How to Get Strong Hair and Have Super Strand Strength!

If you'd like to get strong hair, you'll need to treat it gingerly. When you mistreat your hair on a regular basis, your hair gets weaker and less resistant. Hair that’s been abused is very prone to splitting and breakage. Building hair up can take time but is well worth the efforts you make!

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Taking good care of your hair at an early age should be a top priority, if you want to go into adulthood with healthy hair. However, most women are pressed for time and may cut corners on the basics. Its never too late to start though!

Keratin supplies your hair the strength it needs to sustain time and occasional abuse. Moisture from your sebaceous glands gives your hair the elasticity it needs to be pliable. Healthy, strong hair can easily stretch well beyond its original length without snapping off or breaking.

Therefore, your hair needs both protein and moisture to stay strong and long! Use the tips below to get strong hair and keep it!

How to Get Strong Hair

  • It only makes sense that you would use protein treatments to help bolster your hair strength. Since eggs are high in protein, they can help you get strong hair. Find out how to use natural ingredients you may already have at home here.

  • Your hair also needs elasticity to stay strong. Use vitamin rich moisturizers and conditioners that supplement the natural oils made by your scalp.

  • If your hair is already frazzled, you can also get strong hair more quickly by using leave in conditioners.

  • An unhealthy scalp will yield unhealthy hair! Make sure you treat your scalp well by giving it the stimulation it needs to keep producing the oils your hair needs to look and feel shiny and to give your hair flexibility. Scalp treatments are a great way to stimulate the sebaceous glands into action!

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    Home Scalp Treatment

    To get strong hair, treat your scalp like royalty every now and then. Drizzle a quarter-sized amount of oil (your choice) into your hand. Dip your fingers from the other hand into the oil in your palm and start applying it to your scalp, one section at a time. Keep adding more oil to your hand as you need more oil for your scalp.

    Once your scalp is completely saturated, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips for at least 10 minutes. Make sure all areas are well covered with oil.

    Once you’ve massaged your scalp well, add more oil to your hand and start applying it to your strands. Use a wide toothed comb to help you distribute the oils to fully coat your hair.

    Cover your hair with a plastic cap and allow the oil to saturate your hair overnight. You can alternately use a thermal cap for twenty minutes or longer if you have one. (Thermal caps cost around $20 and they will last a lifetime if you take care of them. This makes them a great investment, especially if you have used chemicals on your hair!) Shampoo and condition your hair as normal the next day.

  • Make sure you get the nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy and strong. Biotin may help expedite hair growth but it’s not the only nutrient your hair needs. See a list of hair vitamins here.

    Most foods that are brightly colored (fruits and veggies) have the most nutrients. Use moderation when it comes to non-essential 'junk foods'.

  • Use chemicals and hot appliances in moderation. Turn hot irons DOWN to a lower setting when you use them.

  • Brush your hair gently to preserve it’s tensile strength. Use a natural hair brush on dry hair only. Don’t over-brush your hair either. Brushing your hair once or twice a day to help distribute oils is about all that’s needed to get strong hair.

  • Comb wet hair in the shower after you apply conditioner. Rinse lightly. Always leave a little moisture in your hair to make your hair more manageable and protect it from the elements.

  • Use chemical free hair products when possible. The more natural and organic the products you use on your hair, the longer your hair will grow and stronger your hair will be! Many hair product ingredients dry your hair out and are not good for your hair. They should be avoided if you start having problems.

  • Porous hair is weak and can stretch way beyond its natural shape. It also snaps off if hair is handled roughly. You must correct your hair’s porosity if you want to your hair to be stronger.

    If you’re not sure whether your hair is lacking strength, here is an easy-as-pie way to test it.

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    Strand Test for Hair Strength

    Remove one strand of hair from behind or above your ear. Try and get the root if possible to ensure the strand is in the original state.

    Wrap the root end of your hair around your index finger and secure it with your thumb. With the other hand, grasp the hair between the index finger and thumb of the other hand.

    Now, use your thumbnail to run down the strand from top to bottom. Your hair should curl up if you’ve done this right. (this is the same method you use with scissors to curl a ribbon…) If you mess up, you’ll need to grab another strand to retest it.

    Pull the hair you’ve curled taut. Now let it go. Did it spring back into the curl pattern you originally had? If so, your hair is healthy and strong.

    However, if your hair strand becomes straight or springs back into a looser pattern or has a different curl pattern, it means your hair needs some serious hair care to strengthen and fortify your hair. A practical place to start improving your hair is by providing your hair with good nutrition and vitamins. You will also need to take good care of your scalp since nearly 100 percent of hair's natural strength (and beauty) comes from taking good care of your scalp.

    Strong hair is not something to take for granted. If you were born with great hair, help keep it that way by giving your hair the extra TLC it deserves! If you want to get strong hair, use common sense to help you prevent damage or frailness.

    How Strong is One Strand of Hair?

    Pretty incredible huh?

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