Tips to Get Rid of a Double Chin!

If you have a double chin, you definitely have double trouble!

One chin is more than enough! Whoever said that having ‘two’ is better than ‘one’ wasn’t talking about chins. They're not good news for anyone!

We never suspected that in our teens we’d lose that lovely luster of body tone and sculpture. Gravity seems to win the day and we get stuck with extra fat on our neck and chin. How lucky can we get?

double chin image Everyone notices subtle little changes in the way their face looks over time. Keep track of the way your chin looks too! Double chins can be way sneaky if you're not paying attention!

There are a few factors that contribute to double chins. They are: body fat, anatomy, and time.

Fat is stored on the body just like its stored in other places. Even a few extra pounds can end up under your chin.

You don’t necessarily have to be overweight to get a double chin either. Thin people can get them if they genetically have the right chin and jaw. (anatomy)

The less sharp the angle between the jawline and neckline, the greater the risk of having extra folds on your neck. Also the lower your adams apple is on your neck, the better chance you have of sagging skin under your chin.

Time and aging also increase the odds of having extra pudginess. Skin starts to lose its elasticity after 35-40 years. Even if you’re fit and firm you may still show a slight double chin because the skin simply becomes ‘looser’.

Having two chins is just nature’s way of reminding us that time is speeding by quickly. So, how do you turn back time and rid yourself of extra fat under your chin? Check out these helpful tips.

Tips to Get Rid of a Double Chin!

  • Be Fat-Conscious - The best and easiest way to get rid of a double chin is to lose around 10-15 pounds of overall body fat. Once you lose the weight you’ll probably find that your double chin has diminished to the point where you’ll be satisfied. Don’t rely on crash diets. Lose weight by getting regular exercise and eating less fat.

  • Look Far and Wide! - Many people who have double chins also hold their heads down a lot. If you do this often enough, you are bound to end up with a double chin! Don't live your life looking at the ground however! You may be unconscious that you do it at all.

    Instead of hanging your head down like you're in the walk of shame, hold your head up. Make it a practice to keep your head held high. If you have low self esteem, holding your chin up will actually improve self worth.

    With your head held high, you stretch neck muscles which helps elongate them. When you hold your head down you contract the muscles, crunching them together.

    It may seem strange, but muscles actually have memory and they remember and retain certain movements. If they are used to being all crunched together, then they’ll stay contracted. If you stretch your chin and neck often, your muscles will remember to elongate instead of contract.

    FYI - Ever notice how dancers and ballerinas NEVER have double chins? Well, the elongated neck muscles are the reason. They constantly have their necks poised. Be ballerina-like and hold your chin up high!

  • Stroke It - So, I ran into an old friend of mine a few years ago. He had always been overweight but when I saw him again, he had lost weight and looked great! I had to ask him how he did it. He told me his simple two ingredients for weight loss. WATER AND EXERCISE. He also told me that after he lost the weight that he had sagging skin coupled with a double chin on his neck. He told me he got rid of it by simply stroking on his neck and massaging under his chin. He also showed me how he did it:

    To massage chin fat, use your index and middle fingertips or make a fist and use your knuckles. Slowly and firmly stroke from underneath your chin all the way down your neck. Be sure to hold your head up while you stroke. Do it several times on all sides of your neck. Be careful going over your larynx though. (Don’t choke yourself silly!) Then stroke all the way up your neck back to your chin. Repeat this technique several times a week. If you massage or stroke it often enough, you’ll be more apt to see noticeable results.

    FYI – When you massage fat on a regular basis, it helps break up adipose. (FAT) Fat cells that break away are then released into the blood stream and expelled by the body. The more you massage, the more fat cells you break up and release. And of course, the less double chin you’ll have. Of course to help flush the fat cells from the body, you’ll need to drink plenty of water.

    Make sure you're drinking plenty of plain water and lemon water!

  • Can You Say Platysma? - Exercising the muscle called the platysma is the most often recommended exercise for getting rid of a double chin. To exercise it, open your mouth wide, pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth, and then work your jaw up and down as if you were trying to scoop something up with your lower jaw. They call this exercise 'the shovel', and you might look a bit ridiculous doing it, but eventually you’ll start to notice a difference if you stick to it on a daily routine.

  • Don’t Get Involved with Bob! - The worst thing you can do is to get a ‘Bob’ haircut that's blunt cut to your chin or curls under your chin. It will draw attention to your chin faster than all get out. If you want to draw attention away from your neck and chin, create layers around your face. Be aware that some longer hairstyles can make the chin and neck appear thicker too.

  • Be Bold and Be Bare - Open necklines detract attention away from the chin and neck and are more flattering to women with double chins. Turtlenecks, dangling earrings, and chokers are big ‘no no’s.

  • Pay Attention! - Draw the attention away from the chin and neck by enhancing another body part or facial feature. Accentuate your eyes or lips for example with bolder makeup colors. Wearing bright shoes or clothing works great too.

  • Stop That – Just Cut It Out! - Sculpted surgery works very well for severe cases of double chins. But it costs around $5000 - $7000 to have it done. Ouch!

    The surgery works like this: You will either have general or local anesthesia to numb the area. Your surgeon will make a small horizontal cut under your chin and then liposuction out the fat. They then cut vertically between the jaw and the neck muscles and sutures the edges together. There is minimal bruising and pain associated with the procedure. It takes around 10 days to recover completely.

    For a wee fee more, you can also get a chin implant. Chin implants are a piece of solid silicone that is place between the jawbone and sheath of tissue that covers the bone. The implant gives a more prominent jaw and further accentuates the angle between the jawline and neck.

    So stay out of double trouble! You can get rid of or at least diminish your double chin using these tips!

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