Sensual Full Lips – 5 Corrective Lip Makeup Tips

Full lips are a highly sought-out attribute in our modern day and age. When you're constantly exposed to gorgeous women on the covers of magazines and tabloids - and she's usually got these plump and beautiful lips - it sure does make it hard not to want to have them too! Women will do just about anything to have their lips stand out. Plumping them is just one of those ways!

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Angelina Jolie has those lip smacking, beautifully defined lips... What a lucky lady! Most of us ordinary gals just aren't quite that fortunate... so you might need a little bit of assistance from your makeup!

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Anyone who knows a few makeup tricks can have buxom lips! Collagen injections are definitely optional!

Did you know that your lips are just an extension of your skin? They’ll need more moisture than any other skin on your body because they contain no oil glands.

Your makeup provides a great venue for people who weren’t born with pillow-top lips. You can create full lips just by using a few techniques. Your lips will look fuller and sassier than they have in years!

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How to Create Full Lips – Corrective Makeup Tips

Uneven Lips - You can balance uneven lips by outlining just outside the thinner part of the lip. Use the fuller part of your lip as your guide. Check to make sure that the lines on both sides are even. Fill in the lines by brushing on your lip color. If the lines still look uneven, add more color to the thinner part. Pink lipsticks work well for uneven lips. Choose shades of pink that blend well with your skin tone.

Shapeless Lips - Shapeless lips give you little guide to go by. You can create your own lip line by emphasizing the ‘m’ in the middle of the top lip. (Sometimes called ‘cupids bow’) Start at the bottom of the ‘m’ on each side and draw a line down to each corner on the top lip. This will help you create the top line.

Don't ever make the top of your 'm' pointy. If you've ever seen this done by some women, you know how hideous it looks. Round out the 'm' so it curves naturally with your own natural lips.

Now outline the middle part of your lower lip by creating a soft line just outside the natural edge, then draw a line from the middle to each of the corners. Use darker shades or strong shades of lipsticks that help define shapeless lips.

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Thin Lips - Thin lips are always a challenge because they are, ummmm... thin! You can make thin lips look fuller and accentuate their shape by outlining the edge just outside the natural lip line with a lip liner.

To create extra fullness, use a brush to apply lipsticks and brush your lipstick to fill in between the lines. (Basic Crayon 101)

Avoid using matte colors. Slightly glossy colors will make them look fuller.

  • When you use a brush for lipsticks, relax your mouth so that it falls slightly open. Brush lip colors from the corners to the middle point of both top and bottom lips. When you use a brush, you have much more control than using lipstick out of a tube!

    Uneven Lip Color - You can create an even color in your lips by covering them with a little foundation first. Allow to dry if you’re using a liquid or cream. Outline lips with a lip liner, then brush on a darker shade of lipstick on lighter colored areas and a lighter shade on darker areas. Purse lips gently together to blend the colors and even out tone.

    Full Lips - Full lips don’t really need any help looking larger, but if you want the maximum effect of your pouty lips, then outline outside the natural lip line. Fill in with brushed on lipstick.

    If your lips are awkwardly large, then outline with lip liner just inside the natural lip line. Fill in with brushed on lipstick to make them look less full. Matte colors will also help decrease their size but avoid those pearly or glossy shades.

    More Tips for Full Lips

  • Lip plumpers typically contain cinnamon oil. The heat from the plumpers draws blood to the surface of your lips, which helps to create more fullness and color. If you don't want to spend the money for lip plumpers, just buy or make your own using cinnamon oil. If you apply it before lipsticks, you’ll have to wait for the oil to be fully absorbed first. Most of the time it takes about 10 minutes or so. (And be forewarned... it may sting a bit...)

    Cinnamon oil heats up your lips and may cause a slight burning sensation so use with caution!

    *How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Oil - Place one or two cinnamon sticks into a small glass container, preferably tall and thin. Add a neutral oil like sunflower oil to fill up the container. Allow the oil and cinnamon to infuse for at least two weeks. Afterward, remove the cinnamon sticks and enjoy using your oil!

    Alternately, you can also use cinnamon oil... the same way as the sticks. You have to judge how much you need by the strength. Most of the time, just a few drops in 2 ounces of oil is sufficient.
  • Always soften lips with some type of moisturizer before lipstick application.

  • Use clear or colored lip glosses to help create full lips.

  • Apply a light pearly lipstick (or gloss) in the middle of your bottom lip. The effect is fuller, plumper looking lips!

    There are just tons of magical lipstick colors available at your favorite stores, so be choosy. Always opt for lipsticks that flatter your skin tone and blend well. Also, make sure that any lipstick you buy, provides moisturizers for your lips as well. Your beautiful full lips will thank you!

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