15 Do It Yourself Life Hacks You Can Appreciate

When you do it yourself, you get rewarded thrice. You take pride for what you've accomplished, might even learn something new, plus you won’t have to ask anyone for help! That’s just part of the beauty of doing things on your own! Ready to get started?

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For example, did you know that putting your phone (whatever model) in airplane or flight mode will charge it twice as fast? You can also use the same setting while you're gaming to stop those annoying ads from displaying!

Sound good so far?

Use these do it yourself tips below to help you organize, save time and money, and cut down on life's little irritations!

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15 Do It Yourself Life Hacks

  • Wrap a bag around your shower-head and filled with vinegar. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, it'll be sparkling clean!

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  • Clean an old lotion bottle (or whatever) and cut it near the top. Then reuse it to hold your phone and cord while you're charging it. Simply brilliant!

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  • Anyone with cats knows how much they love to unroll the toilet paper, which only leaves you having to roll it back up! ARGH! But did you know that simply tucking the end of the paper into the tube, you'll keep those rascally kitties from causing mischief!

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  • Drop something small and can't find it? Place panty hose over the end of the suction and vacuum the area well. You should be able to find it fast! Cool huh?

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  • Keeping cleaning fluids away from little hands can be challenging, unless you lock it away! Keep your children safe by using a shoe rack to hold all those dangerous cleansers you don't want them to access!

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  • To cool down beer or other beverages faster, wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle or can and place it in the freezer for 5 or 10 minutes, which helps cool them down super fast!

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  • Long wires can get in the way and drive you nuts! Don't fret! Just use a hair clip to wrap them up nice and neat!

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  • Pour a half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar (any kind) into a clogged drain. Once it finishes foaming up, rinse the drain with very hot water. Leave the mixture overnight for tougher clogs. No harsh chemicals are required with this eco-friendly do it yourself tip!

    use toilet paper rolls to hold wrapping paper image

  • Did you know that your empty toilet paper rolls had value? They do! Cut them down the middle of them and cuff them around opened rolls of wrapping paper! That keeps them neat and organized! Save enough TP rolls and sometimes people are willing to buy them. They're used in all sorts of crafting you know!

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  • Organize your boxes of tangled cords by placing them in spent paper towel rolls! This keeps them nicely organized!

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  • Musty, rank smelling shoes are the worst! However, you can keep shoes fresh just by placing a dry tea bag inside of them! No more foul smells!

    use a clothes pin to hold nails image

  • Banging your fingers when nailing things can hurt a lot! However, if you use a clothes pin to hold the nail, you'll prevent finger injuries! Its also great for holding those slim nails that are hard to hold onto with larger hands!

    use a bread tab on tape image

  • Use an old bread tab so you never lose track of the end of the tape!

    use a headband light on water jugs image

  • Lighting candles when the lights go out can be dangerous! The last thing you need is a fire! But here's something you'll just love! Placing a headband light on a jug of water can illuminate an entire room!

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  • Since microwaves heat from the middle out, it only makes sense to make a space in the center of your food!

    Did you learn some cool tricks? Life is full of daily challenges! Help overcome at least some of them when you do it yourself!

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