How to Stop Craving Sugar for Good!

Craving sugar is completely natural to a certain extent. However, if you indulge in sweet treats a bit too often, you will have trouble losing weight. The key to any craving is to control the

In other words, it’s OK to satiate your desires by giving in occasionally, however you’ll need to give them up most of the time to shed any appreciable weight.

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Sugar has no nutritional value so it’s best to consume minimal amounts. Each gram of sugar contains four calories. Many desserts especially contain the most calories and may contain trans fats or unhealthy amounts of saturated fats. Sugar is also added to many foods you’d never suspect as high fructose corn syrup! The main problem is that sugary treats can add up calories very quickly, which is a deal breaker if you’re trying to slim down.

Giving up sugar completely may not be in the cards for you but if you’re serious about weight loss, you may have to give it up for a while anyway. It all depends on how strong your addictions are and your present weight. You are the only person who can determine if you’ll need to kick sugar to the curb for good! Of course, some sugar is acceptable in your diet if you are relatively healthy and not overweight for your height and sex!

Why do people have sugar cravings? Psychological addictions and habits are some of the most basic reasons for craving sugar but there may be other reasons. If your seratonin levels are low, (brain chemical that helps you feel happy and content) eating sugar helps boost the absorption of tryptophan, which in turn boosts seratonin. In this case, eating a brownie for example, makes you feel good!

However, there are many things in life that make you feel good without adding extra calories. Try these easy sugar free options next time you’re craving sugar!

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How to Stop Craving Sugar Year Round

  • As expected, sugary drinks help elevate cravings three fold. The more you drink, the more you’ll want. Instead, try kicking your cravings by drinking water, which is the only way to really quench your thirst. It’ll help you lose more weight too, by flushing fat cells and toxins out of your body!

  • Brush your teeth first, then drink a full glass of water! Most toothpastes are mint flavored, which can decrease your need for a sweet treat almost instantly. Filling up on water helps wash sugar cravings out of your mouth. (Well, that's the script anyway...)

  • Craving sugar only lasts for about an hour. After that, your urges should greatly diminish. If you can push through that hour and take your mind off what you've got a hankering for, cravings will go away on their own.

  • People who eat a high carb diet are bound to crave sugar on an ongoing basis.


    Eating too many carbs causes your body to release too much insulin. Shortly thereafter, your blood sugar crashes (called hypoglycemia) which makes you feel irritable, shaky, or even dizzy. To offset the imbalance, you start craving sugar like crazy.

    The only way to stop craving sugar is to eat a low carb diet to normalize blood sugar all through the day. Once you get off of carbs, you should stop craving sugar. However, if you start eating high carbs again, the cycle will ensue.

  • When taken regularly, some vitamins and minerals can help regulate blood sugar levels and control sugar cravings. Vitamin B complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and vitamin E are all help to curb sugar intake. There are also a few trace minerals that can help cut your sweet desires. They are zinc and chromium picolinate.

  • There may be some underlying reasons you crave chocolate for example. However, not all cravings have biological causes. A lot of food desires are based on psychological needs.

    If you’re stressed out and always reach for a doughnut to help improve your mood, your cravings may be based on your emotional needs. In this case, food cravings are based on mental issues and not your body telling you that you lack certain nutrients. If this sounds like you, next time you start craving sugar, try and think about how doughnuts make you feel after the fact. This may help you the to think things through the next time your sugar cravings come knocking at your door.

  • Going for a brisk walk can help get your mind off of food and will boost seratonin levels naturally. So next time you get a craving, go for a walk instead. Walking increases circulation to the brain, which helps boost your mood and regulate brain chemicals without reaching for a chocolate bar.

  • Get the word NEVER out of your vocabulary. If you’re overweight and have vowed to never let sugar pass your lips again, you are going to drive yourself batty! Never say never. Instead, moderate your sugar intake and get real. Everyone slips up every now and then and most everyone deserves a treat occasionally. The key is always moderation.

  • How often do you get sugar cravings in the later in the day? This crash in energy is associated with late afternoon fatigue and it’s a real problem for many sleep-deprived, overworked people. If this happens to you regularly, eat small meals throughout the day to help stabilize blood glucose levels naturally. Get more tips to help you here:

    Late Afternoon Fatigue - How to Fight Past It and Win!

