Define Eyebrow Shape By Eliminating Hair Outside Brow Lines

Your eyebrow shape should follow the natural contour of the curve of your brow bones. Your brows help outline your eyes, so it's important that they always look shapely and consistent! Everyone has different brows that come in a variety of different shapes. You should frequently pluck, thread, or wax them to help get rid of those annoying, vexing stragglers.

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Threading or tweezing will give you the most precise results. Waxes can be messy and there is always a chance for error. I mean, its totally fine to use them if you're super focused, but for most of us it’s hard to create straight lines with wax all by yourself.

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Before Shaping Eyebrows

  • Gently pluck all unwanted hairs that do not fall in line with your natural brow curve. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Follow your natural brow line and eliminate stray hairs for the best look.

  • Whatever method you use, use an astringent beforehand to sanitize the skin and afterward to close your pores.

    Correcting eyebrow shape does take a bit of time. The more you do it though, the easier it is to judge your eyebrow shape and get it right.

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    The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

  • Remove hair in-between the brows first. No one likes a Unibrow:o(

  • When tweezing, be sure to stretch the skin tight using the thumb and index or middle finger.

  • Pull out each hair one at a time in the direction that the hair grows.

  • Get rid of unwanted or unruly hair from the top of the brow arch first, then underneath.

  • To remove hair from the top of the brow, brush hair DOWNWARDS. This way you can better see which hairs are growing out of place. Gently remove one strand at a time. Remember to only grab the unruly parts that do not fall in line with your natural brow curve.

    Do NOT remove too many of the strands above the brow. There should be very few, if any, out of place. Under the brows is the area you'll want to pay more attention to.

  • To remove hair underneath the brow, brush the brow hair UPWARDS. You will be much better able to see which ones need removing. Gently snatch hairs that don't fall in line with your natural brows.

    Thickness of your brows is totally up to you. Do you like a thinner look like Elizabeth Hurley or thicker brows like Cote de Pablo? You must decide which type looks best on you and stick with it, at least for a while!

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  • If you like heavy brows, follow the natural curve of the eyebrow and only take away the strays. This keeps the brow thicker.

  • If you like thinner brows, keep plucking in line with your natural curve until the desired thinness is achieved. Don’t over pluck though. Do little bits at a time.

    It is far easier to remove more later than put them back. Of course if you accidentally pluck too many, use an eyebrow pencil to fill the area in until the hair grows back.

  • If you have problems following a straight line, it might help to draw out a line you’d like to follow. Use a fine point brow pencil or even a fine point felt tip pen to do this. Just don't use permanent ink:o) You can remove the pen mark when you’re finished with astringent or warm soapy water and a washcloth.

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    Brow Begins

    Your eyebrow’s should begin near the edge of the inner eye.

    To find where you should start yours, use this simple guide.

    Everyone has a large cartilage (bone) located in the middle and sides of their noses. (It’s the same bone that helps hold up eye glasses.) Find it. It is a BUMP HUMP.

    Now locate the HUMP on each side of your nose. Raise your forefinger like you’re making a #1. Place the mid knuckle of your forefinger on the side of this HUMP with your finger straight up in the #1 position.

    Look in the mirror. Where your fingertip lands on the inner brow is where your eyebrow should begin. That’s how you judge it.

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    Brow Ends

    Eyebrows should end just outside the edge of the outer eye.

    To find where your eyebrow should end, use this simple guide:

    Hold your forefinger in the #1 position again. Lay the base of your forefinger on the edge of the outer eye raised straight up in the #1 position again. Now angle it out about 45 degrees. That’s where the outer brow should end.

    Don’t understand degrees? Another way of finding this point is to simply use a clock as your eyebrow shape guide. If a clock were to represent degrees, 12:00 would be 0 degrees, and 12:15 would be 90 degrees, 12:30 would be 180 degrees, and so on. Make sense?

    If the center of your brow is at 12:00, your eyebrow should end half way between 1:00 and 2:00. That’s 45 degrees.

    (This should also be your guideline for eyebrow shape if you wax them.)

    This is how to measure them!
    eyebrow shape image
    This is how they should look!
    eyebrow shape image

    After hair removal, use an astringent to help restore the PH. Brush out brows in their natural position. If you make mistakes, fill gaps in with an eyebrow pencil.

    Taking care of your eyebrow shape does take a bit of time. For best results, work on eyebrow shape at least once a week. This will help ensure that your brows look great and unruly hairs never have a chance to grow back fully!

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    More Eyebrow Tips

  • Use slanted tweezers. They do the BEST job of eliminating those tiny thin hairs.
  • When defining eyebrow shape with your pencil, always concentrate pigment intensity on the arch of the eyebrows, which creates the illusion of a more lifted, youthful look.
  • Fill up an empty mascara tube with castor oil, using a small funnel. Brush eyebrows regularly to help encourage hair growth and accentuate brows.
  • When filling in eyebrows with a pigmented brush, always start at the inner eye and brush up and out. When you reach the arch, brush down and out.
  • An easy tip for stronger brows is to wet your brush before filling gaps with a brown eye shadow.
  • A highlighted brow bone gives your eyebrows more oomph!
  • If brow hairs are uncontrollably long, brush them up and trim off any stragglers you notice above the brow line.
  • Use eyebrow stencils if you have problems seeing straight lines. Your eyebrow shape is something every woman must consider for themselves. Whether you like your brows thick or thin, depends on the amount of time you want to spend keeping them that way.

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