9 Fake Foods That Are Passed Off As Real

No one likes eating fake foods but the world is rampant with substitutes that are often served to the public as real. Manufacturers (using a plethora of chemicals) have gotten really good at fooling a vast majority of people! As if it’s not bad enough that Americans have to put up with unlabeled GMOS, there are so many other sources of deceit also at play! Find out what foods you’ve been consuming that aren’t exactly what they’re advertised to be! 

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If you've got a well developed palate and a keen eye, you might be able to spot these fake foods. However, for the typical consumer, fraud would be very hard to detect. If this makes you mad, good! But do something constructive with that anger by signing petitions and demanding that companies come clean! The more people that speak up, the more chances that we'll actually be able to get these fake foods labeled too.

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9 Fake Foods That are Passed Off as Real

  • There just aren’t too many people that don’t like a touch of wasabi with their sushi. However, its very rare to get the real deal. Why? Because authentic wasabi comes from grated wasabi japonica root (pictured above), which is extremely hard to cultivate commercially. Estimates are that only about 5 percent of the green paste served in Japanese restaurants around the world is made from the actual root of the wasabi plant – which costs around $160 per kilogram. Real wasabi has a much smoother texture and more of an herbal taste than the fake horseradish stuff.

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  • According to Forbes magazine, Kobe beef is basically nonexistent in the US today, even though the US legalized importation of Japanese Kobe beef in 2012. 90 percent of the highly prized meat (that comes from the Wagyu cattle and contains a high amount of fat) stays in Japan or is shipped to Hong Kong.

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  • There is no such thing as a spice that comes from a pumpkin. Instead, pumpkin spice is made from a combination of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. Some companies also use allspice and mace in their blends. In 2013, pumpkin spice flavored foods racked up around $350 million in sales. If you’d like to try making your own blend, you can get the basic recipe here.

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  • Fraudulent olive oil is commonplace in today’s market. The fake stuff is made with food coloring and GMO soybean or sunflower oil. If you want the real deal, select brands that are made in your own country and not imported. In fact, olive oil fraud is so prevalent that in Italy, a special law enforcement branch is trained to spot the phony oil by smell, since lab tests are easily skewed. Find out how to get authentic olive oil here.

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  • According to the US Pharmacopeial Convention, (a nonprofit scientific organization that advocates for drug and food ingredient standards around the world), saffron is easily imitated. Manufacturers pass off corn strings, flower bits, sandalwood dye, beet fibers, and other ingredients as authentic saffron. It’s one of those fake foods imitated so often, one saffron exporter in Spain has a lab that tests the authenticity of the pricey herb.

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  • Sriracha sauce made a huge hit in the US and can be found in excesses on grocery store shelves today. However, sriachi sauce is easily replicated so as you might expect, knockoffs are rampant. Bona fide srirachi sauce was invented by a woman named Thanom Chakkapak, from the Thai seaside town of Si Racha. Since the name sriracha isn’t trademarked, companies are free to use the name loosely, which means they're also free to imitate the actual sauce.

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  • Fake crabmeat is used for all sorts of foods, from crab cakes to California rolls. Imitation crab comes from a variety of whitefish called Surimi, which is pulverized and combined with food coloring and added flavoring.

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  • Legitimate caviar that comes from the roe of the beluga sturgeon (the only surviving member of the piscine family that’s been around for 400 million years) is extremely hard to find. The high demand has led to a 90 percent decline in the species over the last 60 years. Conservationists are afraid that the caviar trade is responsible for driving the fish to extinction. Many US suppliers have been passing off the roe of the North American paddlefish as caviar instead.

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  • Few people have had bona fide truffle oil because of its high expense. For example, white winter truffles cost around $6,000 to $10,000 per pound, depending on availability and quality. However, if you combine olive oil with 2,4-dithiapentane, (a lab-made chemical compound), you can imitate the truffle oil that’s used in many restaurants to give menu items the authentic truffle flavor. True truffles are an underground fungus that’s extremely hard to procure.

    It is evident that BIG FOOD has few penalties for passing the phony stuff off as the real deal. The more I investigate this unfair trade, the more disgusted I get! One way you can send a clear message is by boycotting fake foods. We shouldn’t have to put up with this unfair practice nor be kept in the dark!

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