Your Hairstyle Personality - What Your Hairdo Reveals About You!

Did you know that you have hairstyle personality? Without ever knowing it, most women (especially) choose the styles that compliment their hidden desires, lifestyle, emotions, and feelings. Every time you change things up, you may not be satisfied with the way life’s treating you.

But did you choose your current hairstyle or did it choose you? Think about it!

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Every woman loves to express herself. You may not be able to share what you're thinking with everyone, but your hair sure can! The style you choose gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that! Maybe you have curly hair but choose to straighten it or maybe you love a blunt cut because you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend at the salon? It's all a matter of preference! Different hairdo's allow you to let your hairstyle personality shine on!

Choose the hairstyle below that is the closest ‘fit’ to your own hair. See if your hairstyle personality matches you!

*Note - If I’ve left any hairstyles out, shoot me an email from my contact me form and I’ll be sure to update the page so it includes your hairstyle personality too.

Your Hairstyle Personality

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Blunt cut – Simplistic personality – You may like to keep things light and airy but you love to have fun too. Underneath it all, you can be a real bitch at times and have to carefully decide when to drop the heirs. You have an uncanny nature about you but hide-out when times get tough. You usually strive to live an uncomplicated life but it’s not that simple.You love to take care of others but can sometimes put your own needs on the backburner. You appreciate the simple things in life… a blooming flower, a grilled cheese sandwich. Although you desire the best for everyone, you may need to pay more attention to yourself. You have many gifts and talents if you’d just use them!

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Layered Hair – Laid back personality – You have quite the eye for detail and pride yourself on stability in life. You love taking it easy but can sometimes become lazy if you’re not prompted to take action. You don’t need any of life luxuries to be happy but hidden inside is a desire for at least, some of them. You have a creative side and try and balance work with home projects. Even though you mean well, you may have left things undone that need doing. It may serve you well to finish one project before starting another. Most probably, you are an animal lover and have many interests and desires. You are a life-lover.

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Spiky or Choppy Hairstyle – Spicy personality – You are a playful and quirky individual and have a diversified variety of interests. You are artistic by nature and love self-expression. You also love to make things, even if you should really relax more. Sometimes just ‘being’ is a good thing where your busy hands can rest too. You are fun-loving and generous to a fault. You may also be very unorganized in your home life and can’t ever seem to find the time to go through old boxes you have lying around. You don’t often ask for help but could use some! Life is easier when you allow other’s to contribute! You are soft and squishy on the inside and love to be held and nurtured.

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Straight hairstyle – Straight-forward personality – You love to tell people how it is! You are picky about grammar and correct people when they make mistakes. Although you say what you mean most of the time, you may need to realize that not everyone appreciates your candor. You love the finer things in life and will do whatever it takes to achieve them. You demand to be waited on and love to shop till you drop however, realize that life does not revolve around you. And although you have a kind and giving nature, you pick and choose carefully what you will share with others.

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Big Hairstyle – Over the top personality – Big hair can only mean bigger things! You have a huge heart but demand attention wherever you go. You love to attract wandering eyes and start up conversations with anyone who’ll find time for you. You are confident in both your appearance and your work. However, the stress of living such a ‘big’ life, may mean that the inside of your home or car is a total mess. Realize that not everyone has time to keep up with you and that it’s OK to unwind and take time off for you! You may be somewhat of a private person but underneath all that hair, is a genuine and caring heart.

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Messy hair - Care free personality – You come across to others as if you don’t have a care in the world. You love to be the problem-solver of the family. Bringing peace among your tribes is very important to you. You can get by with the basics but prefer a fine wine. You are a real people-pleaser and settle for whatever you get because it doesn’t take much to make you happy. You have a varied amount of interests that are always drawing your attention. Be careful though. Stretching yourself too far and wide can leave you exhausted. Remember to take time for you! Your natural beauty is often hidden beneath your hair.

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Long Bangs – Secretive personality – There are hidden treasures you would rather not reveal to strangers. You prefer to keep things cozy and familiar. You keep things inside and only allow a few people to penetrate the walls you have UP around you, which means you could have trust issues. Don’t allow other people to influence what you do in life or take away your personal power. You can be influential if you want to! You love life and all of it’s gifts and are a gentle person naturally.

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Short Tapered Hairstyle – Perfectionist personality – You like everything in your life to be ‘in order’. When they’re not, you feel like your life is falling apart. You are a bit wound-up and are obsessive-compulsive about things being done the way you like them done. You demand that your loved ones follow your tightly wound directions. Deep down inside you fear failure although you come across as solid rock. You must share some in life if you expect people to share back with you. You are as sweet as candy and have a lot of friends.

Did you find your hairstyle personality? Does your hairstyle portray what you read? Please have your say in the comment area below!

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