Damaged Hair Prevention and Treatment

Damaged hair is unfortunately, a big issue for a lot of women. Heat, chemicals, hair products, improper brushing techniques, and the environment, all contribute to the frazzle. If you're like most people, your hair gets abused regularly.

So what do you do when your hair gets fried, dyed, and laid to the side? The first line of defense for most all types of mutilation is to create a good offense. It may not work in all cases but it's a good start! Of course, it always helps not to screw your hair up in the first place!

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There are many different ways you can prevent ever having damaged hair. You'll promote good hair health and manageability while maintaining the structure of your hair.

Damaged Hair Prevention

  • Avoid over brushing your hair. Brushing your hair a lot creates friction and can cause damaged hair. Do brush your hair before shampooing but gently comb out afterward when your hair is still wet.

  • Avoid washing your hair everyday. If you have long hair, this is especially important! Shampoos can be drying if used a lot. Washing your hair everyday strips the natural oils that reduce frizz. If you have shorter hair, it's fine to wash more often however, if you have damaged short hair, don't wash too often for the same reasons.

  • Use hydrating and moisturizing conditioners after you shampoo, especially if your hair is treated with chemicals. Do not completely rinse them out of your hair if you have long hair. A little conditioner will help you comb out snarls and rats afterward, and leave a protective coating on your hair, which naturally, insulates your hair from the environment.

  • Don't over use hot hair appliances! Heat only damages your hair more. Avoid blow drying and allow hair to air-dry as often as possible. Avoid ironing your hair more than once or twice a week.

  • Summer sun is especially drying to your hair. Limit the exposure time. If you are going for a boat ride or are going out in the sun all day, wear a wide-brimmed summer hat or use the proper products beforehand or take them with you. I always take some type of hair product and a large comb to the beach when I know I'm going into the salt water! It helps safeguard your hair from becoming damaged while you're playing.

    *Note - Swimming pools filled with chlorine are just as damaging to your hair.

  • Alternately, dry winter air can suck the life and moisture right out of your precious locks. Use no-rinse conditioners when the air turns cold and frigid!

  • Limit chemical services. If you need a root touch up, then touch up only your NEW GROWTH. Do not color over hair that has already been colored. When you apply color to your hair, it diffuses all by itself. It's just a good thing to keep in mind when you're dyeing your hair. Overlapping can cause your hair to break off over time. Limit other chemicals too, especially harsh perms and bleach.

  • Be careful what hair ties you use. Opt for thick banded hair ties or soft cloth hair ties.

  • Remember heat damages your hair, so don't wash your hair with extremely hot water. Hot water will also strip away natural oils on your scalp which improve damaged hair.

  • Take your vitamins. They help keep your hair looking great!

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    Damaged Hair Treatments

    Some Foods Heal - Right in your kitchen, you will probably find a few things that can help you invigorate your hair. You can use oil based products like simple mayonnaise just as you would use conditioner - massage it into your hair and scalp and leave in for about 30 minutes before you rinse it out. Or lather a mixture of egg and warm water into your hair and then rinse that out.

    *Always opt for organic mayonnaise when possible.

    A beer rinse helps add keratin back to your hair. Beer is made of proteins. (Of course, condition your hair after you rinse your hair.) After your hair dries, you won't be able to smell the alcohol, promise... and your hair will attract more light.

    Act Like a Chemist - Making your own nourishing concoctions at home only makes sense for damaged hair. There are so easy recipes that take very little time to prepare. Just a few simple ingredients will get you started! See if you can't find one you like!

    Try Something New - Instead of just getting a trim when you have damaged hair, it might be a good time to think about a brand new style. Before you settle on anything, be sure to look around first. Don’t settle for the first one you find. Take a little bit of extra time, especially if you are considering a shorter style. Look at pictures on the net and don't forget about the hairstyling books located in every worthwhile salon. It doesn't cost a penny to go in and just thumb through the books! They are a great resource that many people forget to look into.

    Your facial shape is very important too. You should choose a haircut that suits your face. You can always choose a new style by using free online tools.

    Use Apple Cider Vinegar - Believe it or not, vinegar is almost a wonder cure when it comes to damaged hair. It can help prevent split ends and annoying frizzies when your hair is dry. It's also helpful at eliminating dandruff. There are many ways to use vinegar. Find the best ways to use it here.

    Choose the Right Products - Some products contain drying ingredients that might not be your hair's friend! Many shampoos have cleaning agents that can actually damage your hair. Sulfates and sulfides are the ingredients in shampoos that have been singled out as the biggest offenders. If you use regular shampoos then you’re exposing your hair and scalp to SLS. It’s found in abundance in most all shampoos.

    Another tip is to look for slightly acidic shampoos with a PH range of 4.5 - 6.7.

    Most conditioning shampoos and conditioners have the correct pH for chemically treated hair and should be used if your hair has been chemically altered. Even if you have normal or virgin hair, these products are still extremely good for it.

    Read Labels - Far too many people don't pay attention to the ingredients in the products they purchase. Look for products that have little or no known offenders. If they smell really swell, that doesn't necessarily mean they are good for your hair. In fact, it could mean just the opposite!

    Cut It - If your hair is past help, the only thing left to do is to cut it off. Many women forget that new styles or shorter hair, can create new life in damaged hair. Don't be afraid to showcase a new shorter hairstyle for a while. Your hair will grow back and you hopefully will learn from the past mistakes you made that fouled up your hair in the first place.

    There is no way to cure extremely damaged hair. The trick is to prevent it in the first place. It's said that a woman's true beauty lies in her hair. Be smart about the products you choose and opt for natural options when you can!

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