Drink Water and Lose Weight Now

One of the best ways to lose weight, is to drink water! Water helps flush fat cells out of your body. Since your body is mainly composed of water, it is essential to bodily function!

The Human Body is:
  • 70 percent water (overall)
  • 95 percent in your brain
  • 90 percent in your blood
  • 96 percent in your liver

    That's a lot of H2O! You see very quickly how crucial water truly is to your existence!

    drinking water image Leave a glass of water beside your bed and carry one with you in the car with you when you travel.

    Take water with you outside when you're working in the yard.

    Also make sure your pets have lots of water too!

    You will be far MORE likely to lose weight quickly and fast just by adding more water to your daily routine.

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    You can keep urges to overeat at bay by getting the water your body craves and needs! Water fills you up, (not out), cleans impurities out of your body, and makes you feel energized! What more could you ask for?

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    Drink Water to Lose Weight

    There is actual science behind the concept of drinking water to lose weight. Water is essential for all bodily functions. When your provide your body with more water, your organs work more efficiently and your system will metabolize fat more effectively. Water also helps flush fat cells from your body.

    Without water to flush the fat cells and toxins, your body will hold onto them. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to get rid of them, not hold onto them! The more water you drink, the more willing your body will be to dump any extra water it’s hanging onto. (If it knows more water is coming.)

    Your body is way smart! And so should you be!

    You will also save money when you drink water. Water is much cheaper to buy than sugary soft drinks. You can also buy flavored packets to add to water or vitamin water if you don't like plain water. If you purchase a reverse osmosis water purifier for your home, (or other water purifiers), you can refill your own water bottles and save even more money.

    Water is also essential to your beauty, since water flushes out bacteria and such out of your body. It hydrates your skin, hair and nails, which need lots of water to look plump, glowing, and healthy.

    You will also be less apt to come down with certain skin conditions, like acne, when you drink sufficient amounts of water. Your skin after all, is the largest organ of your body. Water helps to smooth your skin naturally. You'll have a healthier complexion and help fight the aging battle.

    You might also try mixing lime, orange, or lemon with your water. Lemon is naturally acidic, but it has a natural alkalizing effect in your body. Your body strives to be more alkaline, but most of the foods we eat are acidic. When you drink lemon water, you help balance the natural pH of your body.

    Another way to lose weight with water, is to drink water that's cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is advice from Traditional Chinese medicine.

    Drinking ice cold water in the winter, (when you're already chilled), makes your body work extra hard to warm back up. Your body will expend lots more energy to keep you warm.

    Likewise, the opposite is true for the summer. When you drink hot water in the summer, (via coffee or hot tea etc.) your body must work extra hard to cool your core body temperature down. It also cools you down much more efficiently by making you sweat more. The more you sweat, the cooler your body will actually become! Cold drinks might seem like a great solution to cooling down but there's good reasoning behind drinking hot solutions when you're already hot. No kidding.

    Both remedies work well to burn extra calories and get rid of fat at the same time.

    You will also eat less at meals when you drink water before a meal. Water fills you up so you'll be less tempted to overeat. The best advice is to drink a glass or two of plain water before your meals. Then try to abstain from drinking anything with your meals, except a sip or two.

    The main problem is this: When you consume fluids with your meals, you dilute the gastric acids in your stomach that help digest food. If they're diluted, your body has a harder time breaking down foods and absorbing the nutrients from your food. This slows down your digestive processes and may cause you to actually gain weight.

    Plus, when you fill up on fluids during a meal, you are far more likely to get hungry later, because you didn't actually get full from food during your meal. Make sense?

    Furthermore, the more you drink water, the better chance you'll have of fighting off cravings for sweets and other high fat foods. You should also try to drink a glass of warm lemon water when you wake up in the morning. This helps replenish your water supplies, helps wake you up, and helps get you going. Water is much better at waking you up than coffee, although I do love my coffee too!

    Drink Water to Reap the Weight Loss Benefits!

  • Water helps your body burn calorie. It helps boost energy levels yet decreases your appetite.

  • Without water, nutrients couldn't be transported to where they're needed. Without proper nutrition, your body can't perform as well.

  • You can't recover from exercise without sufficient amounts of H20.

  • The most common cause of late afternoon fatigue is the lack of water. Can't burn calories if you're feeling tired, right?

  • Drinking more water can decrease joint pain. This is a major consideration if you're walking more to lose weight.

  • Water helps decrease food cravings.

  • The more water you drink, the more water your body will expel.

  • Water can prevent and alleviate all types of headaches. If you've got a headache, you won't exercise.

  • For a majority of people, increasing water intake can significantly reduce back pain specifically. The less pain you feel, the more energized you'll be.

    The best reason to drink more water is that when you don't, your body holds onto the water it has. This can hinder and complicate any weight loss plans you have. The more you drink, the more it releases, and the more weight you'll lose. Drink water to lose weight now and you'll be well on your way to weight loss success!

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