Your Haircut and Your Face Shape

Like to know which haircut is best suited for your face shape? The shape of your face is a major consideration when you are choosing them. A bob cut for example wouldn’t look right on someone who has really thin hair.

Of course, other considerations are curl pattern, lack of curl pattern, texture of hair, and hair volume. Making informed decisions about your hair before you cut it off, is extremely important.

Jennifer Lopez image Jaylo's got somewhat of a mixed face shape. Crazy huh?

Sometimes it appears to be diamond shaped and sometimes it appears to be heart shaped. One thing is evident! It all depends on how the hair is styled!

The same holds true for you and your hairstyles and cuts!

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How to Determine Your Face Shape

To determine your facial shape, pull your hair back off your face and secure it with a hair tie. Use your camera phone to take your own selfie or have someone take a picture of you. Upload it to your computer, (FB or wherever), print it out, then outline the perimeter of your face with a pen or magic marker. You’ll need something visually to look at to get this right.

If you don’t have a camera, look at yourself in the mirror. Use an erasable marker or old lipstick and outline your face right onto the mirror. You’ll get a good idea of your face shape from the outline.

Once you see the outline, you should know which shape your face is. Now use the tips below to help you figure out hairstyles that flatter you best.

Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

The oval face is considered to be the ideal shape. People with an oval face shape can wear most styles and lengths, however, you will look best if you keep your haircut mostly all one length. Lower layers and bangs can also work well on you, so opt for some blending but don't overdo it.

There aren’t many people who have a perfectly oval face. Even proportions make oval faces especially versatile.

Megan Fox Oval Face image Megan Fox shows off her oval face and can get away with just about any hairstyle! Lucky girl!

Round Face Shape

Round faces are characterized by having a rounded chin. You should avoid short cuts and styles because they make your face look rounder. Long hair works well because it elongate and lengthens the face.

To elongate a round face, decrease the volume at the sides and around the ears. Increase length, as well as the volume on the top and the crown.

If you don't want long hair, part your hair on the side or add fullness on top.

The round face shape is the rarest face shape of all.

Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson round face image Drew Barrymore and Kelly Clarkson both sporting their round face shapes and both have the right hairstyle to suit it. Bravo!

Long Face Shape

If you fall in long face shape category your face needs shortening and widening. A long, straight haircut will emphasize the length and make it appear longer.

To shorten your face, use fringes, shorter hairstyles, bangs, layers, or add volume on top. The one haircut you should avoid if you have a long face is a bob. It will only draw down your face even more.

A full fringe will give a better balance. Add volume at the sides using layers.

Also you can pull your hair off your face into ponytails. This will make your face appear fuller/wider.

Sara Jessica Parker long face image Sara Jessica Parker looks gorgeous in her long face shape and shorter wavy hair. She can also rock out wearing long(er) layered styles too!

Square Face Shape

If you have a square face shape, then you have a square jaw line and square hairline at the top of the forehead. Choose a cut that softens those features. You can wear your hair short or long.

For square shapes, you must soften the edges. Avoid blunt cuts, one length, heavy fringes and bobs.

If you prefer shorter hair, go for a layered cut. Insist on layers, not single-length styles or center part styles. Hair should be layered around the face. Elongate the face by adding height at the crown. You can achieve this by lifting the hair up in a high pony tail or lifted style.

If you have a longer hairstyle consider curls. Hairstyles should fall past the shoulders and have soft layers or fringe to fall around the temples.

Sandra Bullock square face image America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock has a square shaped face but she always looks deliciously fresh! Her long wavy curls look great for her face shape!

Heart Face Shape

Heart shape face is widest at the temples/forehead and narrow at the jaw line. Usually the chin is small, and pointy.

The objective is to achieve width around the chin to change the appearance of a heart shaped face to an oval shape. You need to create width at the sides.

Try your hair at around shoulder length and go for fullness from the chin down. Try soft waves and layers.

The fringe should be full enough to cover part of the forehead to reduce the width. Avoid strong, blunt fringes.

If you have a heart face shape you can still wear your hair long, but it should be messy or curly.

Reece Witherspoon face image Reece Witherspoon has a definite heart shaped face and both of these hairstyles are well suited for her. She has a long pointed chin but it doesn't detract from her beauty.

Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape is widest at the cheekbones and narrow around the forehead and chin.

To create the illusion of an oval face, add width at the forehead by minimizing it at the cheekbones.

To balance the narrow chin, go for width and fullness around the chin. If you go for a fringe haircut, keep it wispy and light.

Eva Longoria face image Eva Longoria doesn't have as narrow a forehead as most diamond shaped faces but she's still considered to have one and wears it so well! Her long bangs help cover her forehead and her shorter length and ringlet curls help widen her chin!

Pear Face Shape

If you have a pear shaped face, you have a narrow forehead and a wide jaw line and a round chin.

To create the illusion of an oval face, create width at the forehead and temples. Or create a full fringe at the jaw line to balance your face shape.

Consider a layered haircut as well as tucking your hair behind your ears to draw attention away from the face. For the best results, don't let your hair grow past the neckline but if you do, add layers.

Meg Ryan pear face image Meg Ryan has a classic pear shaped face. Her layered waves add volume to the sides which directs your attention away from her face. Gorgeous!

Its not hard to get the right haircut for your face shape if you do a little homework first. You can find cool styles on the net or go into a salon and ask them for some style books to look over. All salon's have them. Of course, virtual style tools are a major plus. They are convenient and easy to use. Find your virtual hairstyles to change up your hair today.

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