex is Good for You and Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

Healthy Recipes – Nutritious and Delicious!


Vitamin Supplements – to Protect Health and Prevent Disease

How to Take Vitamins or Medicines so You Don’t Choke

Take Antioxidant Supplements to Reduce Free Radical Exposure!

Astaxanthin Benefits for Eyes, Skin, Inflammation, and Much More!

Vitamin C Antioxidant - Protects Cells and Improves Immune Response

Essential Selenium Trace Element – Absent in Foods Today

Glutathione - One of the Most Power-Packed Antioxidants

NAC Amino Acid - Detoxifies and Protects

Vitamin E - Powerful Protector and Health Booster

Vitamin A as Beta Carotene - Promotes Vision & Protects the Skin

Alpha Lipoic Acid - A Potent Antioxidant for Healthy Cells

Vitamin B Complex - Vital to Muscles, Nerves, Skin, and Hair!

Biotin Supplements - Benefits for Skin, Nails, and Hair

Immunity Benefits of Vitamin D Supplement

The Dangers of Iodine Deficiency – Information Every Woman Should Know!

Take Co Q10 for Heart Health

Calcium Supplement for Strong Bones & Teeth

Magnesium Supplement - Critical to Endurance

Zinc Supplement - Essential for Immunity and Energy

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