Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – An Essential Multipurpose Product

Food grade diatomaceous earth has so many uses and perks but it’s one product that many folks just aren’t aware of. Considering it's versatility, you'll want to get your hands on this product as soon as possible. I know I did!

I learned about it years ago but only as a natural way to control pests in the yard. However, the industrial grade is NOT the kind YOU want to consume!

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Diatomaceous Earth that's 'food grade' is different than the kind you use in your pools or in your yard. Both types however, are made from the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms, which are one-celled algae. It’s collected from both fresh water or salt water sources then ground into a fine powder.

Fresh water sources are considered to be ‘food grade’ and can be used externally on pets to repel fleas and ticks as well as internally in both pets and humans.

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What makes DE so special?

DE contains one of the best sources today of the trace mineral silica, which plays an important role in many functions of the body. Since many foods today lack this important nutrient, you can be relatively certain your body is deficient too. In other words, you can’t get enough silica just by food consumption alone.

One small amount of diatomaceous earth contains thousands of microscopic negatively charged long cylinders with lots of tiny holes. In appearance, it looks very much like velcro hair rollers or honeycombs. As these cylinders move through your body, they attract the positively charged stuff, which are mainly pathogens that destroy human tissue. In your body, the pathogens (like fungus, metals, viruses, parasites) are attracted to the negative charged cylinders and get trapped in them. They are then passed out of the body through elimination. Even large parasites are no match for food grade diatomaceous earth because the razor sharp cylinders cut into them, which eventually dries them up! Ta Ta!

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How can it help you?

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

  • Can lower cholesterol levels naturally – Diatomaceous earth helps improve the health of your arteries and veins by keeping their walls flexible. It also helps clean out the bad stuff (LDL’s) yet improves the good (HDL’s), plus triglyceride levels. The bonus is that it also keeps blood pressure in check! By reducing cholesterol levels, the blood doesn’t have to work as hard to get transported! In most cases, a small amount taken everyday is all you need to make a real difference!

  • Improves joint health – Silica helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus which can help arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoporosis.

  • Great for nails and hair! - Silica can help strengthen and maintain nails, assist hair growth, and prevent hair loss. Many people report a noticeable improvement after taking DE for a very short time. In fact, many people also report that once they start taking food grade diatomaceous earth regularly, their natural hair color even comes back!

  • Is a natural de-wormer for both pets and humans! – As said above, the cylinders in DE are very sharp. It cuts into and kills any parasites living in the body. Therefore, food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural way to eliminate tapeworms, pinworms, or other parasites that have taken up residence in your (or your pets) body. So far, parasites have been unable to build a resistance to DE!

  • DE is a natural anti aging agent – Since collagen is mainly composed of silica, taking DE can boost silica content in the body, which enhances collagen production. Many women notice incredibly fast (positive) results in the plumpness of their skin. Because of it's silica content, DE can also diminish and fade age spots!

  • Helps detoxify metal contamination – DE binds with heavy metals and can be used in conjunction with the iodine protocol to chelate heavy metals from your body by binding with them. Heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are picked up then passed through the body during elimination.

  • Cleans intestinal walls - When the cylinders in food grade diatomaceous earth enter the intestines, those sharp abrasive edges help clean and scrub built up layers of mucus off intestinal walls. In this instance, DE works similarly to okra. When your intestines are clean, it also reduces the chances that you’ll ever have polyps, cancers, or ulcers.

    Other benefits for the intestines include:

    - helps regulate bowel movements including controlling diarrhea and chronic constipation. However, if you use it to help relieve constipation, you must keep your water intake at maximum or it will reduce defecation instead.
    - Nutrients from the foods you consume are much better absorbed when the colon is free of debris. The result? You’ll have so much more natural energy.
    - Can help normalize and reduce hemorrhoids without using suppositories or Tucks Pads.
    - Additionally, as DE passes through the digestive tract, it attracts and eliminates pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. It also absorbs and removes pesticides and residual OTC or prescription drugs.

  • Can protect the lungs – Because of the abundance of pollutants in the air including perchlorates, (jet fuel pollution), your lungs are constantly under attack. In fact, you may think that the pollution that’s emitted from factories is worse for you but perchlorates can cause leukemia, lung, throat, nasal, larynx and brain cancer, asthma, lymphoma, and even in some instances, birth defects. Food grade diatomaceous earth helps clean lung tissues and keeps pathogens in check. It also improves lung tissue elasticity.

