How Granny's Beauty Tricks Can Save You Money

Grannys beauty tricks can save you money in the world of beauty products. The key to making sales is to come up with 'innovations' season after season.

The cosmetics industry is huge, estimated at around $13 billion annual revenue. Fortunately, there are many household beauty tricks that stuck around simply because they work.

Daniela Baker from CreditDonkey says give your credit card a break by following these time-tested beauty tips passed down from generation to generation. Read on as we visit a few tricks Grandma used to do.

  • A mud pack is as old school as you can get – like ancient Egyptians old. Take your pick from French green clay, bentonite, fuller’s earth, or kaolin. All of them are natural clays and each have their own unique combination of minerals. These minerals will moisturize, cleanse, and exfoliate your skin.

    This, plus the added benefit of the clay’s ability to open up your pores and absorb toxins trapped underneath your skin makes mud packs invigorating. Just get some clay from a local pottery supplier and mix it with some water. Keep working with it until you get all the lumps out. If it’s your first time, test the clay mixture out first on your hands or feet before applying it onto more sensitive areas. Don’t let the clay dry too much as it could get harder to remove from your skin. If you can feel the mixture pulling your skin, it means it’s dry and it's time for a rinse. Stand under a hot shower and let everything run off. For extra exfoliation, rub yourself down with a washcloth to work the clay into your skin as you’re rinsing it off.

  • Pale lips – if done right – can make you look younger. Barbara Walters wrote in the 70’s that older women need more color while younger girls can get away with less. This is a great trick that you can use depending on your mood and objective. No need for expensive spa treatments and trips to the dermatologist to get yourself looking younger.

  • Everybody had memories of seeing their Grandma sleeping with cucumber slices placed on top of her eyes. You may have snickered then, but there is a bit of science to this beauty regimen. For starters, the cold cucumber constricts the blood vessels surrounding the eyes. This restricts blood flow which helps to lighten any darkening that may appear there. Also, water from the cucumber slices permeates the skin and moisturizes it. So the next time you make salad, save a few cucumber slices for your eyes and save a few bucks in the process.

  • You can’t get any cheaper and more effective than this last trick. The key to achieving real beauty is learning how to develop your inner beauty. Now, I didn’t just go off tangent and delved into the realm of new-age spirituality here. I’m talking about proper nutrition along with sufficient hydration.

    Drinking enough water allows your body to flush out any toxins that accumulated inside it. Those living in the city with pollution and stress surrounding them will benefit a lot from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. These healthy foods contain antioxidants that combat aging and vitamins and minerals for proper bodily functions. In fact, a healthy lifestyle can eliminate the need for any artificial beauty product. You don’t need to hide behind expensive makeup if you have youthful skin and newly found energy.

    Things that work tend to stick around for a long time. Don’t dismiss proven tricks in favor of something just because it’s new. Give the above tips a shot and see if they work for you. Most cost almost nothing so it never hurts to try them out. For those insistent on spending money on beauty products, check out Daniela's blog on the best credit card deals so you can save money at the cosmetic counter.

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