Dry Skin Brushing to Slough Skin and Improve Lymph Circulation

Dry skin brushing helps improve your skin over time. Little by little, you'll notice the dramatic results. It's is an excellent way to slough dead skin cells and detoxify your body at the same time.

The gentle friction that is created during brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which supports the spleen. When done on a regular basis, it improves lymphatic flow and enhances skin tone and smoothness.

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Benefits of Skin Brushing

  • Dry skin brushing helps slough off the dead skin cells that accumulate on the epidermis of the skin, encouraging cell turnover and regeneration.
  • Stimulates blood flow.
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves Digestion

    What does lymph do for us? It helps fight infection by helping the body produce antibodies to bacteria and providing immunity. Keeping the lymph system circulating properly is just as important as blood flow - which also improves. And we all know that skin that gets more oxygen magically glows!

    I've been dry skin brushing off and on for years - and if I do say so myself - my skin at age 57 never looked better! If you're more of a visual learner, watch the video below.

    Before Brushing

    Skin brushing should be done on dry skin for about 3 minutes prior to showering or bathing. You will need a medium to long handled soft, natural bristled brush to use in skin brushing. You can find the brushes just about everywhere.

    The strokes used in skin brushing always finish on or near a lymph node.

    Dry Skin Brushing Method

    1. Brush the lower body first! Start with the soles of the feet, as well as the top and sides of the feet, using long, sweeping strokes. Sweep the brush up the sides, back and front of the calves, over the knees, and finish up by concentrating on the thighs and buttocks. End the strokes on the top inside of the leg, adjacent to the groin and pubic region. This is the area that major lymph nodes are located.

    2. Raise one arm up in the air, which allows gravity to help drain the lymph to the armpit. Sweep down the arm using gentle strokes, and draw the brush down towards the armpit. Switch arms and sweep down the other arm.

    3. Brush the torso next. When brushing the abdomen, you should follow the natural progression of the colon tract. (This will also aid the elimination process!)

    Start your strokes on the right bottom side of the abdomen and brush up the right hand side of the abdomen to the inside of the hipbone. Then sweep the brush from right to left across the top of the abdomen to the inside of the left hipbone. Then gently sweep the brush down the abdomen just inside the hip on the left side, towards the leg. Then brush from left to right on the lower abdomen above the pelvic bone. End the stroke on the right side bottom, where you started. Repeat this several times.

    4. When working on the breast area, be sure to be extra gentle. Always brush lightly around each breast and aim for the armpit. Never brush nipples, which isn't necessary.

    Your skin will become more resilient with time and you will be able to use more vigorous strokes after a few weeks. This technique should be done daily for about two to three months, until you have thoroughly cleansed your lymphatic system.

    Maintain skin brushing once a day but then reduce it to twice a week after the initial first few weeks. While you are using this technique, it may also be beneficial to visualize the toxins being eliminated from your system. As you are purifying your system, you may notice large amounts of mucus in the stools. This is quite normal and is a good sign that you are clearing away toxins that are harmful to your system.

    You can buy natural skin brushes just about anywhere. Make sure they're made from natural bristles like boars hair and aren't too firm for your skin. Your brush should be gentle yet firm, the best of both worlds. Once you purchase a good brush, it will last years if you allow the bristles to thoroughly dry out each time you wash it! (Use mild soap or soak it in rubbing alcohol.) Use dry skin brushing anytime, but especially if your lymph nodes are bothering you!

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    Dry Skin Brushing Video

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    Step by Step Guide to Skin Brushing

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