Hair Facts and Fiction – How to Separate Truth from Myth

There are a lot of hair facts and fiction circulating. Old wives tales have been around for a long time and will most likely continue to be talked about for some time to come. As long as women talk, there will be rumors! You can bank on that!

There are myths and some down right wrong perceptions about taking good care of your hair. Many people think for example, that if you trim your hair frequently, it will grow faster. Find out if that's true below...

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Anyone can have gorgeous hair like Victoria Beckham! Taking good care of your hair only takes a few minutes a day. Be sure to remember whats true and whats made up. You'll make better decisions about the way you treat your hair!

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No, and it's not true. It might seem like your hair is growing faster, but in all instances, hair can only grow a certain amount each month. So let's separate hair facts from hair fiction!

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Hair Facts and Hair Fiction

1) - Your hair grows after you die.

That's fiction. It's an old wives tale that started back long ago, before the dynamics of physiology were known. Dehydration of bodily fluids after death causes a retraction of the hair and provides the illusion that it's grown.

2) - Both women and men can go bald.

Fact! It’s all in your genes baby! Male and female pattern hair loss can be inherited from either side of the family and may or may not skip many generations. Men are far more likely, to lose all of their hair and go completely bald however. Why? No one really knows! That's the hair facts about balding!

3) - Diet has nothing to do with healthy hair.

Fiction! Nutritional and power packed foods in your diet help promote hair growth. The more trashy junk you eat, the more likely your hair will suffer over time.

4) - Brittle hair can break off.

Fact! Insufficient moisture can cause your hair to become brittle and dry, just as over processing it can. Brittle hair is capable of breaking or spitting or both.

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5) - For every one gray hair you pluck out, another two grow in.

Fiction! There is no sufficient evidence to back up this claim. It is simply an old wives tale that was spread to keep younger women from pulling out their own hair.

6) - Brushing your hair makes it shinier.

Fiction! However, this may have been true (thus the reason for the rumor) back when women only washed their hair once or twice every couple of months. Brushing helped eliminate the dirt that used to accumulate when women did chores around the house. Today its quite different though! Brushing does help stimulate oil production and distribute natural oils. However over-brushing is likely to damage hair cuticles.

7) - Shampooing everyday is necessary.

Fiction! Wash your hair no more than three times a week for long hair, however it's perfectly fine to shampoo more often for short hairstyles or excessively oily hair.

8) - Shampoos won’t clean your hair unless you have a lot of lather.

Fiction! Shampoos don’t have to lather at all to clean your hair. In fact, many organic shampoos (made without drying ingredients) don't later at all.

9) - To get hair really clean, you should shampoo at least twice!

Fiction! The only reason that manufacturers include instructions to shampoo at least twice, is to get you to use more of their product. The more you use, the sooner you’ll have to run back to the store and buy more! You only need to shampoo once to thoroughly clean your hair.

10) - Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.

Fiction! The origin of this myth is unknown, but it is probably somehow related to a mans facial hair growth. There are different kinds and properties to hair that's located on hair, face, arms, and legs. Cutting your hair will only make it shorter; the ends become blunt, and appear to be much thicker. However, cutting the ends of your hair has nothing to do with growth rates.

11) - You don't need to worry about split ends because they can always be repaired.

Fiction! Once split ends are present, you must trim them to stop the splitting. Just like your hose, if you don't stop it, it will 'run' right up to your scalp. Better to trim your hair occasionally to keep the ends healthy.

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12) - Wearing hats all the time can cause baldness.

Fiction! There is some congruence between the time that men generally go into the work force (around 18) or armed service, which happens to be about the same time that male pattern baldness begins for men. That's just a 'coinkidink' folks! The association of hats and baldness is only made because of the timing of these two things. Hats do not cause hair breakage, split ends, or baldness.

13) - Hair can turn gray or white overnight.

Fiction! Usually, hair grays over a long period of time. One day you wake up and hello! Its all gray or white! However, it can go gray over a much shorter period of time on exception.

I came to know a young lady who was 20 years old at the time. Her hair was completely gray. (She was one of my clients in the salon that I worked at in Durham, NC.) She told me that she had started getting gray at 15 and went completely gray in the next five years. Its one of those hair facts that is the exception not the rule. This was due to some freak in genetics I suppose. It might sound really sad, but she had the most beautiful salt and pepper hair that I’d ever seen. She could have colored it, but preferred to keep it natural. She told me that was Gods gift to her and that it made her feel special!

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14) - Cutting your hair during a full moon makes it grow faster.

Fiction! Your hair won’t know if it’s a full moon or not! However, if you believe it works for you, then go for it. It certainly can’t hurt to side with mother nature!

15) - Dandruff is caused by dry scalp.

Fiction! Dandruff and dry scalp are two different things. A good shampoo and conditioner will take care of dry scalp, which is 'flakiness'. Dandruff shampoos are not advised for dry scalp.

Dandruff is more of a health concern that requires specialized shampoos to help take care of it. Dandruff flakes are caused by either a yeast overgrowth or overactive sebaceous glands in most cases. Hair facts conclude that few people have actual dandruff.

16) - Dandruff is contagious.

Fiction! You can't 'pick up' dandruff. You can however, pick up plenty of other icky things from using someone elses comb or brush, so use caution when you borrow brushes or combs from other people.

More Hair Facts and Fiction

  • Use conditioner only on the tips or mid section of your hair: Fact!

  • Scalp massage can stimulate hair growth: Fact!

  • Hair grows faster in the summer: Fiction!

  • Cutting and styling the hair with a razor ruins it: Fact!

  • When using separate shampoo and conditioner, you should use the same brand: Fact! The reason this is true is because most manufacturers make shampoos and conditioners with specialized formulations that perform specific functions. Therefore, they should be used together.

  • Using baby shampoo is better because it is gentler on the hair: Fiction! Baby shampoo is formulated to be gentle on the eyes only.

  • Stress makes gray hair grow in faster: Fact!

    So now you have the hair facts and hair fiction! It's funny how myths get started but it's also very interesting to figure out their origin and look for the reasons behind the tales.

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