Hask Hair Placenta – Be Hair Happy Again!

Hask hair placenta is a controversial product that has picked up acclaim world wide. It is a protein treatment that promotes rebuilding and restructuring of your hair.

The ingredients are from an unlikely source and that's what makes it questionable for some women to use. However, if you love shiny, manageable hair, you really should consider trying it! You can be happy about the way your hair looks again!

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Hask placenta is not made from human placenta, and there is a lot of confusion about it out there. Its a very natural product and only stigmatized because we've had chemicals shoved down our throats for so many years. Now, most people think that chemicals are natural. That's just wrong!

Hask placenta is made from sheep placenta or the after birth of the baby lamb. In fact, today, many women are opting to eat/consume their own placenta after giving childbirth to reap the nutrients contained in it. Lets not go there though!

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The placenta is taken after a mom sheep has her baby. In no way does it harm the mother nor the little lamb. Normally the placenta would just be tossed aside. In this way, the product is eco-friendly as they are reusing something that used to be trashed. The product is also all-natural and biodegradable!

The first time I used it, I was sold! The treatment works very well and will make you say 'Oo la la'! I have always wondered how celebrities always had such great hair.

It's likely that many of them have rebonded their hair too, but I also think they’ve been using this product for years before we knew about it. They get all the good stuff first, don't they? Then someone figures out how to make it cheap enough for me and you to be able to afford it.

Protein is what your hair is made of and is essential for hair strength and growth. Since hair in is made solely of protein, your diet should consist of enough meats and dairy products to help strengthen root hair as it grows in. If your diet doesn't include enough of them, it will benefit from products made from placenta.

Hair placenta is a protein diet for bleached, tinted, or overly damaged hair and promotes healthy, strong hair. The first time you try this product, you’ll be amazed at how well it helps to smooth your hair and gives it lots of shine. Heck, you’ll be shining too once you see how great your hair looks!

This product gets 5 stars from me, for price, performance, and dependability!

What Makes Hair Placenta so Great?

  • Promotes shiny, manageable hair
  • Stops frizzies
  • Reinforces hair strength
  • Softens hair like a baby’s butt
  • Provides silkiness
  • Is inexpensive to buy
  • Smooths hair cuticle

    Protein treatments like hask hair placenta, are used to help restructure damaged hair by filling in missing sections in the hair shaft. This gives your hair added tensile strength and brilliancy. Treatments are recommended for anyone with fragile hair that’s prone to breakage. Abusing or misusing hot irons and/or chemical processing too often, contribute to damaged, dull hair. But that's exactly the type of hair that placenta can help!

    Different Treatments

    There are two types of hask placenta treatments to choose from. One is a rinse out treatment and the other is a leave in treatment. Both work about the same. It's mainly a matter of preference.

    Rinse out treatments should be applied to freshly washed towel dried hair and covered with a cap. You can use a regular cap or preferably a heated cap for best results. These treatments work more efficiently if you leave them on for at least 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing. Follow manufacturer’s directions of your specific hask product.

    Another way to use wash out treatments is to apply them to dry, unwashed hair. Leave them in your hair all day, then rinse them out, followed by a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

    Leave-in hair placenta treatments are applied to freshly washed and conditioned, towel dried hair. Apply leave in conditioners according to manufacturers direction but do not rinse. For healthy hair, protein treatments are only needed once a month.

    Of course, in the world we live in today, they are now selling placenta in a capsule. So if you don't want to try the hair product, you can just pop a pill. Who knew?

    Before I tried hair placenta, I read many reviews about the product, and although so many women praised it’s performance, the thought of putting sheep placenta on your hair is a bit intimidating. However, once I got over myself, the product really delivered! Plus they smell fantastic! The benefits of using this product are tremendous. You should always strive to keep your hair healthy in the first place.

    Hask hair placenta is a cheap way to get back the health of your hair, and bring a smile to your face. It's an amazing, inexpensive product to use if you can get over the origin of the product.

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