Gentle Facial Massage Technique to Tone Facial Muscles

Facial massage has been touted by many generations of both Eastern and Western nations.

Eastern massage is slightly different than Western, as there are different purposes for each of them.

So, are they hazardous or really helpful? If you want to know most beneficial technique(s) to use, its helpful to look back in time.

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Eastern massage has been around since ancient times and was used for pain relief, healing, and cosmetic improvement. The first written record of massage is a Chinese medical text dating from the third century B.C. That's a very long time ago, right?

Western massage? Not so much history. However, women have been manipulating their faces in hopes of improving their facial muscle tone for a very long while too!

Both Eastern and Western techniques are popular applications that promise younger and healthier looking skin. Facial massage is usually done using the fingertips but there are also massaging devices that also stimulate and improve blood circulation of facial skin. (Like microdermabrasion for example.)

Potential Benefits of Western Facial Massage

  • improvement of facial skin and muscle tone.
  • relaxation of facial and eye muscles
  • relief from tension headaches and facial pain
  • alleviation of stress and anxiety
  • overall physical and mental relaxation

    Potential Benefits of Eastern Facial Massage

  • stimulation of meridian points on the face
  • relief from eyestrain
  • correction of liver and gall bladder imbalances
  • relief of neck tension
  • alleviation of nervous disorders
  • relief of premenstrual water retention.

    There's a huge difference in the benefits of each facial massage technique. However, in both cases a rosy complexion results from improved blood flow. Although you can’t see it, lymph circulation also improves because the lymph vessels are located near the surface of the facial skin. Improved lymph flow also contributes to the flushed color you see on your face.

    A better circulating lymph system stimulates the immune system and relieves congestion in the facial skin, such as puffy eyes and puffy face.

    Since the neck contains large lymph nodes, unblocking them has an immediate positive effect on the facial skin. To increase lymph flow in your body, use skin brushing instead.

    Learn how to give yourself a quick 10 minutes body massage here.

    Is Facial Massage Helpful or Hazardous?

    I have been a massage therapist and a Cosmetologist for many years, and given many facial massages because clients requested them. However, I never felt good about receiving them. I always felt like they were too invasive for my delicate facial skin.

    The more we learn about the structure of the face, the more evidence there is to support the theory that it may not be so good to massage the skin on your face.


    Because the facial skin is very delicate, it tends to react differently to touch than other parts of our bodies. Even featherlight strokes are noticed and responded to by the muscles in your face!

    As you age, the elastin and collagen production in your skin diminishes a lot. Elastin allows the skin to stretch and collagen makes it look firm. Over time, facial expressions such as frowning, tugging and pulling on the skin (due to worry and stress), and gravity pull your skin downward. Wrinkles are formed when your skin is creased over and over again in the same place.

    Facial massage does stimulate the skin and improve circulation. There is no doubt! However, even with oil or lotion on the skin, the skin is either slightly stretched or pulled on.

    Could this possibly cause more wrinkles instead of preventing them? Recent research is beginning to find some truth to the claim. More studies are needed to show whether or not there is a solid basis for this new claim. As a professional massage therapist, I am in complete agreement!

    Other areas of your face do not need deep tissue manipulation to achieve long lasting results. In the case of facial massage, more does not always equal better!

    To help maintain the integrity of your facial skin, apply a moisturizer to your face in the morning and at night before bed and forgo too much touching of the face altogether. Touching your face can relocate bacteria from your hands to your face and can cause pimples! Take mental notice when you frown, and remind yourself to stop doing it. A better suggestion is to turn your frown upside down!

    massage around eyes image *NOTE - When you apply lotions around your eyes, move your fingertips in the right direction. Start at the mid brow bones on both eyes. Move fingertips to the outer brow, then circle around underneath your eyes.

    Move fingertips to the inside of eyes and up the nose bone to the mid brow again. This is the correct way to circle around the eyes. If you do this incorrectly, you can seriously stretch the skin around your eyes and may help form wrinkles. This isn't too smart if you're fighting the aging battle! Most women get this wrong, so don't be one of them!

    Use lotions that supply vital minerals and nutrients. They will help renew facial skin to diminish wrinkles.

    Here is a massage technique that's perfect for your facial skin because it's not invasive. Keep your pressure light and use always use gentle strokes on your face! Your facial skin responds to even the lightest pressure, as you probably already know. Anyone whose had a mosquito land on their face knows how easy it is to detect. Always treat the skin on your face as you would a fine fabric!

    Gentle Facial Massage Technique

    When you press or squeeze any part of your body, it increases circulation to that area. The face is full of both large and small muscles that seem to respond well to gentle touch.

    1) You will need a light oil that's suitable for your skin type. Use approximately 1 tsp. of whichever oil you choose, which should be enough for a 5-minute massage. You can also use lotion if you prefer.

    2) Beginning at the base of the throat, use gentle upward and outward strokes up your neck. Then use gliding movements from your jawline to the base of your ears. Then use small circular motions over your cheeks, over and in front of your ears, and around your lips.

    3) Lightly tap around the eyes with the pads of your fingertips, beginning at the outer edge of the eye, gradually working inward.

    4) Next, beginning at the center of your forehead. With both hands, use upward strokes and work your fingertips outward towards the temples. End with circular strokes over your temples.

    5) Repeat the entire procedure up to 5 times. No need to rinse/wash as the oil off but you can if you like!

    This is a gentle and truly beneficial massage for your face. There's no need for deeper invasive movements. Your face doesn't need it!

    Facial massage has its place in our world. Opt for massage that relieves congestion in the face and uses less pressure. If you ever get a massage and you think that the person is using too firm pressure on it, stop them. Don't let anyone do a deep tissue massage on your precious facial skin!

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