Get Rid of Frizzy Hair – Steps to De-poof Your Hair

Do you have out of control frizzy hair that you just can’t tame? When you’ve got lots of curls, waves, or very thick hair, the frizz is hard to get rid of. Add humidity to your hair, and it can create a hair hurricane! (Or at least that's what it feels like!)

Some behavioral hair issues can be solved simply by using some pretty easy ideas. So don't fret! Calming the storm on your head is the quest...

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Frizzy hair happens when the cuticles of your hair are sticking up and/or not laying down properly. Add moisture (AKA humidity) to the mix... and all heck breaks loose! PLUS, the frizzier your hair is, the less shine it will have. Light refracts from a smooth surface BEST. Why don't you try these ideas to help tame that frizzy mess!

Steps to De-poof Frizzy Hair

  • One way to tame frizzy hair in a snap, is to pull your hair back off your face and secure with colorful, stylish hair ties, clips, or bows. A splash of color can take the attention away from your poofy hair!

  • One of the best ways to avoid frizz is by NOT using a bath towel to dry your hair. Microscopic-sized fibers can rub off on your hair and have a reputation for creating more frizz because of the pile.

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  • If you want to defrizz your hair and add curl, use hot rollers instead of hot irons. Hot rollers add shine too!

  • If your hair is naturally curly, the first thing you want to do is check the ingredients on the products you’re using.

  • After you shower, using a brush on dry hair will only make your hair poofier. If you have a hard time with knots, use a detangler on wet hair.

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  • Hair creams are great for frizz because they tame hair cuticles. Plus, if you apply them when your hair is damp, they adhere to the hair much faster and help smooth your hair out. (The reason for this is because as your hair dries, it sucks in any moisture from the environment. If you cream over the cuticles, it has no choice but to absorb whatever you apply over it!)

  • Use moisturizing conditioners, pomades, or conditioning masks regularly.

  • Use products that contain additives like silicones less often. Over time, they can add a coating on your hair and then you’ll need a sulfate to remove them. Sulfates can frizz your hair out even more because they're very drying. Any ingredient that ends in ‘cone’ or ‘xane’ is a silicone.

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  • Don’t blow dry your hair directly at face level. Use a diffuser or let your hair dry naturally. If you DO use your blow dryer, hold your dryer well above your head (use those muscles ladies) with the air flow shooting down towards your face. This makes your hair lay down, instead of out.

  • Use conditioners that are meant to stay in your hair. They add a protective layer to the cuticle of your hair. This helps add extra weight to your hair, which helps take your frizz woes away.

  • Waxes can help smooth out frizzy hair and tame flyaway hair. Don't overuse it. Start with a dab and build up if you need more!

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  • Do a final rinse using natural cider vinegar. How to and the recipe's on this page.

  • When you use oils like Moroccan oil, apply it on slightly damp, hair and brush your hair down... keeping gentle tension as you blow dry. Finish with a cool shot to cut down on frizz.

  • Don't add too many layers to your hair. Adding layers can seem like a good idea but here's the thing. Longer hair is heavier which pulls hair down. The more layers you cut into it, the less it weighs, and the more frizzy hair you'll have to contend with.

    For super thick hair, getting your hair thinned by a professional occasionally will serve you well. Only do this once every 4-6 months though. More than that and you'll actually end up with more layers and poof. NEVER razor your hair, which can compromise the integrity of your hair and make it more prone to breaking off. The more it breaks off, the more it looks frizzy.

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  • French braid your hair to help calm your hair. Try something loose for laid back moods.

    Frizzy hair can be a problem but fixing it isn't impossible. Don't let poofy stand in your way of having beautiful, healthy locks!

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