7 Fatty Foods to Avoid When Dieting

Your favorite fatty foods could be causing you BIG problems if you’re dieting! Although they taste scrumptious, they are packed in excessive calories that don’t do your waistline any favors!

They are very high in carbohydrates and non-essential fats which can tip the scales the wrong way! They also cause many tooth related problems you probably never heard about! (Find out how just below!)

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So here's the deal. When you regularly consume foods that are high in carbs and calories, (donuts, pastries, pop tarts, waffles), it triggers phosphorus levels (in your body) to drop like a rock, which leaves your teeth extremely susceptible. How?

It reverses the natural flow of saliva in your teeth to go from the mouth, into the enamel, into the dentin, into the pulp chamber and into the blood stream, carrying all the crap from your mouth (sugars) with it. This process also pulls the enamel off the teeth and will tear holes in it. And that's how cavities are formed! Sound bad enough yet?

A daily diet should consist of no more than 2000 calories IF you’re an active person and get regular exercise. It should be far less if you don’t move around a lot or sit at a desk all day.

There's no doubt that fatty foods pack on the pounds in all the wrong places! It’d be nice if you could redirect your fat to locations that don't have any but that’s not how it works. The other caveat is that those high calorie foods are terribly hard to avoid if you’re not paying attention or don’t have access to nutritional information when you’re eating out. Making better decisions about what you consume is a smart move!

Here's my list of the 7 fatty foods (in my humble opinion) you should avoid at all costs if you're dieting! They really are bad news for anyone whose struggling to take weight off and move more towards good health!

7 Worst Fatty Foods to Avoid

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  • Cream filled donuts should be avoided at all costs! One measly vanilla cream filled donut at Dunkin Donuts has 320 calories, 37 grams of carbs, 18 grams of sugar, and 17 grams of fat! That's a LOT for one small item! Add chocolate or sprinkles on top and the calories go up, up, up! They sure do look tempting but why not try a plain glazed donut instead?

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  • Sicilian-style pizza's are best known for their VERY thick crust. That extra dough raises the carbs and the calories in a very negative way. Add a lot of toppings (like cheese, pepperoni, bacon, or ham) and two small slices can contain about 1300 calories. That's a lot of extra fatty foods that your body doesn't want or need.

    A better idea is to keep the toppings but opt for an original or thin crust pizza, which won't contain all those extra carbs. In your body, carbohydrates are converted to sugar and too much sugar... well you know what it does!

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  • Everyone loves to bite into succulent baked ham but those calories will add up very quickly. A paper thin slice (one ounce) contains 60 calories, and who do you know that only eats just one? Add a honey or BBQ glaze and the sugar content shoots through the roof. That's not even counting the amount of fat in each slice, at around 4 grams, nor the sodium, at around 333 grams! Throw in potato salad, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, or whatever other fatty foods you're serving with the ham and your weight will be in double trouble!

    Instead of baked ham, why not substitute ham for turkey or a roasting chicken?

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    An occasional hankering for movie theater buttered popcorn might seem innocent enough but you may rethink that once you realize how many calories those yummy little kernels contain!

    One medium sized tub of popcorn contains around 20 cups of already greasy popcorn and 1200 calories... and that's without the butter topping. For the same calories, you could eat 3 large cheeseburgers and the fat? Equivalent to one whole stick of butter!

    If going to the movies is a favorite pass-time, opt for the plain popcorn, which has enough calories already! You'll still be able to crunch through the movies without the added guilt!

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    One small sliver of cheesecake, (without a topping), contains 400 calories, 28 grams of fat, and 548 grams of the bad kind of sodium! That's a lot of extra stuff you should be avoiding at all costs on a diet!

    Instead? Try angel food cake @ 72 calories/slice and add fresh strawberries or blueberries!

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  • Slurping down a frappe or latte may give you the extra 'umph' you need to get through a busy day but they're not doing your weight any favors!

    One sixteen ounce serving of Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks contains 410 calories, 66 grams of carbohydrates, 64 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of fat. Good gracious!

    Wasting that many calories on one small drink seems like a real travesty. One medium apple has less than 100 calories, which means you could have four medium apples for the same calories! And you'd ditch all the sugars and carbs! You'd get a burst of natural energy from natural sugars! Makes perfect sense to me!

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  • Toaster pastries are some of the worst offenders in any diet! One package contains 2 tarts, which has 200 calories a piece! Eat two packages (4 tarts) and you've just eaten 800 calories without blinking an eye! They do NOT contain REAL fruit and all those carbs are converted to.... yep, sugar again! You may get a sugar rush shortly after eating them, but you'll also suffer from a sugar crash later on.

    For fewer calories, you could have bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit, which seems like a better choice if you're trying to ditch the junk food! At least you'll get some nutrition from eating that instead!

    It's hard to ditch all those calorie-packed treats you're used to having. However, once you eliminate them from your diet, you won't be as likely to crave them anymore. The best way to cut fatty foods out of your diet is to decide to give them up for good. The human mind is very powerful. Let it work for you!

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