Tips to Reduce Hair Static and Fly Away Hair!

Hair static during frigid and arid seasons is easily controllable if you know how to counteract it! Nobody likes getting zapped by their locks! Ouch! That familiar sound (SNAP, POP) lets you know you've got static electricity going on! No worries though. There are some real simple fixes that help control the zaps and your hair!

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Hair electricity is caused by hair that lacks moisture and a dry environment. No one is immune from having the condition from time to time. Use the tips on this page to help you reduce the risks of getting it altogether!

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Tips to Reduce Hair Static and Fly Away Hair

  • One thing that will help right away is not to over-wash your hair. Although clean hair is preferable in the summer to reduce moisture and humidity, it's not such a good thing during the colder months when the air is so dry.

  • Your hair has a cuticle just like your nails. Using a little gel or mousse in your hair before you head out the door is a great way to help it behave properly.

  • A sensible way to control hair static is to use frizz-free hair products. The less frizzy your hair is, the less static it's bound to have!

  • If you use a blow dryer, set your blow dryer to low heat. Finish off blow drying by using the cool setting. When you use a final cool shot of air on your hair, you help flatten hair cuticle's. When your cuticles lay flat, you have less breakage and you increase shine-ability. This process leaves you with hair that's easier to control and it'll be less likely to create hair static in the first place. The newer Ion blow dryers control static cling by creating more negative ions in and around your hair.

  • Use a moisturizing conditioner every time you shampoo. This is especially vital in the winter months or if you perm or color your hair. If you have damaged your hair, you may need to build your hair back up and add moisture. Protein is the basic component of every hair on your body and moisture bolsters elasticity.

  • If you keep getting hair static and your hair is brittle, your hair needs moisture like crazy. A good product to try is hair cholesterol. Optionally, you can use a deep conditioning hair mask like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Recovery Mask.

    Cholesterol treatments were originally formulated for African American hair but most women find that they're extremely helpful in treating dry hair. All conditioner's work better with heat if you own a thermal cap. If you don't have one, just cover your hair with a towel and give conditioners extra time to penetrate the hair shaft.

  • If your ends are especially dry, you may want to consider cutting off an inch or so. Its not a 'solve all' tip but if you have a lot of stragglers, your hair is more apt to become fly away and create electricity.

  • Shampoos and conditioners that help sleek your hair work really well because they help lock-in moisture. Hair static happens when there's not enough moisture, so try products like L'Oreal Eversleek to control it. I've been using this no-sulfate product for a while now and adore it!

  • When you're home, you need to add moisture back to the air around you. You can do so by running a hot shower and keeping the door open to the bathroom. Additionally, you can use vaporizers or humidifiers. You'll get rid of hair static and also be able to breathe much easier too!

  • Keep a water bottle nearby and spritz your hair during the day when you can. Water helps control dryness in your hair.

  • Try not to use a lot of products that contain alcohol. Look at the ingredients of the products you buy and opt for products that don't contain it. Some will actually have alcohol-free on the label. Products made without chemicals are a good choice because they're usually made without drying ingredients.

  • Rub a dryer sheet (like Bounce) throughout your hair before you walk out the door into the cold, arid elements. Your hair will smell great and have a lot less hair static!

  • Conditioners that are designed to stay in your hair help protect your hair from the environment and control frizz. They're a great way to help stomp hair static in its tracks.

  • Rub your hands over your hair during the day. The oils that accumulate on your hands, transfer to your hair and make it behave more favorably.

  • Avoid using plastic brushes or combs. They create lots more static electricity than natural bristled brushes.

    Controlling hair static when there's no humidity in the air can be tricky. Pay attention to the weather during the winter months especially and use lots of extra moisturizers when the elements are disagreeable!

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    7 Ways to Control Static in Your Hair

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