20+ Free Weight Loss Ideas

If you like free stuff, (who doesn't?) then check out these free weight loss ideas. There are so many sensible ways to shed the excesses! You just have to find the ones that fit you best!

And if truth be told, everyone faces challenges in life. Losing weight just happens to be one of them! Think of hurdles as a way to improve your status, instead of letting them drag you into the dirt. Get fired up and you'll get results eventually!

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Losing weight can seem monumental if you don’t have the right tools though. Here's some food for thought. No contractor ever built a house without having the right supplies! Knowledge is powerful! The more you know, the better equipped you are to deal with food issues you might have!

If you are serious about losing weight, use some of these free weight loss ideas to help get you started. The purpose is to deliberate doing things you might not have considered doing up til now.

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20+ Free Weight Loss Ideas

1) Buy prepackaged individual-sized snacks to keep your calories in check.

2) Try counting to 100 before you reach for a between meal munchie. If you're still feeling hungry, opt for a small box of raisins that are packed with potent beneficial compounds.

3) Dancing is a great way to get in shape and have a fantastic time doing it. Pump up the volume and try twerking with your better half.

4) When you buy canned fruit, always opt for the selections packed in their own juices!

5) Don’t buy into foods labeled as 'low fat'. They only save a few calories by replacing beneficial fats with chemicals. Gross!

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6) In the mood for something sugary? Try some fresh strawberries with a drizzle of chocolate.

7) Play sports video games instead of watching your regular TV shows. You'll get up off your keister and get your mind out of the kitchen.

8) Use vegetables to bulk up your meatloaf, pasta salad, baked potatoes, stir fry's, and omelets. You'll be able to eat more which will satisfy any hungry Jack or Jill!

9) Sixty six calories may not sound like much but if you can slow down your food consumption at every meal throughout the year, you can lose more than 20 pounds! So simple!

10) Tighten your abs when you're socializing online and sit up straight with your back arched. When your muscles are engaged, you're burning more calories.

11) While you're waiting for dinner to cook, instead of standing there doing nothing, try some stretches.

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12) Make sweet potato fries instead of regular fries so at least you'll get more antioxidants. If you bake them, you'll also save some calories.

Here's a great recipe!

13) Pack hard boiled eggs for lunch several times a week. Eggs are packed in powerful nutrients and an essential part of weight loss.

14) Skip the chips at lunchtime each day for a week. After that, not having them won't be as challenging.

15) Top your burgers with lots of fresh tomato slices, onions, and cucumber. The more veggies you add, the faster you'll feel full.

16) Substitute high calorie salad dressings with oil and vinegar.

17) Eat a handful of peanuts to get more protein and curb hunger pangs.

18) Opt for almond milk instead of whole milk to save calories.

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19) Instead of eating hot dogs in a bun, serve over baked beans. You'll cut out condiments and bread and cut major calories.

20) A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal, but compared to fast-eating peers, they actually felt like they had eaten more.

21) Researchers have found that meals with limited carbohydrates (up to 43 percent) were more filling and had a milder effect on blood sugar than meals with 55 percent or more carbohydrates. When you eat fewer carbs, your body stores less fat.

22) Eating too fast leads to indigestion and makes you feel miserable later.

23) Keep a toothbrush at work and always brush after you eat, which helps diminish cravings later on.

24) Take up new activities you can do in the water, like kayaking or paddle boarding.

25) If you can't give up special treats like ice cream after dinner, limit them to two nights a week.

These free weight loss ideas are easy to add into any schedule! Set steady goals for yourself that are less complicated. You'll be far less likely to fail!

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