13 Hangover Remedies to Feel Better Faster

Having a hangover is something most people have experienced from time to time. The morning after imbibing, you can wake up with severe head pain that's so intense it makes you puke. You might not feel like a party animal anymore after a wild night out on the town!

The way to eliminate the symptoms altogether is to either abstain or to cut yourself off from having more drinks at some point. That’s sometimes hard to do when you’re out with your buddies and everyone's having a good old time. However, its really the only way to really prevent one.

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Did you know that booze alone doesn't cause you to feel bad the next day? It's how alcohol is broken down instead. When your liver processes alcohol, it creates various chemically composed byproducts including acetaldehyde; a chemical that causes inflammation.

There are a number of other reason's you get a hangover too. Since drinking more causes you to urinate more often, it dehydrates your body at a rapid rate, which triggers the inflammatory response in the immune system.

Alcohol spikes blood sugar, reduces quality of sleep, aggravates the stomach lining, and expands blood vessels.

Many doctors recommend that you alternate booze with water. IN other words, have a glass of water in between drinks - which is really hard to do! Its really hard to try and squeeze both liquids in your tummy at the same time! (Too much sloshing around!)

People who work really hard at their jobs want some downtime to relax! That's totally understandable! If you need help recovering from being super-intoxicated, here are some tips and remedies for your hangover!

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14 Hangover Remedies that Work Fast

1) First thing - Even though water is very important, if you’ve got a throbbing headache, your best bet is to balance your electrolytes again. Alcohol depletes them so you must restore them. Any type of sports drink is fine or you can make your own electrolyte elixir at home. Water will most likely only make you feel 'tipsy' again, and won't do much for a banging hangover.

2) Kill the Pain - The other first thing you should reach for an NSAID. Advil (Ibuprofen) or Aleve (Naproxen) These pain relievers will help dull your headache. Take at least 3 or 4 Advil Liquid gel caps or 2 Aleve gel caps.

3) Raw Eggs - Some people swear by swallowing/eating a raw egg, either by itself or with a glass of tomato juice. The protein in the egg helps settle your tummy. This is especially helpful if you have puked.

4) Ice - Ice held on the throbbing pain really helps. The pain from a headache is usually located in the temples of the forehead. Remember that ice helps to decrease raging blood vessels that are causing you pain!

5) Heat - Although ice is touted for its ability to contract blood flow, some people swear by heat. A hot shower or a heating pad held on the back of the neck are soothing to some people, so if nothing else works for you, try it.

6) Eat Something Light - The best approach is to avoid heavy foods (and especially fried foods) when you’re trying to get rid of a hangover. Slowly and carefully, try soothing foods instead like eggs, oatmeal, whole milk, yogurt, toast, rice, or applesauce.

7) Hair of the Dog - I don’t recommend it, but some people like to have another drink when they're hungover. I’ve never been bold enough to try it, but if you have the gumption to do it, go ahead if you're convinced it'll help!

Here's the recipe for Hair of the Dog, which interestingly appeared in the George Kappeler 1895 exposition: Modern American Drinks. This infamous drink is separated into two parts.

Hair of the Dog

Yolk Whip

The first part is simply the yolk of an egg in a tall shot glass with salt, pepper, and a dash of cider vinegar. (Additionally, you can substitute Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce for the vinegar.) Gulp down the yolk first. Then enjoy the second part of the drink in your own time.

Silver Fizz (also called a Gin Fizz) (second part)

1-2 oz gin
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz simple syrup
Egg white
Soda water

Shake the top 4 ingredients together, strain into a glass without ice and top with soda.

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You may also want to try a Red Eye, which was made famous in the movie 'Cocktail', starring Tom Cruise.

Red Eye

12 oz lager
6 oz tomato juice
1 egg

Pour cold tomato juice into a large frosted mug preferably. Slowly pour the cold lager over juice. Do not stir. Crack the egg and add it to the beer and tomato juice. Do not stir. Drink slowly for the best results.


10 Hair of the Dog Recipes

Red Eye Recipe

8) Water - After you’ve gotten some light food in you, taken a few Advil, and had some Gatorade, drink water. Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink.

Replenish the water in your body. Alcohol is very dehydrating. If you’ve got a hangover, you need to replenish your water supplies. In fact, next time you drink alcohol, use the 1:1 rule, which is, for every alcoholic drink you have, drink a glass of water behind it. This will hopefully prevent you from feeling ill the next day. It's worth a shot anyway!

9) Take a Nap - The problem with sleeping off a night of partying is that the sleep you get is not really sleep. Most likely you passed out from drinking too much alcohol so you can’t really consider the sleep you’ve gotten as real sleep. After you wake up for a while and treat some of your symptoms, you may want to take a nap and catch up on some real sleep.

10) Take Vitamins - Alcohol robs your body of many vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B. Emergen-C is a product that is high in both of these key vitamins.

If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, your body is most probably deficient in Thiamin (B1) and Folic Acid (B9). Foods that have contain respectable amounts are pork, pistachios, green vegetables, lean ham, potatoes, corn, whole grain cereals, and white rice.

#11) Chewable Vitamin C - Eat a few Vitamin C Chewable Tabs or Gummie C Vitamins in-between rounds next time you drink. The extra vitamins help replenish the Vitamin C you lose when you drink. If you're a smoker too, this may be especially helpful.

#12) Next Time You Drink - Stick with alcohol that's clear, like Vodka or Gin. Dark liquors and dark beers have extra congeners in them. Alcohol that's in booze other than ethanol, are commonly referred to as congeners.

A distiller tries to isolate the good alcohol, (or ethanol), from the impurities, which include congeners. This kind of alcohol is contained in the soupy fermented material that's being distilled.

However, the studies that have been done on this subject are far from conclusive. The most recent view is that dehydration is responsible for a hangover. Drinking equal amounts of identical-proof vodka and bourbon will get you just as drunk, and will make you equally hungover the next morning.

#13) Try Sprite - A study, published in the September 2013 issue of Food and Function showed that the ingredients in decaffeinated Sprite can halt hangover pain almost immediately... at least for some people.

Researchers tested 57 various beverages including Huo ma ren (a hemp-seed based beverage), different carbonated drinks, and holistic teas.

Although the herbal teas helped slow down painful feelings, Sprite and soda water were shown to speed up *ALDH (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase) activity, which would theoretically curb the hangover.

*Aldehydes are highly reactive molecules that have various effects on biological systems. They can be generated from a number of internal and external sources.

For those few times that you do over-indulge and for those die hard party-goers, its nice to know you have some remedies to help get over the pain of a banging hangover!

Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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Sprite May Be the Best Cure for a Hangover

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