18 Eco Friendly Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are many eco friendly ways to cut back on energy use and work in unison with the environment and our planet. It’s a shame that it took so long for us to wake up and smell the recycle bins! The earth is precious. Lets keep her that way!

When you’re talking about Ecology, you should remember your 3 R’s. They’re a bit different from reading, writing, and arithmetic! Whatever you consume, wherever you live, reduce, reuse, and recycle. They're the best environmental rules to live by - as much of the time as possible!

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The next time you go shopping be ready. Think about the way the three R's fit into your life before you pull an item off the shelf. Read labels. They tell a story you'll either dig or not!

If something is over-packaged or wasteful, refuse to buy it. If something is made or packaged in a material that can be used again, then reuse it. If it's something that can be renewed and used again by processing it, then recycle it!

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Eco Friendly Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

  • Boycott Fast Food Restaurants - Most fast foods are over-packaged and their companies are responsible for contributing to the amount of trash we have in our landfills. By avoiding fast food and taking your lunch from home, you'll help reduce this needless waste!

  • Reduce Driving - Riding your bike instead of driving a car saves energy and reduces pollution. It is also great exercise! That gives it a double benefit and makes it a perfect eco friendly choice!

  • Boycott A Product - Start with one product you consume that you feel is not good for the environment and boycott it. Once you decide not to buy it, write a letter to the company's president (the address is often right on the package) and let them know why. If enough people did this, companies would start making more environmentally responsible products for consumers!

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  • Reject Animal Cruelty! - Each year millions of laboratory animals, such as rats, mice, dogs, monkeys, and cats, suffer needlessly because companies use them to test new products. These include many cosmetic and personal-care products.

    These animals may be burned, injected with poisonous substances, or killed. Many of the products for which they are tested have ingredients that have already been proven safe! Some companies don't conduct these types of tests and label their products "not tested on animals". If you had a choice between a product which caused harm to animals and a similar one that didn't, which one would you choose? Make educated decisions about the products you use, won't you?

  • Adopt a Highway – Adopt any highway, animal, stream, or whale. There's almost no limit to the number of environmental causes to which you, your family, and friends can contribute. If you adopt an animal, you'll get back much more than you ever thought!

  • Make a Compost Pile – This is so easy to do! Find a small corner of the yard that's discreet. Throw away food wastes (leftovers, eggshells, coffee grounds, spoiled vegetables, etc.) into the pile and mix it with brown leaves or green weeds you've pulled from the yard. Every week or two, turn the pile over with a shovel or pitch fork to aerate it. In a few months, it should turn into nutrition-rich soil to use wherever you like. What used to be "garbage" is now a valuable resource. You can also purchase compost bins that work well and are dirt cheap, if you like your yard to look tidy! This is a very eco friendly way to get rid of unwanted trash!

  • Boycott Packaging – I’ve been reusing plastic freezer bags and aluminum foil for years. It’s the astrological sign of Cancer in me I’m told! About half of what we throw away is packaging. Buy products that have as little packaging as possible and reuse some of the materials you use in the kitchen to store things! You’d be surprised at how far a little reusing will go!

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  • Buy Organic Produce - Organic produce contains far fewer chemicals than regular produce. Its by far much better for your health and better for the environment. Farmlands that are controlled by BIG AGRICULTURE are riddled with pesticides and insecticides - and these end up in your food!

  • Donate Used Toys - When your children (or you) get tired of or grow out of their games, toys, or puzzles, don't throw them away. If they are only slightly broken, take the time to fix them if possible, or donate them as is. One child’s trash is truly another child’s true treasure!

  • Buy Products Made Of Recycled Paper - How can you tell if a package is recycled? Look right on the package. Many have specific claims, such as "made of 100 percent recycled material". Some manufacturers don't advertise the fact that they recycle, but there are some investigative way ways you can tell. When shopping for groceries packaged in cardboard boxes, look to see if their boxes are made from recycled paper. If the underside is gray or dark brown, it's eco friendly cardboard is made of recycled paper. If it's white, it is made of new material.

  • Ban Aerosols Cans – Hello! Pump sprays have been around for years. You can even refill some of them anyway. Aerosols can’t be recycled so get used to pump sprays! Sprays are much more eco friendly than aerosols!

  • Elect "Green" Candidates - During election campaigns, ask candidates you like about their eco friendly positions on the environment. Ask specific questions that relate to your community. Ask if they support a mandatory recycling program or if they plan to give big fines to companies that pollute the environment.

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  • Feed The Birds – Mary Poppins would have been right on board with supporting our feather friends! Our birds need ample water to drink and food to eat. Feeding them in your backyard is not only eco friendly, but many birds will eat pesky insects that hassle you when you’re in the yard. Place a bird feeder outside your kitchen window, or place a birdbath in your front yard. Mother Nature and the birds will be pleased!

  • Dispose of Hazardous Waste - All households have some kind of hazardous waste materials. They can be old paint cans, used motor oil, leftover pesticides, and weed killers. If you dump them down the drain, you pollute the water supply. If you dump them in your yard, you pollute the environment and may even kill an animal.

    These products should be disposed in a site specially designed for hazardous or toxic wastes. Some cities and counties have monthly or annual pickups available. Other counties have special drop-off sites. Call your city or county government to find out the proper way to dispose of hazardous wastes in your area and be eco friendly and conscious!

  • Grow A Garden – A garden provides flowers, vegetables, and other environmental benefits. Growing your own produce can reduce soil erosion and may help to reduce some kinds of air pollution. Use eco friendly organic products like diatomaceous earth to control insects and parasites. Use seasoned horse or cow manure in place of chemical fertilizers. In fact, use as few chemicals as possible.

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  • Plan A "Green" Picnic – Instead of going out of town to have fun, plan a picnic in your local park. Or, plan an outing that doesn't create a lot of waste or pollution. If you're having a barbecue, avoid using lighter fluid as it contains naphthalene, an air pollutant suspected of causing Cancer.

    Buy a charcoal starter funnel that uses your left over newspapers to start coals. Use real plates and utensils and use washable hard plastic cups from home. Wash cups and use them over and over. If you’re having a large party, put out separate trash bags for paper, glass, and aluminum. Just because you're partying doesn't mean you can't recycle.

  • Keep Helium Balloons on the Earth – Helium balloons are fun to let go of and watch fly away, however, they can be harmful to fish and other wildlife. These balloons fall back to earth and can be blown around in the wind into our oceans. Some marine life might mistake balloons for jellyfish and then eat them and this kills them.

  • Look At Labels – A label tells a thousand tales! When you carefully read labels, you can learn a lot. Read the ingredients of the products you consume. Many contain ingredients that might be hazardous to your health or the environment. Labels always contain a contact number or address for product's manufacturer. Use the contact information to let them know what's on your mind!

    Do you think their product is good? Could it be better? Let them also know if you've decided not to buy their product for environmental reasons. Companies do listen to what their consumer's have to say. It doesn't take very many complaints for a company to think seriously about making eco friendly changes.

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