Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

You can use eye makeup up tips and tricks quickly and easily when you know what to do.

Make up application for your eyes is not nearly as hard as it might seem.

Once you learn a few simple methods, mistakes can be avoided. All it takes is learning the process. Once you get it, you simply won't forget it!

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Everyone looks at our eyes and we look back with our eyes. (I'm looking at you, you're looking at me!) Paying a little more attention to them will GIVE you a little more attention! Think about how you use your eyes when you scan a room full of people. Other people are doing the same thing, so you need to give them something memorable to look at, right?

And here's a moot point! Nobody has the exactly the same eyes. We all have different eye colors, shapes, and dimensions. There are however, some general tips that everyone can use and benefit from using!

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

  • When you apply pencil liners, start at one corner and go halfway. Then start at the other corner and meet the line you’ve already created.

  • Always look ahead when you apply eyeliner. This helps create a perfect line and is a must-have for liquid liners.

  • Apply your eye makeup in a well-lit area. It’s important to know how bold you should go before you leave the house. Also, you can’t find mistakes unless you can see them!

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  • Try using mineral oil to remove eye makeup at the end of the day. It works better than baby oil because there are no fragrances in it that can make your eyes sting afterward.

  • Make sure your skin is moist, dewey, and soft before you apply your colors. Eye makeup will not apply well to parched skin and you could end up pulling on your eyes, especially with pencil eyeliners and shadows.

  • Layer eyeshadow colors to help embolden them. Just like lipstick, you can create new colors by blending two different colors. (yellow and blue for example.)

  • Keep your makeup organized. Put away (or give away) makeup you don’t use very often but keep the makeup you love in a convenient spot in the bathroom.

  • If you have a hard time putting your makeup on and don’t have a makeup mirror, sit on the bathroom counter so your eyes are closer to the mirror you do have.

  • To make eyes look bigger and give them more definition, use a black or brown pencil liner to darken gaps in between each individual lash. Just a dot will do! Your eyes will be crazy dark and seductive, even before you apply mascara.

  • To make highlighting the inner eye super easy, create a V in the inner eye and then fill in with your choice of shadow colors.

    Like this:

    highlight inner corners of eyes image

  • To help eyes stand out, use pencil liners and create lines along the upper lower lashes and the bottom of the upper lashes.

  • The makeup brush you choose is just as important as your colors. Fat brushes work great for neutral tones but smaller brushes zone in on areas where you want to pop.

  • After you apply your eye makeup, avoid rubbing your eyes. If you’ve got allergies and your eyes get itchy, use eyedrops to soothe them.

  • If you’re sweating a lot from hot temps, avoid using liquid liners that can run like crazy.

  • Hide veins on your eyelids with primers or concealers.

  • Trying new eye makeup is a blast but if you’ve just bought a new liquid type of makeup (like eyeliners or mascaras), you need to experiment with it before adding it to your makeup routine. Why?

  • Because different brands have different drying times. If you’ve only got 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to apply makeup and you want to use your new makeup, you need to know how long it’ll take. Trying to run out the door with wet makeup doesn’t add up to a good makeup day.

  • If you love lots of color, try color blocking your eyeshadows, which is like what you’d see on stained-glass. If you’ve ever been to church, you know exactly what I mean! But if you don't, use them like this:

    blocked eyeshadows image

  • Don’t try to fix big eye makeup mistakes by blotting or using q-tips. Big mistakes are hardly ever concealable. Instead, take off all your makeup and start over. This will save you a ton of time and frustration.

  • To avoid shaky hands, try resting your elbow on the bathroom counter while you sit on a stool or chair.

  • Thick lines look tidier and neater when you build them up, instead of trying to apply it all at the same time.

  • To perk up your eyes, use your highlighters as liners and apply along upper lash lines.

  • Did you know you can turn powder shadows into liners? Simply wet your brush and then rub into powdery shadow colors. Make sure you get a good amount on the brush and then stroke them on!

  • If your drop your eyeshadows onto the floor and they get cracked, no need to throw them away. Use a pestle and mortar to grind them back into a powder, scoop it up with a business card, and store in a small container. Small jars work great! (Like the jars pimento's come in...)

  • Have a favorite eye makeup? Purchase a second one so if the manufacturer discontinues it, you’ll have time to find a new bestie.

  • Never apply eye makeup when you’re crying or have been crying. Don’t worry about how you look if you’re upset. Wait until you feel better about life before jumping back in. Tears and makeup just don't mix well!

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  • The quality of your makeup matters. Cheap brands that don’t work well will just get thrown away anyway. If you like better quality but can’t afford brands like Nars or Too Faced, check out the makeup at ELF Cosmetics. Their makeup can be a real life-saver if you want makeup you can trust at a lower cost.

  • If you’ve got light-colored eyebrows but want them darker and don’t want to dye them (which is way to dangerous), use your mascara to darken them. Simply sweep the mascara along brow lashes and allow to dry. Blend them by rubbing a q-tip over the brows. If mascara gets on the skin, remove it easily with your q-tip.

    *Hint: Don’t do overboard. Just a light sweep or two will do!

  • Always check your makeup before you finish up. If eyeshadow dust settles on your face, remove it with a soft Kleenex.

  • If your eyes are sensitive to eye makeup, try using creams instead of powders. Watery eyes and powders don't mix.

    So there you have it. Lots of general tips for your eye makeup. Don't allow the makeup you use to intimidate you into not wearing it. Learn to be playful and enjoy the ride!

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