    DE also helps tone the upper respiratory tract (including nasal passages, esophagus, voice box) and reduce swelling, which suppresses coughs and reduces sore throat pain.

  • Clears up urinary tract infections – Because DE is a natural diuretic, it can increase urine excretion by as much as 30 percent. This action flushes urine from your body and normalizes the urinary tract.

  • Can reduce female related problems – DE has even been known to:

    - reduce female discharge.
    - prevent abscesses or ulcers in the genitals.
    - decrease the incidence of plugged milk ducts (mastitis) in breast feeding mothers.
    - help resolve menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia, and irritability.

  • Decreases many 'head related problems' – Chronic headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and vertigo are a problem for many folks. Food based diatomaceous earth can help normalize blood flow, which reduces their frequency.

  • Can reduce and/or resolve swollen lymph nodes in the throat – Because DE also increases lymph flow, it can be used as a treatment for inflammation in the middle ear.

  • Food grade diatomaceous earth is good for dental health - Silica helps protect and harden tooth enamel, which in turn prevents cavities. Silica also protects your gums and prevents bleeding, atrophy, and recession.

  • May help with weight loss - Another benefit of silica is that it helps to get rid of harmful fats like trans fats. Take it in the morning to help curb your appetite all day long.

    Dosage Instructions

    Food grade diatomaceous earth does not have much of a taste so it's not unpleasant as can be the case with so many other natural remedies. It does NOT however dissolve well in any liquids so it’s best to stir up the mixture and drink it as quickly as possible. If it settles, simply stir it around again before consumption.

    For Humans

    *Take 1 or two tablespoonfuls daily. You can start out with a lesser amount if you'd like to 'test the waters' first. It is best that you take DE as early in the day as possible because you’ll get a natural energy boost.

    *My experience - I started out with 1 teaspoon only (because I'm a small person) and WOW! It gave me a ton of natural energy. Not the kind of buzz you get from caffeine but the kind that builds as the day goes on. I also noticed almost immediately, that the age spots on my forehead were a lot less noticeable. All that from just one dose!

    For Pets

    Pets can also enjoy the many perks of DE the same way as humans do.

    External application of food grade diatomaceous earth *can kill fleas (although it does take a few days to fully work in some instances) and ticks. Go outside and fully coat your pets fur with a strong application of DE and then let them shake it off. When your pet shakes, it actually helps push the DE onto their skin and cuts fleas and ticks to death by dehydration.

    *My experience - My dog had fleas pretty bad this year so I tried it on him first. I coated him down very well and also coated the back of his collar with food grade diatomaceous earth. Then I waited. The next day he had a LOT more fleas on him and he was miserable. So in a way, it attracted more fleas? They seemed to be a lot more aggressive too! After examining the back of his collar, I did find some dead fleas.

    My conclusion was that it does work but the fleas have to be fully coated in order to kill them quickly. I also surmise that while the DE was cutting them to death, it made them mad so that's why they got aggressive. So that's my take on it. You will have to decide for yourself:o)

    *Never use industrial grade DE on your pets. It contains silicons (different from silica) that will harm them! For internal application:

    Kittens: no more than 1/4 teaspoon daily mixed into food.
    Cats: 1 teaspoon mixed with food daily.

    Small dogs (10-20 pounds): 1/2 teaspoon daily.
    Dogs under 50 pounds: 1 teaspoon daily.
    Dogs 50 to 100 pounds - 1 tablespoon per day.
    Dogs more than 100 pounds - 1 to 2 tablespoons per day.

    *Do be advised: FGDE can cause constipation for small animals. (and some humans) While you're treating pets, give them a teaspoon of mineral oil every couple of days to help keep things moving along:o)

    Additionally, diatomaceous earth can also be added to pet carriers or stinky kitty litter to help reduce offensive odors.

    There just aren’t too many benefits you can’t find using food grade diatomaceous earth. NEVER use industrial type diatomaceous earth for yourself or your pet. Make sure the food grade product you buy is from a reputable seller. Read reviews before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the real thing!

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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