Hair Growth Facts and Tips

Hair growth is dependent on many factors, including general health, genetics, and lifestyle. You may wish it to grow faster but you can't always change what mother nature dictates. She's kinda set in her ways. 

For most people, you hair grows on an average of about 1/2 an inch a month. The speed that hair grows is around 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month. That’s approximately 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year. However, for some people, that number may be slightly higher or lower. It's a total mixed bag!

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Hair Growth Facts

With the aging process, the speed that hair grows might slow down to as little as 0.25 cm or 0.1 inch a month, or may keep right on growing. There is no one size fits all when it comes to hair growth. It’s important to note a few things about the way your hair peeps out of the follicles.

Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle of your hair. New hair is formed at the roots. The new cells that are formed, push the hair out from within the hair bulb in the hair follicle to make it grow longer.

The life of one hair goes through three phases of hair growth: the anagen, the telogen and the catagen. (Anagen is the growth phase; Catagen is the degradation phase; Telogen is the resting phase.)

The anagen is the first phase when new hair begins to grow in the hair bulb and emerges, which lasts for two to six years. The catagen is the second phase when the hair that’s been formed stops growing because cell division has stopped, which lasts about 10 - 14 days. The telogen is the third and final phase and lasts approximately two to four months. As new hair is being formed, the old hair falls out.

Not more than 10 percent of hair follicles are in the resting phase (telogen) at any one time. A variety of factors can affect the hair growth cycle however and cause temporary or permanent hair loss. (called alopecia) These factors can include but are not confined to: medication, chemotherapy, chemical exposure, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism, skin disease, and stress.

An average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head. Each hair, in normal conditions, lasts for one to six years. People normally lose about 50 - 100 hairs per day. New hair replaces hair that has fallen out and/or are brushed out. Baldness occurs when new hairs aren’t produced in the follicles anymore.

Hair grows at approximately the same speed all over your head. Bangs may appear to grow out faster but that’s simply your eyes playing tricks on you. It really doesn’t grow out faster. Remember too, that one side of your head has thicker hair than the other side. WHY? No one really knows.

You may have noticed it already if you’ve got really thick hair or really thin hair. Therefore, when you get a shag-type haircut, one side may behave just the way you want it too, but the other side doesn’t.

It may not even look like its cut the same way, when in reality, it probably was. (Unless you got a really bad haircut or hairdresser!)

Whatever the case may be, there sure are a lot of things you can do to ensure that your hair grows as much as possible! Check them out!

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Hair Growth Tips

  • If you want your hair grow healthy and happy, clip off hair ends once every other month or so. Does getting a trim contribute to hair growth? Find out here.

    Getting your hair cut also helps reduce splitting and keeps the ends from becoming ragged or frayed, which may make your hair appear to be growing faster.

  • Fortifying shampoos help keep your hair stronger and longer too, just as taking the right vitamins can! Hair that's weak is more prone to breakage so keeping your hair healthy is vital! Taking Coenzyme R on a regular basis can and will help promote hair growth.

  • Another integral part of hair growth, is to restore and replenish moisture on a regular basis. This can be achieved by simply conditioning each time you wash your hair. If you want your hair to grow out faster, take care of it every day! Hair loves moisture, which also helps reinforce damaged or dry hair and assists in normal hair growth.

  • To keep your hair shiny, don’t over brush. Once or twice a day is plenty for most people, especially anyone with longer hair. If you want to brush more than that, use a flexible hair brush.

    Brushing too much can make your hair greasy as it stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oils. It can also damage your hair if you're not careful, which can lead to hair breakage. Don’t over wash your hair either. There is a fine line between too much and not enough!

    The reason that women used to brush their hair so often long ago, was that they didn't wash their hair very often. They also didn't have a large selection of hair products to choose from either.

    The other really cool thing about your hair, is that it retains memory. You hair strands can tell a lot about you. Hair can detect general health, illness, disease, and any drugs you may have taken. If someone were to poison you for example, your hair would 'take notes' about it. The longer your hair, the further back your history goes! Just another reason to keep growing hair out!

  • Gently massaging your scalp regularly (with fingertip pads only) will encourage hair growth by stimulating scalp circulation and sebaceous gland oil production.

  • To promote faster hair growth, be sure to harmonize your food intake, which helps boost the growth rate of hair.

    Hair growth also depends on how you treat your hair each and every day. Hair benefits from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you want your hair to grow as much as possible, be sure to treat it well!

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