Hair Vitamins - Essential Nutrients that Revitalize

There are specific hair vitamins that play a major role in hair health. Which ones you need the most depends on your diet and lifestyle.

If you eat a healthy well balanced diet regularly, you're taking the right steps towards beautiful hair! However, if you're on the go more often than not and don't eat right, your hair can suffer the consequences.

You can really tell a lot about a persons health, just by looking at their hair. Know what I mean? We've all stood behind someone in the check out line that needed some serious hair help!

If your hair looks dull and drab, (and you haven't over-proccessed your hair), you may have a vitamin deficiency of some kind. Each nutrient serves a special purpose which makes it kinda easy to pinpoint which ones will serve you best.

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Best Hair Vitamins for Thicker, Longer Hair

  • The B Complex vitamins, appropriately named the beauty nutrients, are essential for hair growth and are needed for the health of your hair. Another potent B vitamin called biotin, is essential to the rate at which your hair grows.

    A deficiency in vitamins B2, B6, or Biotin can potentially lead to hair loss. It's important to note that the B vitamins work best when taken together. Powder packed drinks like Emergen-C w/ Vitamin B complex can help you get more of these essential hair vitamins. It's inexpensive to buy at GNC, over the web, or at your local superstore and contains all the essential B vitamins you need daily.

  • Vitamin C and vitamin E helps to maintain lustrous hair and stimulates scalp circulation, which is monumentally important to hair growth. Your hair simply cannot grow unless you have a healthy scalp!

  • Antioxidants - A broad spectrum antioxidant supplement that contains green tea extract, grape seed extract, soy isoflavones, Glutathione, Coenzyme q10, Selenium, Vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin A as Beta Carotene, Lutein, and Lycopene can help protect your hair from oxidative damage. Many times, these nutrients are found in many hair vitamins sold on the market today and should not to be confused with multivitamins, which suck! They are a completely separate horse of a different color!

  • Beta carotene as vitamin A works with all the B vitamins to keep hair glossy and shiny.

  • Inositol is part of the B vitamin complex that is associated with the stimulation of hair growth, which supports hair health.

  • PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid) is also a member of the B complex family and helps keep your hair healthy. It is an intermediate to the synthesis of folic acid in bacteria. Taken as a supplement, PABA may help prevent hair loss by protecting hair follicles.

  • L-Methionine is a sulfur-based essential amino acid that is necessary for the production of hair and muscle. It also keeps your hair from getting brittle, which decreases split ends and breakage. You can get sulfur in your diet cheaply and easily just by adding a small nip of *Epsom's salt to your coffee or water and drinking it. Do this daily for the best results.

    *You might be concerned that Epsom's salt will cause diarrhea. That's just not true if you only intake a little pinch each day. It actually helps improve digestion and helps quell constipation issues.

    There is one herb that may be helpful that goes beyond what vitamins are good for hair.

  • Saw Palmetto herb has been touted by some as an herb that can help men regrow their hair. There has been research done on this claim and although it too does not fit in the category of what vitamins are good for hair, it may be worth a try if you suffer from male or female pattern baldness.

  • Brewers yeast helps strengthen weak hair, prevents you from losing hair, and assists the growth of hair at a cellular level. It contains many of the B vitamins, (including biotin), and helps sustain cellular activity, especially in hair follicles. Brewer's yeast is also a good source of the minerals zinc, selenium, chromium, and copper.

  • If you'd like to retain your hair color for as long as possible, there is an essential nutrient that most people are lacking today. It was the MOST popular supplement many years ago, but lost favor when BIG PHARMA took over. Can you guess what it is?

    Ever heard of iodine? Well, its one power packed mineral that is essential to hair colorization and growth. It also helps to regulate thyroid function and prevents dry hair and hair loss. It's dirt cheap to buy (which is why it lost favor) and can help restore hair's natural luster! If gray hair's got you down in the dumps, try taking Lugol's 5% solution. Iodine does take time to work (because most people are severely depleted), but when it does, you'll be simply amazed!

  • Last but not least, essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids are known well for their ability to significantly improve hair and nail health, improving hair texture, luster and condition. Good sources are Flax Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Fish Oil, (especially Cod Liver Oil), and Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Your body is not able to produce omega 3's, so it's important to get them by other sources.

    What hair vitamins are you getting enough of? Which ones do you need? Since everyone differs in which hair vitamins they are lacking, you may have to do some trial and errors to find the right ones for you.

    Simply taking extra Biotin works great for most people though. Take 5000 micrograms of biotin everyday for the best results! Its great for thinning hair and also for those who just want to keep their hair healthy. Its also great for your nails and skin!

    Make sure you are getting enough vitamin supplements in case you don't have time to eat right regularly. Try preparing more meals at home if you don't already. Taking the right hair vitamins truly helps you grow healthy, long, and lustrous hair. Get enough of them and your hair will look totally awesome!

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