Which Eye Make up Colors Are Right for You?

Do you know which color(s) eye make up works best for your eye color?

It seems to be a mystery for a lot of women, but there are some really easy ways to judge it.

For the most part, choose eye colors that blend well with your skin tone and your eye color.

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Most makeup artists advise that you should never match your outfit to your makeup or visa versa. However, most women do just that!

There's nothing wrong with matching them if you like the way the colors look on you. After all, your opinions are the most important to you! Experts say though, that you should instead wear makeup colors that blend well and compliment you naturally, not your clothes. You can however, quickly discern which colors look best by using a color guide.

When you look at your eyes in the mirror, you will see little flecks of color in them. Take notice of which color flecks you have in your eyes. When you choose your shadows, liners, and mascara's, keep the colored flecks in mind. It'll help you decide which colors will work best for you. You might also want to know your color season, when choosing your makeup colors.

Colors that compliment you and don’t make you look washed out or totally dramatic, are the best color choices for you. If you want to add drama, use colors that are bolder than you normally wear. You’ll get attention quickly and easily that way. If you want more of a natural look, then use earth-toned colors that blend well with your own natural colors.

Eye Make Up for Your Eye Colors

Brown Eyes: Wear colors in greens, browns, and golds. These shades will pick up the colored flecks found in brown eyes. Choose a slightly shimmery texture shadow, and apply from lash lines to crease line or brow bone, blending well. Compliment with brown or black mascara and use the same color eyeliner.

Need more tips for brown eyes?

Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Hazel Eyes: Deep greens and pale yellows look really nice on you. You can choose a color shade shadow that match the different colored flecks in your eyes. For a different look, apply shadow color and then line your eyes with the same color in a darker shade. Use green or brown mascara’s and eyeliners for a totally natural look. Use dark brown, chocolate, or black liners and mascara for a more dramatic look.

Find more color selections for hazel eyes:

Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes

Blue Eyes: Shades of brown and rosy pinks look really good with your skin tone. Warm shades contrast the coolness of blue eyes, making them stand out. Apply from lash lines to creases and create contrast with dark blue, brown, or black mascara.

Get a lot more tips for blue eyes here:

Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

Green Eyes: Lavender and mocha colors work nicely. Purple shades contrast your color, which makes your eyes look more dramatic. Warmer shades of mocha or lush brown complement flecks in your green eyes, giving a natural effect. Wear mocha colors for day wear and lavender colors for night life. Apply brown shadow to the crease of the eyes and brown or green mascara to compliment your shadows.

For more tips about colors for green eyes:

Makeup Colors for Green Eyes

One Shade Fits All: Charcoal, chocolate, white, and black are makeup colors that anyone can wear. Since they can look heavy on some people though, use these dark colors as liners or mascaras that will complement any shadow color.

You will find the right eye make up shades for your eye color just by experimenting with different color shades. For the best choices, use colors that make your eyes pop and create harmony with your skin tone and hair color!

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