Creative Eyeliner Tips for Makeup Diva’s

Eyeliner tips are a great way to get new ideas! With the new tools and options on the market today, there's no reason not to try some!

Whatever type of liners you choose, you can really get creative. Trying different looks is something every makeup diva can savor!

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Most ALL celebrities (even men) use eyeliners to compliment their style and get the attention they think they deserve. You’d better believe that they know it too! However, you don't have to be famous to have fantastic-looking eyes!

The last couple of years, liners have become a lot more streamlined and easier to apply. You can buy gel liners, slim liners, fat magic maker-type liners, and even crayon-type liners. You can also get them in a variety of different colors that have never been available before!

Use these eyeliner tips to guide your liner application. Most of all, do something different from time to time with the various colors on the market. You just never know when you'll stumble onto a look you really like!

General Eyeliner Tips

  • Before you apply liners, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized! Use a primer or foundation if you're wearing bold colors!

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  • Undo liner mistakes using a concealer or use a sponge/brush applicator and your favorite cream foundation.

    using black and white liners together image

  • Why stop at just one color? Try a color blend. In the above example, she's using black and white but there's no need to restrict the color combinations you use.

    pointed liner image

  • This new technique was created for high fashion but you should try it if you like it! Create points on both sides of your eyes. You can tilt the lines up or down or make them straight.

    metallic eyeliner image

  • Try the newest metallic eyeliners. Outline with black to make them pop!

    dotted liners under eyes image

  • Use blotted or dotted lines under your eyes. This interruption of lines is a real attention-getter!

    liners above the lash line image

  • This is a new trend! Instead of lining along the lash line, line just above the crease! Conventional wisdom would advise against it... but why not? You'll make a very LOUD statement without blinking an eye!

    cut to the crease eyeliner image

  • OK, this one is bizarre in a good way, I think! Line your eyes but then cut the line so it extends along the crease of the eye. Be sure to point the outside line. Would you go for it?

    hyphenated liners image

  • This one is a little strange too but the look was seen on the runways this year. Call it what you like! I call it a hyphenated line... some may call it a color block. Whatever it's called, if you want to try it, you'll need to practice first. It may not be as easy as it looks! Your lines need to be very clean!

    wide liners image

  • This look was created using FAT crayon-type liners. It's kinda cool if you're hanging out in a crowded bar but not so great for just running to the store. Know what I mean?

    extending liners around the eyes image

  • Basically, draw a circle around your eyes using a bright or bold liner. Line the tear line in a dark color to help accentuate your eyes.

    eyeliner extensions image

  • Call it a mime, a Joker, or clownish look! It was just too far out not to post! Can you dig it?

    At least a few of these eyeliner tips may be a bit too outlandish to attempt! Throw out the ideas you wouldn't ever try but do try at least a few of them!

    Some people like to think that eyeliners must be applied a certain way, but they really don't! Use these eyeliner tips loosely to add pizzazz where there's not! Set your own boundaries and stick to your personal preferences. Believe me, they will change again and again, throughout your life!

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