  • To satiate craving sugar, try sucking on a small mint or jelly bean instead of eating a cupcake. Reason this works? Even small amounts of sugar trigger feel good endorphins instantly, which may help satisfy your sweet tooth. Just keep it small and enjoy every sweet moment.

    Remember what grandma taught you.

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  • Many times, salt and sugar cravings go hand in hand. You may crave them because both trigger the release of feel good seratonins. However, some of your cravings may be associated with an acquired taste for them. Since sugar and salt are added to most processed foods, you may just be use to getting more of them, which can drive a craving for them.

    Eating healthy nutritious foods, full of vitamin packed plant nutrients, will help decrease your addictions for good. You can also incrementally help squelch urges with smaller and smaller portions of salty or sugar foods, to see if your hankerings stop.

  • If you’re cold and craving sweets, try wrapping up in a thick blanket. Your body requires more energy when you're chilled to either 1) keep you warm or 2) warm you up. If you’re not eating regular meals, your blood sugar can drop in response to your body burning more energy.

    When you get toasty warm, your hankerings may go away all by themselves. Alternately, if you’re freezing cold...

  • Have a soothing cup of hot tea or coffee but use Stevia instead of aspartame or sugar to flavor it. You can also grow Stevia at home. (I have two of the plants and harvest the leaves all the time.) Just place one leaf in your hot beverage (or on your tongue) and you'll fight your craving naturally! You just won't believe how sweet these tender leaves are all by themselves! Don't have stevia? Mint leaves work well too!

  • The herb gymnema is native to the tropical forests of southern and central India where it has been used as a natural treatment for diabetes for 2000 years. Gymnema can also be placed on your tongue to reduce the taste of sugar, which helps fight craving sugar.

  • Try substituting sweet treats with foods that contain lots of natural sugars. Sweet potatoes, sweet corn, carrots, raisins, prunes, grapes, apples, kiwi, and watermelon flood your body with natural sugars and help satiate a sweet tooth. Healthy foods are much better for you than cakes, candies, or cookies anyway.

  • When you’re craving sugar, sometimes a bit of salt will work instead! Try a handful of lightly salted nuts, lightly salted popcorn, or some celery sticks sprinkled with a bit of natural celtic sea salt.

    Everyone needs to include at least some natural salt in their diet, and is particularly true of women. If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, flavor snacks with no-salt herbal blends instead. Alternately, you can try eating something sour, like a lemon slice. Or make a glass of lemon water to help squash cravings and eliminate toxins.

  • If you get hungry an hour after eating a large meal (and start envisioning a big fat slice of chocolate cake), think about a sizzling steak instead. Cravings for sweets can be caused by too little protein in your diet. Eating more lean protein instead of sugar is a great way to help curve cravings for sweets and not worry as much about the calories.

  • A small slice of pecan pie is reasonable. Eat it slowly and enjoy every delectable bite though! Remember that a large slice of pecan pie with whipped cream or ice cream will not make you feel better tomorrow. In fact, you will be far more likely to wolf it down really fast to satiate cravings.

  • Stave off your craving for sugar by thinking about something else or simply change your focus. Get up and stretch, mop the floor, or call a friend. You will save yourself from yourself!

  • Mood swings can set off craving sugar. If you’re used to reaching for high calorie snacks when things don’t go your way, you need to break the pattern. This is a hard thing to do for most of us and can be tough at first.

    The easiest way to break bad habits is to simply not have sugary products within your grasp. If they’re NOT around your house (or hidden in your pocketbook) to reach for the next time you're upset, you won’t be able to satisfy the craving. Instead, keep celery and carrot sticks in your frig and crunch your way out of the craving.

    There just aren't many people who don't have sugar cravings at some time during their life. Moderation is always the key, especially if you're trying to lose weight, or just stay on track with your present weight. Sugary treats are abundant all through the year, so the best advice to curb a sweet tooth is to remember who's running the show! (Which by the way is you!)

    Always consult your physician before using natural remedies, especially for anyone with preexisting conditions or anyone currently taking prescription medications. Although many efforts are made to ensure that the advice given on this site is professionally sound, the advice is not intended to replace a mutual relationship with a medical provider.

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