Hair feels like cotton candy now

by Lea
(Dallas, Texas)

My hair before I damaged it

My hair before I damaged it

I've always used box color on my hair and it always works and my hair was strong enough to take it. The last time I used a box color, I went with a color I had never used and didn't like the outcome. I used "OOps" to put it back to normal. Long story short, I overprocessed my hair.

Now, it has the texture of cotton candy. Very fly away and it is not my normal texture. Is there anything I can put on it to restore the texture? Another color, anything? I think it must be porous at this stage. Don't know. You tell me. Also, I will be glad to donate $5 to you. I think people are afraid because of identity theft.

Oh and by the way, I am white. Everything that I've looked up on the internet regarding cotton candy texture, leads to talk about black women's hair. Just thought you should know that.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Yes Lea. I had a hard time finding your question so thank you for being patient. I sent you a 'thank you' email and hope you got it. I should say that Paypal has and will always be a safe program to use. As long as the hyperlink protocol has the 's' following the http (https) in your browser display, its normally a secure safe site to use.

Now, about your hair...

When your hair feels like cotton candy, it is very weak and is simply overproccessed hair. Your hair may also feel like mush when it's wet? I'd seen it a hundred times back when I worked in the salon.

Your hair needs some emergency treatments with protein to help your hair recover.

Your hair also needs moisture to help rebuild elasticity.

And yes, your hair is very porous right now. Overprocessed hair is always very porous, which means that hair cuticles are open and your hair cannot hold moisture.

In order for hair to recover, you have to restore normal porosity to close the cuticles back.

Most emergency treatments combine both protein and moisture but it's still advisable to read labels. You could also just do an intense protein treatment only first, then follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment. Keep your head warm while the products are in your hair. A warm towel heated in the dryer or a semi wet towel heated in the microwave work well too if you wrap the towel around your head. A thermal heat cap is best if you happen to have one of those. (Which are only around $20 to buy and last forever, so they are cost efficient.)

The choices are endless but here's a few suggestions:

Rescue Conditioner with Protein

L'Oreal Professional Liss Extreme Enriching, Smoothing Masque

Beyond Repair Professional Intensive Hair Masque

Nexxus Emergencee

Also, you can also help build up the tensile strength of your hair by using leave in conditioners. Be very gentle with your hair until it has time to get stronger. Colors are not a good choice until you get some of the health back into your hair. Your hair simply can't absorb or hold color well until you've closed the cuticles and rebuilt the hair strands.

Your ends may need trimming since they are most susceptible to fraying and being damaged. You can use this tutorial to help you trim your ends if needed.

How to Trim Your Hair - Medium to Long Hairstyles

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Jun 14, 2015
Good post
by: Braulio Dickinson

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Jun 11, 2015
Good post
by: Shanon Parker

Hello! Your site is awesome!
May I share your article on my site and link at you as an author?

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