Eyeshadow Application for a Dramatic Effect

There is a huge variety of eyeshadow colors on the market today. To say that shadows have come a long way, is a total understatement! Too boot, the possibilities of color blends are simply endless! There's also a flavor for every emotion you can dish out!

You can choose from dark and dramatic to shimmery and light. Feeling down? Use black! Feeling frisky? Use a combination of different colors. When it comes to shadows, variety is the spice of life!

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Basic Eyeshadow Application

Having a foundation or primer on your lids before application begins makes it easier to blend and apply colors. Either one of these choices gives shadows more color-power! Apply them to the entire lid. If they're in liquid form then allow to dry completely before you apply them.

Use brushes or sponge applicators to help spread shadows on your lids. Brushes however are easier to control and it's advised to have at least a couple of different sizes. You will also probably want a variety of brush angles to accomplish more effects. You'll definitely learn more as you go so there's no need to sweat the small stuff. A small shadow brush and a small slanted shadow brush will work well to start with.

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Dramatic Eyes

  • For a dramatic effect, use four colors. You'll need a base color in a neutral shade, a secondary color that is your main color, a darker shade for dramatic emphasis, and a lighter shade for highlighting.

    (If you don't have 4 colors, you can use 2 or 3 colors instead. Just use the neutral color as your main color too. For a dramatic effect, you will need at least 3 colors though!) Highlighters, used along brow bones are versatile, so you can use any highlighter you have that blends well with your other color shades.

    Choose base, main, and darker shades in the same color family. For drama, use all blues, all greens, all browns, etc. You can mix and match colors that blend well with each other or use all one color family. Your makeup choices are entirely up to you!

    Highlighters are usually lighter colors that blend well with the other shades but don’t necessarily fall into the same color shade category.

    Highlighting colors are used to give a glow to your eyes and face... and are mostly applied on the brow bone and on the inside corners of your eyes. They are usually a lighter shimmery or pearl color but can be any light color or glittery color. IN FACT, if you use a dark color inside your eyes and feathered out, your eyes will look deep set! (When is that appropriate? When you want to make a statement or you're dressing up for Halloween or a costume party and want to look ghoulish!)

  • Apply your neutral color to the entire lid.

    Blend the neutral color from the eyelashes to the brow and from corner to corner. Blend slightly beyond the outside corner.

  • Apply the main shadow color to the base lid. (Up to the socket line)

    Avoid build up on the inside corner by blending outward on the lid.

  • Use a small pointed shadow brush and apply the dark shade to the eyelid.

    The dark shade will run along the socket line. For a dramatic effect, apply in a line the entire length of the lid, from the inner corner to the outer corner.

    For a striking effect, leave the line along the socket only and don't blend the line outward or smear. For a softer effect, blend or smudge the line upwards and/or downwards using your medium brush, fingertip, or q-tip.

  • Use a small pointed brush or slanted brush and apply a shadow line under the bottom lashes.

    The line should start about half-mid way across the eye out to the outer corner.

  • Wipe the small brush clean on a tissue.

    Apply the lighter color shadow just under the brow on your brow bone in a wide sweeping line. Be sure not to get any lighter color in your actual brow hair. If you accidentally do this, just use your fingertip or brow brush to remove it. Use an eyebrow pencil on brows to fill in any unevenness and mascara on lashes to finish and enhance the effect. For more glamor, use a glossy shade. If you want a flair of color, use colored mascara.

    If you're in a hurry, you can use peel off shadows as pictured below, (if you can find then now), that are quick and easy to use. When you are learning how to apply makeup, you should also know how the season's affect color.

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    Stark Effect

    To embolden your eyes, BE BLUNT, and make a VERY LOUD statement, choose one shadow color only and use a couple of coats of dark mascara to compliment them. Like this:

    blue eyeshadow image

    You will achieve kudos for your dramatic eyes with the correct use of eyeshadow colors! You can buy eyeshadow trios or make your own color blends by buying individual shadows and combining them. For the best results, always use blends of colors that you know look good together on you!

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