Eye Shadow Tips that Flatter-Eyes

Use these eye shadow tips when you want to try something that varies from the norm. Shadows can breathe new life BACK into your face and brighten up your eyes, even if you don’t wear any other makeup.

Bright colors attract wandering eyes and draw. Subdued colors express softness, sweetness... sincerity.

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Powder eyeshadow shades are always best applied with a brush. Why? Because sponge applicators can get flimsy really fast and are often an unreliable way to apply shadows. They also attract bacteria and can fall apart easily. How many eyeshadow colors do you have minus the sponge, that fell apart long before you'd run out of powder? Isn't that a drag?

And although powder shadows are great, creamy eyeshadows are the top dog! Because they contain humectants, your colors will look lusher and more radiant. The caveat is that they can smear if worn too heavily. They are still a makeup artist's best choice!

Use these eye shadow tips to add personality to your face. Your EYES don't have to be dull and drab. JAZZ them UP and CHanGe IT up often! PLAY UP your EyeS every chance you GeT. Why not? Right?

Eye Shadow Tips and Tricks

Color Blocked Eyeshadow

Could you give this a whirl in your own colors?

blocked eyeshadow colors image

Contrasting Colors Eyeshadows

Wow! Two totally mismatched colors on purpose! Looks awesome!

contrasting colors eyeshadow image

Two Toned Shades Eyeshadows

Using a slightly darker shade of the same color to outline the eyes. Well done!

two toned shades eyeshadow image

Rainbow Shadows

Use various colors to give a rainbow-type effect. Brush colors from top to bottom (vertical) or side to side. (horizontal)

rainbow shadows image

Here's that same look again. Creamy and dreamy three-colored contrast in complimentary shades. Pretty cool if you ask me!

creamy rainbow shadows image

Extended Lines Shadows

Use shadows instead of liners to prowl around at night. No kitten is safe when big kitters are on the streets! (Click here to find more great cat-eye ideas.)

extended lines shadow image

Lining Your Eyes with Shadows

You don't always have to line with liners. Use slanted makeup brushes to draw out lines. Exaggerate lines as you move toward the outside of the eyes and compliment with mascara.

lining with shadows image

Over-Extended Lines with Creamy Shadows

Woah! This look is oozing with YOUZA! It'd be great to create this look for nights out, special events, or even costume parties. Even if you wouldn't wear your makeup like this, you can still draw some inspiration. Maybe a laid-back version? Simply mesmerizing isn't it?

creamy overextended shadows image

St. Patrick's Day Shadows

It doesn't have to be St. Patricks Day to wear green, but it's a free 'get out of being pinched' way to wear green and feel safe from eager fingers! Ouch!

St. Patricks Day green eyeshadow image

Here's a whacked-out version that's got real gusto! The added gems give illusion and look mystical... truly enchanting!

St. Patricks Day green shadow image

When you play around enough with different eyeshadow colors, you learn which colors work well for you and which ones don't. Use these eye shadow tips to help build up your color choices.

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