How to Apply Eyeliner - Pencil and Liquid Tutorial

Eyeliner is used to enhance your eyes and make them appear larger. They also help to draw the eyes out and lunge them forward!

Applied correctly, they also enhance the lashes by making them look thicker and make your eyes more noticeable! You can also use them to voice your opinions, feelings, or attitude, at a glance!

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You can apply liner before or after you apply eyeshadow but I suggest that you apply your eyeshadow first if you're using it. Why you ask?

If you apply the shadow first then apply the liner, you can correct any mistakes you make in liner application by either 1) simply covering them with your shadow or 2) by removing part of the line to make corrections and then applying more shadow.

If you apply the liner first then apply eyeshadow, you must fill the shadow in exactly to the line of the liner. I don’t know about you, but I never get close enough. Sometimes I even end up covering up the liner, so then I have to go back and apply more liner. I’d rather just apply more shadow. It’s just easier and I’m all about easy, aren't you?

The types of liners you choose to use make a huge difference in the way they appear and the way you look. Practice using several different kinds to find out which kinds you prefer!

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Types of Liners

There are several types of eyeliners available: Liquid, Cream, Gel, Cake, and Pencil.

Liquid, gel and pencil are top choices for most women who are on the move!

Cream liners can smudge and smear quickly so great care must be taken with their application. Cake liners are outdated and take more time and effort to apply.

Conventionally, you want to match eyeliners to whatever color mascara you use. Black to black, brown to brown, blue to blue, and so on. Occasionally you might like to 'change it up' by replacing or combining black or brown with blue or green liners.

The type of eyeliners you use make a big difference in how you apply them. Liquid eyeliners can be tricky to use but give more of a dramatic effect and are usually but not always applied for evening wear. Pencils and gels are easier to use and should be used for regular everyday occasions, such as going to work or school.

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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid liners are typically used for the top of the eyelids only.

1) If you're using it out of a tube, start by blotting liquid liner. Use a tissue to remove excesses or run the thin liner brush inside the tube, then scrape off excesses on the inside of the tube. If you're using a brush, brush off excesses before you start. Either way, make sure you have a POINT on the end of the liner. If the liner's brush flattens out, use the skinny side for application.

Whatever hand you use in writing will be the hand to use when you apply liner. If you are right handed for example, you'll use your right hand to apply liner. Application of the liner on the same side, (right eye), will be much easier to do than the opposite (left) side. You may have to contort your hand slightly, to apply it to the opposite side.

2) Hold the liner in either the left or right hand. - With the opposite hand, hold the skin above the eye but below the brow taut.

3) Tilt your head back slightly or even sideways... and get close to your mirror.

4) Stabilize your hand by resting your pinky finger on your cheek, or wherever it feels most comfortable for you. Start the line at the inner corner of the eye and slowly draw a line that follows along the lashes all the way to the outer corner. (Yes, the length of the entire eye.)

Optionally, you can start in the middle of your eye and work outward, then go back and draw a fine line from the inner corner to the middle. Use whatever method makes you feel more comfortable!

5) Wait a few seconds to let the liner dry. You can apply the liner again following the same line, (mush the brush down to make it thicker), right beside the original line and feather it out thicker to wing it, or leave it alone. Everyone's different so that’s ultimately your decision.

Also thickness of the line is up to you too. I like to apply a medium thick line along the entire lash line. However, you can also opt for a dramatic effect, and go from a thin line to a thick line. Either way, you'll spotlights your eyes.

Practice Makes Perfect! The more you try using it, the better you'll get at it!

6) If you make a mistake, along the way, stop application and remove the mistake with your fingertip or a q-tip. Be careful though. You will only make a mess if you don't go slowly. Use the same technique for any other boo boo's you make and take it slow!

7) Line the other eye using the same technique. The opposite side is always the hardest to do. Just move slowly and you’ll get it. You may have to move from the outside to the inside of the eye on the opposite side.

8) Do not apply liquid liners under the bottom lashes.

For a softer look, you can apply a lighter colored eyeshadow over the line. (like gray or brown) Use the side of a sponge applicator an eyeshadow brush. For a dramatic effect, leave eyeliner in a stark, dark line. You can buy liners in every color of the rainbow. There are so many to choose from, you'll never get bored! And each color will give you a slightly different look!

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How to Apply Pencil or Gel Eyeliners

Pencil and gel eyeliners can be used on the tear line of the eye or above or below the lashes, or both.

1) When you apply liner under lower lashes or above upper lashes, make sure you have a slightly blunt end. The tip should be rounded but still come to a point. Pencil's should not be too pointed!

2) If you use liners along the tear line, ensure the end of the liner is soft and rounded. Apply liners close to the eye on the ledge of the eyelid.

Lining both above and inside the eye is great when you want to overemphasize your eyes! For example, going to graduation or when you're getting married!

3) Apply pencil liners above and below lashes from inside the eye to the outer corner. Follow and keep close to the lashes for best results. Extend the line slightly when you get to the outer corners, which helps open your eyes. Make your lines as thick or thin as you like!

For a dramatic effect, go from a thin line to a thick line. For everyday wear, make the lines consistent.

4) Correct any mistakes and reapply liner where it’s needed. Keep removing liner until you’re satisfied with the results. If you remove too much, add it back.

5) After application, roll the end of the liner in a tissue for hygienic purposes. Put the lid back on the liner to protect it. Keeping your eyeliners sanitary is KEY for future applications.

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eyeliner tutorial image
Liner Tutorial

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Single and Double Winged Looks

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Square Edged Liner

Tutorial Video

Finish the effect by applying mascara. Using the right liner for the right occasion is always a plus. Whatever type of eyeliner you use always gives your eyes more oomph! Yeah!

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