Curly Hair - 15 Tips to Help Care For Twisted Tendrils

Naturally curly hair is something many women take for granted.  Its certainly easier to wash and run when you have built in pizzazz! On the other hand, having all those curls can also get boring after a while. You reach adulthood and you either love them or lump them! 

If you’ve grown tired of your twisted twirls, you may opt to get a short haircut, have your hair chemically straightened, or use a straightening iron as often as possible to get rid of them! However in most circumstances - and if you're lucky enough, your curls will always be there waiting on you!

red hair and curls image Did you know that typically, men are more attracted to women with curls? Maybe being a twisted sister isn't as bad as you thought!

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Curly Hair Facts

What makes your hair curly or straight? Your genetics play a major role in your hair although it is possible for parents who have curls to give birth to children with straight hair. Your hair's curliness depends largely on the shape of the hair follicles on your head.

A round follicle produces straight hair. An oval follicle produces wavy hair. A flat follicle produces curly hair. Another things that influences it is the direction in which each strand grows out of its follicle. Curly and/or kinky hair is shaped like an elongated oval and grows at a sharp angle to the scalp.

Curly hair has a different biological structure than straight hair. It can be much drier than straight hair because oils secreted INTO the hair shaft BY the sebaceous glands can travel down the shaft of straight hair more easily. Curls can become very dry and often frizzy if not attended too correctly.

Everyone's hair is affected by the amount of humidity in the air too. Humidity restores moisture by forcing water back into the hair shaft but it can also make hair frizzy when the humidity is high.

Hormones can also influence patterns in the hair. They influence your hair in several different ways since they are regulators of the body’s metabolism and are affected by your health, age, and even your diet. I know that before my son was born, my hair was wavy but rather straight. After his birth, my hair became more curly than it ever had been before. Instead of getting easier to take care of, it got harder.

Here are some tips for taking care of of those beautiful curls!

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15 Curly Hair Tips

  • Tight curls require more hydration than any other hair pattern, simply because there's less sebum to go around. To keep the curl pattern consistent, great care should be made when selecting products for your hair. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that are specially made for curls are a major help. Organic hair products work especially well on curly hair because they don't have any harsh chemicals that strip hair and dry it out. Leave in conditioners help maintain curls without tangles.

  • Use co-washing (also called the 'no poo' method) of caring for curls. To use this method, click here.) Why does it work? Because curls require extra moisture and hate harsh hair ingredients.

  • Extra care must be taken when you blow dry curls. If you want curls to stay 'set', be sure to use a diffuser or use the lowest warm setting on the dryer. Indirect heat always works best. Add a dollop of gel, pomade, or mousse on wet hair helps define curls, gives them lift, and cuts down on frizz.

    Scrunch your hair from the bottom up to enhance your curls as you’re drying it. When your hair is almost dry, add shine products such as argan oil for a great finish.

  • Depending on your curl pattern, styling curls can either be fun or a nightmare. Low maintenance styles are always good choices. Updo’s and partial updo’s are great for curly hair. If you love to wear it down, curls look great with colorful hair clamps or flowers. Large hair clamps were made for those with lots of lush curls!

    A favorite styling technique for curly hair is to set it in large rollers. This is wonderful if you have overly curly hair and you want more of a wave. This method takes more time, but the results are well worth the effort. After removing your rollers, break up the curls with your fingers and a slight amount of wax or pomade to add definition and shine.

  • Cutting hair with curls requires a greater degree of skill than cutting straight hair. Curl patterns and thickness play a major role in how the hair should be cut. When curly hair is wet it adds a lot of extra length, depending on the tightness of the curl pattern. When curls are dry, they will be considerably shorter than when curls are wet. This is true with all hair, but more visible with hair that is curly. The other possible obstacle is that curls often have a propensity to ‘protrude’ or look awkward when it’s cut incorrectly.

  • Curly hair generally looks best when worn shoulder-length or longer, or with longer layers throughout. This is also a low maintenance style you should consider.

    Try one of these haircuts you can do yourself!

    Quick Long Layered Haircut

    V-Style Layer Haircut

  • For ease of creating curls, apply gels, mousse, or creams to wet hair. Dripping wet hair won't hold them though, so wait until your hair isn't quite so saturated.

  • To cut down on time, always shampoo or condition your hair at night and allow to dry overnight naturally. To preserve curl patterns, start forming them before bed by scrunching your hair.

  • Use flexible hold hairspray to help hold curls. Stiff hairsprays make your hair too crunchy!

  • Don't pull your fingers through ringlets during the day. Playing with curls only makes them frizzy.

  • Use simple pin curls on sections of your hair that look flat or straight. Many curly girls have this problem as they grow older so pin curls offer a simple solution for ladies who want to keep their curls. Use curl defining gels to help encourage curls.

  • Never brush dry curly hair. Talk about frizz! Wow!

  • Use a wide toothed comb or pick on wet hair only.

  • Silicone's can stick to your hair like crazy, which can dry curls out fast. The build up can seal out moisture over time, so remove them regularly. You can get the recipe on this page.

  • Chemicals from the water source in your home can dry out curls so install a simple filtered shower head to filter chemicals or occasionally use a product (shampoo or conditioner) that contains SLS (sulfites, sulfates) to help remove them. Additionally, using natural products regularly can give you the lush beautiful curls you deserve!

    Curly hair can be a source of great joy or pain. Its all a matter of perspective. I find that it’s easier to just accept what you can’t control and enjoy the ride. Fighting curls just makes you more frustrated with the rest of your life. Most women with straight hair would die to have curls galore! And styling curls can bring such enjoyment! So ladies, put away all those hair styling gadgets and just have a blast with what you were truly blessed with!

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    Important Facts About Curly and Wavy Hair

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