Hair Tips for Beautiful, Luscious Strands

Use hair tips that help create beautiful, luscious locks! You want more shine and luster just like every gal, right? The sad truth is that most people take their hair for granted. We assume that it’s always going to magically just
'be there'.

Cancer patients would remind you not to forget about taking good care of your hair! We get so used to the hustle and bustle of the day and forget what joy and beauty our hair gives us. We forget to thank our hair for always being a true friend!

Hair Tip Pages

Rachel Bilson image If you want to have healthy hair like Rachel Bilson, it's super smart to know more about your hair! (volume, texture, growth, facts, etc.) Use the pages on this site to your advantage!

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Face it! Most of the time we are pretty darn abusive with our hair. We pull on it, tug it, iron it, braid it, blow it, curl it, tie it, clip it, straighten it, put tons of products on it, (whew!)... brush it, comb it, and more. Whew some more! Thank goodness hair is able to withstand a lot of stress!

If you have thin hair, no worries! There have been major advancements in human hair extensions you can find online. You can instantly have the hair of your dreams, just by making a simple investment. If you have thick hair, feel blessed and stop griping! Most folks with thin hair would give their arm and leg to have your problem! wink image

Consider spending at least a few minutes routinely, pampering and spoiling your hair! Use these everyday hair tips to conserve, improve, and maintain the health, look, and feel of your precious hair!

Hair Tips

Hair Tips for Hair Products

Select products that match your hair type. That's the best way to find which concoctions work best for your hair. (texture, condition, etc.) To get a heads up about the products you are interested in, you can always read product reviews before you invest your cash! Advertisers want you to buy their stuff whether they work or not, so be choosy!

Stick with the brands of products that always work well with your hair. For example, I've been using Biolage and Nexxus products for years and love how they always deliver for me. You'll find your favorite brands too over time, which is always on your side!

When you buy new products, start out using a very small amount until you figure out how well they actually work. If you need more, you can always add more but if you need to subtract them, you'll have to wash your hair and start over.

Most hair problems start when you overdo things! That can mean anything from over-using colors to over-using hot tools. Use discretion when you're using products that may ruin your luscious locks.

There are so many new products on the market today! However, if you're low on cash, you have options! For example, instead of spending money to revitalize your hair, you can use natural alternatives that don't cost a lot.

You should wash your hair as often as you feel necessary to keep it clean however, a general rule for oily hair and short hair should be shampooed every day or every other day. Dry hair and long hair should only be shampooed twice or three times a week.

If you have allergies to some types of additives, check labels before you buy them. Although allergies are rare, they do happen for some people.

You have to remove some of the gunk from your hair if you use a lot of hair products (like styling products, thermal heat protectors, shine enhancers, etc.) in your hair. Use them less often if you don’t use that many products, but do use them occasionally.

Chemically treated hair should be treated with kid gloves. Be extremely gentle with it and use products that help reinforce it regularly.

Don't throw away products you buy but don't like. That's just plain wasteful. Instead, offer them to friends, give them to local churches or charities, or post them to give away on Craig's List.

If you're having problems selecting the right products to use, next time you visit your hairdresser, ask her/him to give you some professional advice. If they truly care about you and your hair, they'll give you some free hair tips while you're there.

Hair Tips for Hair Tools

Use brushes made of natural fibers like animal hair. Natural bristle brushes hair much softer bristles, which makes them more flexible. Ultimately, that means less damage to your hair.

Never use hot appliances on wet or damp hair. Your hair should be completely dry before you add heat to your hair!

Keep brushes and combs clean by washing them weekly. It only takes a few minutes of your time and will help prevent scalp problems down the road. To clarify them, soak them in a mild soap or shampoo. You can remove lint and debris from your brush by simply combing through it.

NEVER stretch your hair when you're using tools, which can cause your hair to break and snap off. Respect the hair you have and it will repay you ten fold. Beautiful hair doesn't happen by chance!

Don't become a 'brand snob'! When you're making purchases, take some time to look around for generic brands that do just as well as the major brand appliances.

Read the directions for the tools you buy. When you can, select hot tools that have a temperature gauge so you can control the amount of heat on your hair.

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Everyday Hair Tips

If you work in a busy office and have crazy hours, pull longer hair back into a ponytail or braid your hair. That will keep it out of your way while you work and prevent the transfer of oils from your hair to your face.

Alternately, you could cut off the excesses or try something new if you like the idea of a no fuss style.

Did you know that brushing your hair not only removes tangles, it also helps eliminate dirt and other debris on your hair? The oils on your hair, naturally attract them to your hair, so its important to remove them! However, don't over-use your brush because it can ultimately, stimulate oil glands to produce more oils. Over time, this can lead to greasy-looking hair.

Avoid putting hair styling products directly on your scalp. You can actually cause problems like dandruff if you clog up your pores.

Swimming Hair Tips

Before you go swimming, prepare your hair. If you leave a little conditioner on your hair, it won't be as likely to absorb water and sun as much, which will keep your hair looking great!

Before you go swimming in any type of water, make sure your hair is tangle free. Why? Because water that's been treated (pool) or has natural drying elements (ocean, lakes) in it, can create knots and rats in your hair.

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible after you get out of the water. This will help add back at least some of the oils that got removed.

Anytime you go swimming outdoors, your hair will be also subjected to the elements, whatever they are. (sun, heat, wind) If you don't want your hair color to vanish (poof) or get bleached out, it's good advice to cover it up, or at least pull it back.

Hair tips are only useful if you use them! Take precious care of your hair and it will stand with you through time. If your hair is looking nightmarish, clip off the ends or try a new style. Find your virtual hairstyles.

Hair Tips

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Other Pages of Interest

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